First-Timer's Guide to the 2017 National Brownfields Training ...

First-Timer's Guide to the 2017 National Brownfields Training ...

First-Timer's Guide to the 2017 National Brownfields Training Conference Webinar Presenters Andrew Seth President Sustainable Strategies DC Patricia Overmeyer

Acting Deputy Office of Brownfields & Land Revitalization U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Tad McGalliard Director of Research ICMA Leah Yasenchak Co-Owner

BRS, Inc. J.R. Capasso Brownfields Coordinator City of Trenton, NJ Webinar Agenda Background on National Brownfields Training Conference Who Attends? Education and Knowledge-Building

Networking with Brownfields Professionals Communicating Your Brownfields Story Getting Prepared Why I Keep Returning? Have Fun! Background Launched in 1995, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agencys (EPA) Brownfields

program has helped transform many communities The program has: Awarded nearly 5,000 local grants Leveraged $25 billion in revitalization Helped create over 129,000 jobs Background National Brownfields Training Conferences have been critical in supporting community revitalization efforts Provide opportunities for public officials, developers,

landowners, community representatives, and other stakeholders to learn best practices, network, and advance redevelopment Background Pittsburgh is the 17th event in the series Previous gatherings in Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlantic City, Chicago, Charlotte, Portland, St. Louis, Denver, Boston,

Detroit, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Chicago (again) More than 2,000 attendees expected Who Attends? Property Owners Financial and Insurance Providers Local, State, and Federal Officials Real Estate Developers

and Investors Economic Development Officials and Community Development Organizations Academics and Students Risk Management Practitioners Vendors Construction and

Building Firms Environmental and Civil Engineers Federal and State Contractors Information Technology Professionals Attorneys Education and Knowledge-Building Dynamic educational program of

speakers, discussions, mobile workshops, films and other learning format Over 100 educational sessions to discuss new practices, share success stories, and stimulate new ideas Exciting exhibit hall and other transactional activities Education and Knowledge-Building Focus Areas

Sustainability, Livability, Resiliency Financing Options, Real Estate & Economic Development Community Case Studies Innovations in Planning, Design, Technology & Tools Community Engagement & Environmental Justice State/Tribal/Local Government Programs & Partnerships Liability/Enforcement & Cleanup/Remediation Approaches Education and Knowledge-Building Education Session Formats

Learning Lounges 30-minute short talks on big topics Panel Discussions 60-minute moderated discussion on specific topic Roundtables 60-minute facilitated, rapid-fire discussion on multiple topics Lunch Talks Similar to TED Talks Education and Knowledge-Building Special Features Pre-Conference Training Workshops

(December 4) Design Charrette (December 5) For Manchester and Chateau Neighborhoods of Pittsburgh Shark Bait Competition (December 6) Fun game similar to Shark Tank Education and Knowledge-Building Special Features Mobile Workshops Off-site tours Redevelopment Rodeo Hands-on challenges

Economic Redevelopment Forum Marketplace Promote projects and feature properties Economic Redevelopment Forum Consultations Direct technical assistance Education and Knowledge-Building Recommended Sessions Grants + Financing + Local Tools = Community Revitalization Making Brownfields Great Again: Weve Got Issues!

Through the Eyes of a Developer The Redevelopment Rodeo: Episode One, Big City The Redevelopment Rodeo: Episode Two, Small Town Brokering the Best Deal for Everyone Plenaries Networking Connect with Brownfields Experts Panels Exhibit Hall EPA Regional Open Houses (December 4, 4-5:30 pm) Economic Redevelopment Forum Marketplace and

Consultations Environmental Justice Caucus (December 4, 6-9 pm) Community Reception (December 6, 6-8 pm, Senator John Heinz History Center) Getting Prepared Whats the next step for your redevelopment project to progress? Prepare an elevator speech Create a briefing sheet Schedule meetings with on-site attendees Review conference agenda

Identify interesting speakers Register for special sessions Why I Keep Returning? This is the one time of year that I can network with brownfields peers from across the country.

Trenton doesnt have all the answers. I enjoy learning how other cities tackle similar brownfields challenges. Have Fun! Socialize at the Opening Celebration

(December 5, 4:30-6 pm) Register for the Community Reception (December 6, 6-8 pm) Group dinners and external receptions Go out and see Pittsburgh

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