Fammiliarisation au CMM: - etsmtl.ca

Fammiliarisation au CMM: - etsmtl.ca

Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute CMMI Reprsentation tage Level 5 Optimizing Focus Continuous Process Improvement 4 Quantitatively Quantitative Management Managed Process Areas Organizational Innovation and Deployment Causal Analysis and Resolution Quality Productivity Organizational Process Performance Quantitative Project Management Requirements Development

Technical Solution Product Integration Verification Validation 3 Defined 2 Managed Organizational Process Focus Process Standardization Organizational Process Definition Organizational Training Integrated Project Management for IPPD Risk Management Integrated Teaming Integrated Supplier Management Decision Analysis and Resolution Organizational Environment for Integration Basic Project Management

Requirements Management Project Planning Project Monitoring and Control Supplier Agreement Management Measurement and Analysis Process and Product Quality Assurance Configuration Management 1 Initial 02/10/20 Source: Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University Risk Rework 2 Validation Intention: Dmontrer quun produit ou un composant de produit satisfait lusage prvu lorsquil est plac dans lenvironnement cible *. Se prparer pour la validation Concevoir Dvelopper Tester

Valider le produit ou les composants de produit 02/10/20 * Intended environments, such as operation, training, manufacturing, maintenance, and support services. 4 Introductory Notes Validation activities can be applied to all aspects of the product in any of its intended environments, such as operation, training, manufacturing, maintenance, and support services. The validation environment* should represent the intended environment for the product and product components Validation issues can be discovered early in the life of the project using work products by involving relevant stakeholders. Stakeholders from customers, end users, developers, producers, testers, suppliers, marketers, maintainers, disposal personnel, 02/10/20 5 Validation Environment - Examples Test tools interfaced with the product being validated

e.g., scope, electronic devices, and probes Temporary embedded test software Recording tools for dump or further analysis and replay Simulated subsystems or components (by software, electronics, or mechanics) Simulated interfaced systems e.g., a dummy warship for testing a naval radar Real interfaced systems e.g., aircraft for testing a radar with trajectory tracking facilities Facilities and customer-supplied products Dedicated computing or network test environment e.g., pseudo operational telecommunications-network testbed or facility with actual trunks, switches, and systems established for realistic integration and validation trials 02/10/20 6 Validation SG1: Se prparer pour la validation La prparation en vue de la validation est ralise. SG2: Valider le produit ou les composants de produit Le produit ou les composants de produits sont valids

pour sassurer quils conviennent lusage prvu dans lenvironnement oprationnel cible. Note: Often, the end users are involved in the validation activities 02/10/20 7 Validation - Customer Requirements - Product Requirements - Products - Validation Requirements Valider le produit ou les composants de produit Se prparer pour la validation - Conformance - Deficiencies - Requirements Validation Plan - Product Validation Plan - Process and Support Needs

02/10/20 8 Validation SG 1 Exigences Se prparer pour la validation Choisir les produits en vue de la validation tablir lenvironneme nt de validation - Plan de validation - Support Needs - Environment Needs - Resources tablir les

procdur es et les critres de validatio n * - Test Case Scenario - Procdures de validation Examples of sources for validation criteria include the following: Product and product-component requirements, Standards, Customer acceptance criteria, Environmental performance, Thresholds of performance deviation. 02/10/20 9 Validation SG 2 Valider le produit ou les composants de produit Raliser la validati on Rapports de la validation Rsultats de la validation Cross Reference Matrix

As run procedures log Operational Demonstrations Analyser les rsultats de validatio n* Validation Deficiency Reports Validation Issues Procedure Change Request * The data resulting from validation tests, inspections, demonstrations, or evaluations are analyzed against the defined validation criteria. 02/10/20 10 Rfrences Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI SM), Version 1.2, Software Engineering Institute, aot 2006. www.sei.cmu.edu

02/10/20 11 Rfrences Basque, R., CMMI-Un itinraire flch vers le Capability Maturity Model Integration, Dunod, 2006. http://www.alcyonix.com/fr/ homeFr.htm Le texte dcrivant le domaine de processus provient du livre de R. Basque. 02/10/20 12

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