FIN ERP Transition Session - GL/COA

FIN ERP Transition Session - GL/COA

Financials ERP Transition Session: GL/Chart of Accounts September 23, 2011 Housekeeping Please set cell phones and pagers to silent Handouts Note cards for questions Sign-in sheets 2 Welcome and Introductions Presenters: Paul Reedy, Executive Project Director Alice Gleason, Deputy Controller / FIN ERP Functional Lead Brendan Mallee, Chart of Accounts Lead Kate Sheeran, Change Management Lead 3 Welcome and Introductions Core Team Members: Karen Burke, CUMC Dept Surgery Kim Chadourne, Budget Office Kevin Cook, SPF Alice Gleason, Controllers Office

John Hogan, Facilities Mike Kerstan, Controllers Office Brendan Mallee, EVPF Terry Park, Purchasing Ting Shi, CUMC Controllers Office Extended Team Members and Subject Matter Experts: Harry Aristakesian, Internal Audit Rebecca Balentine, SPA Fran Caracappa, CUMC Controller Paul Cassidy, Engineering Marlene DAgostino, Anesthesia Brian David, Medicine Jo-Ann Espaillat, Irving Institute

Joel Fine, Libraries Jody Grunfeld, MSPH Karen Hoffer, Lamont Hugh Horowitz, Procurement Andy Hrycyk, General Studies Sean Johnson, Procurement Joe Labetti, Procurement Joann Li, Pathology Wil McKoy, CUMC Budget Office Ed Moroni, Law School Scott Norum, A&S Dorothy Pearlman, Internal Audit Michael Reich, Procurement Patricia Reid, Treasury Narda Romero, P&S Central Dionida Ryce, Basic Sciences Eileen Valerio, Internal Audit Mary Ann Wanner, Dental School Anna Wojnarowska, Business School

4 System Go-Live - July 1, 2012 2010 2011 2012 FY11 Jul Sept FY12 FY13 Oct Feb Mar Jul Jul Dec Jan May Jun - Dec Prep Analyze & COA Design Design

Build Test & Training Deploy/ Support 3 months 5 months 5 months 6 months 5 months 6 months FIN ERP is our Project ARC is the name of our new financial system 5 Financials ERP Scope Project Scope Redesign our Chart of Accounts in PeopleSoft Financials Implement a new General Ledger (core accounting module) Implement new Accounts Payable and Purchasing modules Implement Project Costing module; allows us to track certain activity across fiscal years Retrofit current Budget Tool for a new Chart of Accounts

Design New Reportingqueries in the system and from the data warehouse Conduct Training 6 What is a Transition Session? Transition Sessions are intended to promote awareness and orientation to the changes that FIN ERP will bring and prepare you for the formal training and deployment of the new solution. Formal ARC System Training will begin in April 2012. Objectives for Today: Introduce the new Chart of Accounts and new terminology. Understand what is changing from the current state and why. Understand Columbias new Department structure. 7 Key System Components of the FIN ERP Solution Application Security Chart of Accounts Finance Procurement Reporting General Ledger Purchasing PeopleSoft

Budget Accounts Payable Financial Data Store Project Costing P-Card Integrating Systems (i.e. Advance, PAC/LA, SIS, etc.) Enabling Technology and Infrastructure Operations and Maintenance 8 What is a Chart of Accounts? The Chart of Accounts is used to organize our financial information The Chart of Accounts provides all the fields we can choose from to organize and label our financial transactions Examples include Assets, Liabilities, Revenues, Expenses Detailed Departments Specific Funding Sources 9

Impact of the Chart of Accounts Redesign The new Chart of Accounts helps us meet our FIN ERP goals: Operational Improvements Improved quality and access to information Improved grants and contracts financial management and reporting Ability to retire shadow systems Financial management and reporting improvements Standardization across MS, CUMC and Lamont Positioned for Future Initiatives Better able to support growth in research and international activities Foundation set for Student Administration, Grants Management, eProcurement 10 CHART OF ACCOUNTS 11 Chart of Accounts The FAS Chart of Accounts does not equal the PeopleSoft Chart of Accounts FAS The list of a departments GL and SL Accounts PeopleSoft The valid values CU will use to classify and group financial transactions

