Fire Arrangements -

Fire Arrangements -

Fire Safety Arrangements Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, Heads and Governors are classed as Responsible Persons Who have a duty to comply with the Legislation and follow relevant Fire Safety Guidance of Schools. It allows them to be supported by competent persons in order to discharge their duty fully. Next Fire Safety Arrangements Fire Safety Arrangements is a corporate working document. It has been developed by a multi disciplinary team which included Facilities Management, Occupational Safety,

Building Control, Unions and Asset Management. It has been approved by Bradford Councils Corporate Management Team. Next What do I have to do?

As the Responsible Person you are responsible for the safety of employees and other relevant persons on your premises. You need to keep records and effectively manage: Fire risk assessments Training Fire procedures Fire drills Means of escape Emergency lighting Fire alarms and extinguishers Fire doors & compartments Fire evacuations Signs & notices Next

What happens if I dont comply? In cases where a serious risk exists and is not being managed, Fire and Rescue Authorities have a statutory duty to enforce compliance with the Order. In serious cases, penalties of a fine of up to 20,000 for each offence on summary conviction (in a Magistrates Court) or an unlimited fine or up to two years imprisonment, or both on conviction or indictment in a Crown Court or above may be imposed. Next A Responsible Person is defined as: The employer (if the workplace is to any extent under his/her control)

The person who has control of the premises (as occupier or otherwise) in connection with the carrying on by him/her of a trade, business or other undertaking (for profit or not). Back Competent Persons A competent person is: Someone who has the necessary technical expertise, training and experience to carry out the task Your contact for advice and support is Keith King (Fire Safety Manager/Statutory Compliance Officer): email: [email protected] Tel: 01274 431765 Back

What Training? Training can be in many forms. It needs to be for children and adults. In addition to formal training it includes Briefings Evacuations/drills E-learning Back Training for Children There are excellent resources available to teach children about Fire Safety. Further information and resources can be found on: Back Smartlog The Council is working with Safemarts Smartlog fire safety management system to manage fire safety in corporate buildings and to raise fire safety awareness within the workforce. Schools can contact Safesmart directly to get further details on Smartlog or to view/purchase the same system. Back

Fire Risk Assessments If you have purchased Smartlog to manage your schools fire safety then enter your risk assessment on line. If you do not use Smartlog then enter your risk assessment via this electronic form (disable the macros when asked) and submit it to the Fire Safety Manager. Keep a printed copy in your Fire Register For further information or for a demonstration of Smartlog please contact Samantha Secker Back The Process Identif y

Action Maintain Understand fire safety and the Councils Fire S afety Arrangem ents Implement control measures Carry out fire risk

assessment Design emergency plans for your site to the required fire situations Keep records. Ensure standard test/checks are carried out regularly (and recorded) in the Fire Register Prepare action plan in light of findings

Develop PEEPS (where required) in line with the approved proc ess Train

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