Exam Review

Exam Review

Exam Review Personal or biased view of ethics a subjective view of ethics means

Business Operations Codes of conduct are designed to improve this ethics This is defined by

recognizing the difference between wrong and right, and choosing what is right. Intellectual Property A persons thoughts or creation.

trademark The symbol representing a product protected by the US Trademark office What is Title IX?

it is a prohibition against sexbased discrimination in education. Sherman Antitrust Act. What act protects industries from

having one competitor that discourages competition within the industry. Occupational Safety and Health Administration

They sets standards to protect employees from being injured on the job Organizational Chart

a chart that represents the chain of command and hierarchy within the organization

luxury tax Must be paid if a team exceeds the salary cap. r

ethics Guides how an organization behaves in relationships. handlers People that deal with athletes that are

difficult. agent Represents actors and athletes in negotiations.

salary caps Limits the amount a team may spend on contracts. consumers These people are influenced by

athletes or entertainers that endorse products. socially responsible. When companies are active, positive members of the community, they are:

Social Responsibility What dictates that corporations must be responsible members of society? Complex

Ethical decisions can be and usually are very Responsible members of society Social responsibility dictates that

corporations must be: Thoughts or creations Intellectual property is a persons: United States Patent and

Trademark Office. Trademarks and service marks are granted protection through the: Occupational Safety and Health

Safe lifting techniques for moving heavy objects such as sporting equipment is a standard to protect employees from being injured on the job. What administration sets this standard?

Americans with Disabilities Act Casey Martin, who is disabled, asked the Professional Golf Association if he could ride in a golf cart instead of

walking of the course. This is an issue dealing with the: Higher prices for registered merchandise. Billions of dollars of non-licensed

merchandise is sold. This may result in: Intellectual There is a new piece of sports equipment that Johnny has considered creating and possibly

selling. This type of property is considered: Copyright If Mark wants to protect the information he wrote in a book, or a

photograph he took, he would obtain a: Collective mark The symbol the National Hockey League uses to represent itself as an

organization is referred to as a: Why would someone want to own his or her own logo? They can license others to

use their logo to sell merchandise Title IX What federal legislation dictates that universities are required to provide

equal opportunities for both men and women's sports? Sherman Antitrust Act Federal legislation to protect industries from having one competitor that

discourages competition within the industry is called the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Regulating safety and health standards

for businesses which protects employees is governed by the: Title IX A university that has a baseball team must have a softball team. The

legislation that required universities to provide equal opportunities for both men and women is: Brand Air Jordan shoes, clothing and

accessories are sold in local retail stores. This is an example of Michael Jordan making himself a: It could affect the value and image of the athlete.

Why would an athlete's agent not want contract disputes publicized in the media? Collective bargaining A minimum salary, medical disability

insurance, and rules for agents are included in: They are paid a percentage of their client's earnings. How do agents receive compensation?

Luxury Tax What is paid by teams that exceed the salary caps in the NBA and is split between less profitable teams?

Revenues Monies coming into a business are: Revenues The President of the Carolina Panthers is

considering bringing in additional investors for the team. This money would be considered: Investors

Additional sources of revenue for professional teams can come from: Budget The Bank of America Stadium must

project their expected revenue from tickets, advertising, food and beverages for the next five years. They are estimating one part of their: Secure public financing for

city/county ventures When city/county government raises property taxes charged to property owners, this helps: Secondary event.

Fans arriving prior to a Charlotte Knights baseball game enjoyed a carnival with amusement rides and family-oriented activities. This preevent activity is part of: Budgets

Business projections of revenues and expenses over a period of time are: Improving Facilities Ticket taxes are levied against event tickets for the purpose of:

Hospitality Tax What type of tax is levied against hotel room rentals, car rentals and at certain venues?

Revenue Offering luxury boxes at the RBC Center is one way facility managers can increase: Property tax

Which tax is levied against your personal automobile? Multi-Purpose Lowe's Motor Speedway was designed for motorsports, but also has concerts

and car shows. Lowe's Motor Speedway is an example of which type of facility? The Durham Bulls Athletic Park, used only

for baseball games, is an example of a(n): Single Purpose Facility Paramount's Carowinds

near Charlotte is an example of which type of facility? Amusement and Theme Park

100 Responsibilities of a facility manager include: Planning, designing and

maintaining a venue. First Aid Stand Cindy twisted her ankle while exiting the stands at Lowes Motor Speedway. Which consumer amenity would be

beneficial to her? Will-Call Ticket Window A consumer amenity at a facility or venue would be:

Planning Facility managers are primarily responsible for: Prohibited except in designated areas

What is the general rule concerning smoking at a sports and entertainment facility? r

Usher When Sara and her friend arrived at the concert, a man wearing a suit escorted them to their seats. The man is an example of a(n):

Automated Teller Machine While at the game, Nick realizes he needs money. What consumer amenity should he visit? Will-Call Ticket Window

Liz ordered tickets on the phone the day of the concert. She was told to pick the tickets up at the concert. What consumer amenity would she need to visit to pick up her tickets?