But many FAS components will be used in our new Chart of Accounts 12 What We Need to Take With Us 13 Why We Need It What we purchased or received Where the transactions took place in the University The funding source (GL Acct) and fund balance tracking 14 Why We Need It (Contd) SL Accounts group the P&L for a program or activity Ledgers tell us how restricted the money is The University function that the expense relates to (e.g., Research) this is the COB line 15 What it will be in PeopleSoft 16

What it will be in PeopleSoft (Contd) Ledger 4 17 All ChartFields Separate Legal/ Reporting Entity COB Line (replaces Exp Function attribute) (replaces 9-Ledger) Natural Account Building Number or Country Code (replaces SubCode / Account Control) (replaces bldg attribute) Organization Chart Generally a Person or Thing (replaces BU/MU, Dept, some SLs)

(replaces many SLs) Generally a Program or Business Activity Fund Type (replaces Ledger #) (replaces many SLs) Project Type (multi-year / fiscal year) Components of a Multi-Year Project Fund Source (replaces GL Acct) 18 The Benefits of ChartFields ChartFields are the way we will keep track of information in PeopleSoft ChartFields are recorded on every transaction ChartFields then act like Column Headers in Excel to let us filter on common values NATURAL ACCOUNT DEPARTMENT PROJECT INITIATIVE



01000X - GENERAL UNRESTRICTED CONFERENCES ERP NEW YORK UNRESTRICTED INSTRUCTION Filter by Department to get only 21-01-115 Filter by Project to get only Unrestricted Project 01000X Filter by Initiative to get everything for Conferences for any Department or Project 19 Why So Many ChartFields? Unlike FAS, we can mix and match ChartFields FAS has a long vertical list of GL and SL accounts to choose from, PeopleSoft breaks these into more fields with shorter lists for each To make it easier, Fund, Function and PC Business Unit default from other ChartFields

20 What we will do with the numbers Numbers are organized into Ledgers in PeopleSoft (not the same meaning as in FAS) Ledgers are tables of numbers representing Budget, Actuals and Encumbrances We will move FAS numbers into PeopleSoft 21 What it Looks Like in PeopleSoft Natural Account (replaces SubCode / Account Control) Organization Chart (replaces BU/MU, Dept, some SLs) Generally a Person or Thing Fund Source (replaces GL Acct) (replaces many SLs) Generally a Program or Business Activity (replaces many SLs) Building Number or

Country Code (replaces bldg attribute) Fund Type (replaces Ledger #) COB Line (replaces Exp Function attribute) 22 What it Looks Like in PeopleSoft 62001 02101115 01000X CONFS ERP NYC 01 INSTR Each has a drop down list of potential values 23

Mapping to PeopleSoft FAS Site indicates the international location PeopleSoft These SLs move into Initiative & Segment This SL becomes a Dept 24 ChartFields Ways of Organizing 1. Ranges Each ChartField has conventions for assigning names and ranges to group similar values together (similar to FAS ranges) 2. Attributes Attributes categorize ChartFields for security, reporting, programming and other purposes (similar to FAS attributes) 3. Trees NEW Trees are used to organize ChartField data into hierarchies which can be used for security, reporting and managing organizational structure 25 FAS Department Ranges

After years of growth, ERP will organize the new many FAS Departments PeopleSoft Departments are in ranges into not ranges Department 006 --XXX XXX Exec-VP Hum ForResources Finance XXX -- Off 007 Environmental Public Affairs Stewardship XXX -- VP 009 Printing Arts &Services Sciences XXX -014 012

