It can be downloaded from: Also there are 2 sets of plugins to install. See slide 9,10 and 11 for details. Engaged with you. To Begin VISIT: https://

Click Dont Have an Account if you are a new user or enter your login info if you already have a NelsonBrain account. 2 1 Engaged with you. Fill out the form Choose the correct

Time Zone Click I Agree to the license agreement Click CONTINUE Engaged with you. Using the Drop Down Menus find your school by searching your

schools city Engaged with you. Select the correct school and click Continue Engaged with you. Your account is now

created Now enter your Access Code / Payment Code that came with your textbook and click REGISTER Engaged with you. You will now see

your product available on your NelsonBrain Dashboard. To access the product click the OpenBEButton PLEASE SURE TO ENTER THE CORRECT PRODUCT Keyboarding 1-55 and 56-110 may be added to your dash at the same time depending on the code you purchased.

Engaged with you. NOTE: the first time you open this product on a new computer you will be asked to install the necessary plugins. You must have OFFICE / WORD 2013 to use this product past

Lesson 1-25 Engaged with you. Begin by clicking INSTALL and SAVE FILE Engaged with you. Once downloaded click on the .msi file and click RUN

Once you have installed the first plugins close that browser window and click your OPEN button again in NelsonBrain to repeat the install steps for the final plugin. There are 2 sets of plugins to install. Engaged with you. After you install the second set of plugins close the browser again and click the open button

again and you will be asked for a Course Key Engaged with you. You are now enrolled in your course and can begin working on your lessons Engaged with you.

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