Multi-purpose facilities Facilities designed for many different types of events are known as: Single-purpose Facilities designed for only one type of

event are: Amusement Park Kings Dominion, famous for its roller coasters, is an example of a(n):

Unexpected, favorable outcomes. Opportunities are chances for: Negotiating the contract for the event

Expenses and revenues for the event should be analyzed during which stage of an event? The elimination of alcohol sales after a set time.

Techniques for Effective Alcohol Management (TEAM) requires: Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats. After an event, one should evaluate

the indicators of success or failure using SWOT analysis. SWOT stands for: External factors that influence an event Threats are:

Communication If employees are standing around unsure of what to do at an event, their facility manager needs to improve which skill?

Organization A time-line is essential for the event to run smoothly. Writing a timeline is an example of which skill?

Festival In which type of seating are there no actual seats, and the spectators must stand shoulder to shoulder in open floor space?

Teamwork The event manager must motivate diverse people to reach a common goal. This is an example of which skill? Problem-solving

The event manager must be creative to professionally handle new challenges. This is an example of which skill? Fill-in-the-blank A boilerplate contract follows which

format? Opportunity A columnist for the local paper attends a play at the local high school and writes a favorable review encouraging

the community to attend the play. This is a(n): Participant If a swim enthusiast pays the fee and competes on a neighborhood team

during the summer, he is considered to be what type of consumer? If a fan attends college basketball games for excitement and

entertainment, he is considered to be which type of consumer? Spectator

Demographic Parents of college students and alumni are targeted for the college season ticket sales and sporting event packages. This is segmentation based on which element?

Psychographic Charter-fishing consumers enjoy fishing off shore. This is which element of segmentation?

Hybrid When several elements are brought together using different variables, it is known as: Positioning

Getting consumers to think of a product in a certain way is: Multi-positioning strategy. Positioning the same product differently to a variety of markets

defines a(n): Geography Targeting a market based on where a consumer lives is which type of segmentation?

Behavioral Segmentation based on fan loyalty represents which type of segmentation?

Introduction During which stage of the product life cycle does the marketer try to stimulate consumer interest and create awareness?

Maturity NASCAR has successfully repositioned itself through the popularity of younger drivers who appeal to a younger demographic market. This is an example of which stage in the

product life cycle? Growth During which stage of the product life cycle are strategies typically used to stress the superiority of one's product

over the competition? Niche Marketing Hot Topic stores target a teen population whose wants are not met by the traditional retailer. In addition,

the size of Hot Topic's market is smaller than that of the traditional retailer. This is an example of: Decline The Pontiac Fiero was a popular rear

engine sports car that was recalled due to an engine defect that could cause a fire. Sales decreased causing the manufacturing plant to lay off workers. This is an example of which stage in the product life cycle?

Primary Target Market The core group of consumers on which promotional efforts are focused is the: Secondary Target Market

The group of consumers who occasionally purchases the product because of one identifying factor is considered the: Purchaser

Monique's grandmother bought her gift certificates to the local theater because she knew Monique enjoyed going to the movies. Monique's grandmother is an example of which promotional audience?

Interdependent The elements of the promotional mix should be: Recommendations

A findings report should include: Primary and Secondary Two different methods of collecting data are:

Use laymens terms When wording a questionnaire you should: Sample A group of people representative of

the population is a: Define the focus of the research The first step in conducting consumer research is to:

Focus Group A discussion led by a moderator is a method of obtaining feedback known as a:

Yes or No Closed-ended questions can be answered with: Open-ended "Tell me about your company" is an

example of what type of question: Triangle The audience, entity, and sponsor are integral parts of the event:

Exclusivity Powerade is the only sponsor for the 5K Walk/Run for Diabetes in town. Being the only sponsor, Powerade is said to have:

Governing Body The International Olympic Committee is an example of a(n): Increase Sales Companies sponsor entities because

sponsorships: MLB The first major league sport sponsored by corporations was the:

Audience Kellogg's markets most of its cereals toward children. In this case, the children are the: Audience, entity, and

sponsor. The event triangle consists of the: Presenting The Orange Bowl presented by Tropicana is an example of which form

of sponsorship? Sponsor General Motors Corporation presented the Halftime Report during an NBA game. GMC is the:

Sponsee The entity that receives money or products from the sponsor is the: Sponsorship

The financing of a sports or entertainment entity by a business in return for recognition is: Follow-Up The final phase in the sales process is:

Acquire a signature In closing the deal with the sponsor, the sponsee should: Follow-Up

After making an initial presentation to a potential sponsor you should always: Leveraging National Car Rental offering patrons a discounted weekly rate when using

their VISA card is an example of: Ambush Marketing When a company does not pay the fee to be an official sponsor but uses techniques to make the public believe

the company is an official sponsor is called: Prior to and after sponsorship When can a business assess and measure the success of sponsorship by

comparing sales: Read the sponsorship agreement The owners of D & A, Inc. were excited about sponsoring a local high school

basketball tournament. D & A spent money on promotional items, but was disappointed when it were not allowed to distribute them due to contract guidelines. The owners of D&A did not:

Parasite Marketing Ambush marketing is also known as: Measure Customer Awareness The first step in assessing and

measuring the success of a company's sponsorship is to: Look for buying signals What should the salesperson do to be sure the customer is ready to close the


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