-XXX--Hum Student Resources Services XXX -- EVP 026 Information For Research Technology XXX --XXX 029 Off Of - Student Univ Budget Services XXX -- Ombuds 031 EVP For Office Research XXX -039 037 -XXX--IRB IRB++Animal AnimalCare Care XXX -042 040 - Radiation - Treasury, Safety Controller, Office Audit XXX -- Facilities

045 Inst of Comparative Planning & Medicine Spc Info XXX -- Environmental 046 Sponsored ProjStewardship Admin SPA XXX -- Radiation 052 Environmental Safety Health Office& Safety XXX -- Off 053 Exec Univ VP Investments For Finance XXX -- Inst 054 Off Of of Univ Comparative Budget Medicine XXX --XXX 055 Printing - Treasury, Services Controller, Audit XXX -- Sponsored 062

Off Univ Investments Proj Admin SPA XXX -- Univ 074 Univ Purchasing Purchasing Off Off XXX -- Inst 076 Facilities Real Estate Planning & Spc Info XXX -078 077 - Inst- Real Student Estate Services XXX --XXX 080 General - Facilities Counsel (Various) XXX --XXX 082 Information - Real Estate Technology Management 083 Off Of TheFinance Secretary

XXX --XXX - Fm & Administration 110 - Sch Arch Plann/Pres XXX -125 - Ombuds Office 120 - School Of The Arts XXX -200 - Off -Of The Secretary 140 Professional Schools XXX -450 - General 302 - A&SCounsel Depts + Schools XXX -461 -XXX--School Professional 460 of Intl Schools & Public Affrs XXX Sch Arch Plann/Pres 601 -621 - Fm Finance &

XXX - Ctr Int Sci & Eng Administration XXX -- Environmental 626 Sch Of Social Work Health & Safety XXX -655 650 -XXX--Facilities School of(Various) Intl & Public Affrs XXX -- Earth 664 Col Sch Institute Press Assoc XXX -- Ctr 667 VP Int ArtsSci && Sciences Eng XXX --XXX 670 Lamont-Doherty - School Of The Earth Arts Obs XXX -678 674 -XXX--A&S A&SVarious

Depts + Schools XXX --XXX 682 Col Sch - A&S Press Various Assoc XXX -- Soc 684 Soc Of Of Fellows-Hum Fellows-Hum XXX --XXX 686 Ctr Climate - A&S Various Sys Rsch XXX -695 691 - Earth - A&S Institute Various XXX -892 800 - Lamont-Doherty - Student Services Earth Obs XXX -904 900 - Ctr -Climate Real Estate Sys Rsch

Management Roll up ExecAdministration EVP VP For Finance EVPPublic Off Administration Affairs EVPArts VP Administration & Sciences EVP Administration EVP For Administration Research EVP Administration Exec VP For Finance EVP For Research Ombuds Office EVP For Research EVP For Exec VP Research For Finance EVPFacilities VP For Research Mangmt EVP Administration

For Research EVP For Research Exec VP For Finance ExecFor EVP VP Research For Finance ExecAdministration EVP VP For Finance ExecFor EVP VP Research For Finance Exec VP For Finance VP Facilities Mangmt VP Facilities EVP Administration Mangmt VP Facilities General Counsel Mangmt VP Facilities EVP Administration Mangmt Off Of The Secretary VP Facilities Mangmt Sch Arch Plann/Pres Ombuds

VP Arts &Office Sciences Off Of The Secretary Professional Schools General Counsel VP Arts & Sciences Professional School of Intl Schools & Public Affrs Sch Arch Plann/Pres SchFacilities VP Engr & App Mangmt Sci Sch Of EVP ForSocial Research Work School VP Facilities of IntlMangmt & Public Affrs SchoolInstitute Earth

Of Journalism VP Arts Sch Engr&&Sciences App Sci VP Arts Earth Institute & Sciences VP Arts & Sciences VP ArtsOf School & Journalism Sciences VP Arts & Sciences VP Arts Earth Institute & Sciences Earth VP Arts Institute & Sciences Earth EVP Administration Institute Earth VP Facilities Institute Mangmt

