First day of Unit 3: Thursday 10/20 warm-up

First day of Unit 3: Thursday 10/20 warm-up

TUESDAY 10/18 WARM-UP Please do the Unit 2 Feedback and turn it in. BENCHMARK #2 1)The multiple choice questions go with the poem, not the non-fiction piece. 2)Please MAKE SURE you explain each of your answer choices. 3)For the writing portion, read the directions carefully. Make sure you

use lead-ins when you include quotes, use quotation marks appropriately, and provide a citation in MLA format. Examples: 1) When Darwish says, Write down! Im an Arab (Darwish). 2) Darwishs home was important to him, because it fired his imagination and its loss inspired much of his poetry (Hunt 1). DAY 1 OF UNIT 3: THURSDAY 10/20 WARM-UP (DO ALONE) Please do this INDEPENDENTLY in your

notebook (start over for Unit 3). Make a list of everything you can think of that people NEED. WITH YOUR GROUP 1)Share your lists of what people need with your group. 2)Keep track of everything that gets repeated. 3)Together, decide on the top 15 NEEDS that your

group came up with. 4)Write or draw each need on one square of paper. (Total you should have 15). NEXT STEP: WITH YOUR GROUP The new government has found that it can only provide for some of the needs of its citizens.

You must eliminate SEVEN (7) of your groups needs. Put the 7 needs you eliminate in a separate stack. These are now WANTS. NEXT STEP: WITH YOUR GROUP Unfortunately the government still cant provide

for the 8 needs you have left. In order to cut spending, you will need to eliminate 3 additional needs and move those to the wants pile. After this step, you should be left with 5 needs. UNIVERSAL NEEDS REFLECTION QUESTIONS Please respond to these questions,

independently and in your notebook (where you did your warm-up is fine). What items were eliminated first? Why? What is the difference between wants and needs? Do wants and needs differ for different people? What would happen if we had to go on eliminating needs? VOCABULARY: DO WITH YOUR GROUP 1) As a group, IN YOUR OWN WORDS, please define these terms:

1) Define the term human. 2) Define the term rights. 2) Connect the two terms. What does Human Rights mean? 3) Connect Human Rights to NEEDS and WANTS. What do they have to do with each other? HUMAN RIGHTS What are human rights? A right that is believed to belong justifiably to every person.

While viewing, list five important points about human rights from each video. The Story of Human Rights: Human Rights in 2 Minutes: UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS: PREAMBLE Annotate while reading. Please focus on UNKNOWN VOCABULARY and

THOUGHTS/CONNECTIONS. Preamble: https:// DAY 2: FRIDAY 10/21 WARM-UP: DO ALONE In your notebook, respond: Connect yesterdays discussion of human rights and needs and wants to immigrants and

refugees. What rights do immigrants and refugees have? What needs? What wants? GROUP ACTIVITY: UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS 1) You will be assigned a number of articles to read through and define. Make sure you understand specifically what rights the article provides for. 2) You will choose the two most important articles (in your opinions: which ones

provide the most important rights?) and create a poster about each one (so you should make two posters). *Your poster should include: the number, the title, a summary, a connection to history/current events, and anything else you think is important. 3) You will present your posters to the class. Every group member must participate. UNDERSTANDING THE UNIVERSAL DECLARATION While groups are presenting, use your

graphic organizer to keep track of each article covered and important notes about it. EXIT SLIP Of the articles you learned about today, which one do you think is the single most important? Why?

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