26 Organizational Views of Columbia University Budget PeopleSoft Department Tree Finance Provost Human Resources 27 Department Tree Design Approach When designing Columbias Department Tree, the ERP team considered the following key design objectives: End User Experience: Simplify user experience through smart numbering in ranges Future Growth and Organizational Change: Optimize the use of ranges and trees to allow for growth and change Alignment of Schools and Departments of Instruction: Provide consistent positioning of Schools and Academic Departments across the University Human Resource Management: Accommodate HR position management at different levels in the organization Central Budget Reporting:

Ensure consistency with current reporting and budget views 28 Columbias Department Tree ( 8 Levels ) Level Name Tree Nodes Examples 1 University Total University 2 Campus Morningside Academic, CUMC, General University 3 School / Admin Unit Group Centers & Institutes, A&S, Central Admin 4 School / Administrative Unit Earth Institute, Law School, Finance 5

Sector Rollup Lamont (at EI), Social Sciences (in A&S) 6 Academic Dept / Business Unit Economics, Medicine, University Chaplain 7 Division Geochemistry, Cardiology 8 PeopleSoft Department Value (financial departments) Directors Office, Law Admissions Office, CU ID Center 29 Department Tree through Level 4 Level 1 Level 2 Level 2: Campus Level 3: Group

Level 3 Level 4 Level 4: School / Major Admin Unit 30 Department Tree Level 4 and Below LDEO Department Tree (Draft Excerpt) Level 4: School /Major Admin Unit Level 5: Sector Roll-up Level 6: Academic Dept / Admin Unit Level 7: Division Level 8: Detailed Department Budget uses same tree HR Positions (Faculty & Staff) can be managed at level 4, 6, 7 or 8 31 Facilitated Q&A 32 Meeting Wrap-Up

33 ARC Training Timeline 2011 2012 FY12 Mar Apr May Jun Jul Design Aug Sep Oct Nov Build Dec Jan FY13 Feb Mar Test Apr May Jun

Jul Aug Deploy/Support Sep CORE ARC TRAINING Plan Training Design Training Build Training Pilot Training Wave 1: Deliver WBT (Introductory Level) Wave 2: Deliver WBT & ILT (Detail level) Follow-Up Training TRANSITION SESSIONS Transition Transition Transition Transition Transition Transition Transition Transition Transition Transition Session Session Session Session Session Session Session Session Session Session #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 34 Project Resources Review FIN ERP Project Website: Send Questions to FIN ERP Project Email Address: [email protected] School / Admin Unit Liaisons (see following slide for detailed list) 35 Your Extended Support Network: FIN ERP School/Admin Unit Liaisons Alumni and Development Hannia Smith Kraft Center for Jewish Life - James Levin American Assembly - Karla Garcia Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory - Edith Miller Architecture - Elizabeth Alicea Law School - Gabriele Werffeli Arts and Sciences - Ellen Binder Libraries - Kristine Kavanaugh Athletics - James Grate Presidents Office - Kate Townsend Business School - Janet Horan Provosts Office - Michelle Baggan-Bacchus

Columbia College - Andrea Burrell Public Affairs/Government and Community Affairs - Allen Poole Continuing Education - Karyn Smith Research - Debbie Stiles Columbia Technology Ventures - Tony Cerone School of Engineering and Applied Science - Anna ONeill CUMC - Raquel Marin-Oquendo School of International and Public Affairs - Patrick Bohan Earth Institute - Wayne Belcher School of the Arts - Barbara Batcheler Facilities - Barbara Tracy Social Work - Cynthia Kong Finance - Lisa Rogerson Student Administrative Services - Marcela Ruano General Counsel - Helene Newman General Studies - Robert Hoffmeister GSAS - Rebecca Hirade Journalism School - Lucia Viterbo 36

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