Everything you need to know for the 2019 Texas Legislative ...

Everything you need to know for the 2019 Texas Legislative ...

Everything you need to know for the 2019 Texas Legislative Session: TPTAs priorities and issues impacting physical therapy Capital Area District Meeting January 14, 2019 Janet Bezner, PT, DPT, PhD, FAPTA National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach Outline

Law vs. association policy 2019 TPTA Legislative priorities Direct Path access

for a bill to become law Benefits Ways of direct access you can be involved and support direct access becoming a reality Objectives

Discuss legislative initiatives expected to be considered during the 2019 Texas Legislature Understand and discuss the value of direct access for the patient, the insurance company, and physical therapist practice Take action to contact their legislators to discuss the benefits of direct access and discuss direct access

with their patients Physical Therapist Practice Law Practice Act Minimum Standards Rules APTA

positions, standards, guidelines, policies, procedures, and bylaws Excellence Aspirational 2019 TPTA Legislative Initiatives Direct

Access Concussion decisions Physical placards legislation return to play Therapist ability to issue disability

Direct Access Details PT must be licensed to practice for at least one year Covered by liability insurance at the minimum amount required by board rule

Must have a DPT degree OR completed 30 hours of CEU in differential dx Can treat no more than 30 days, then need an MD referral Process to Become Law File both a Senate and

House bill Get bill into committe e Lobby committe e members Get bill

hearing set Vote bill out of committe e Get bill on Calendars Committe e

Floor vote Governor signature Other Potential Legislation Concussion Legislation In 2017, the chiropractors passed a similar bill (HB 3024) Would add physical therapists to the list of

providers who can make a decision about removing a student from practice or competition following a concussion Physical Therapists Evaluate for Disability Placards MD, podiatrist, optometrist, qualifying PA or APN can complete form currently APTA policy supports (next slide) APTA Position SOCIETAL ACCESS TO AND RECOGNITION OF PHYSI

CAL THERAPISTS FOR DISABILITY EVALUATION AND DETERMINATION HOD P06-17-08-06 [Initial: HOD P06-14-14-19; Formerly Titled: Physical Therapists as Qualified to Determine Mobility Status for Patients and Clients Applying for Disability Placards, Disability License Plates, or Paratransit Services] [Position] The American Physical Therapy Association supports increased societal access to and recognition of physical therapists for disability evaluation and determination for health, recreation, employment, legal, regulatory, transportation, and insurance purposes.

Why Direct Access? Benefits to patient Benefits to Benefits to physical insurers therapist Benefits of Direct Access Improved access to care

Shortage of PCP in Texas (47th out of 50 state) Faster access to physical therapy and better recovery as a result Better health outcomes Patients who directly access PT use fewer opioids, imaging, ER, and surgery 2018 Health Services Research study: patients with LBP who saw a PT first had an 89% lower probability of opioid prescription 2018 JAMA study found that early PT associated with a 10% reduction in opioid use in patients with neck, shoulder, knee and LBP Patients in states that restrict access to PT have significantly higher rates of opioid prescriptions and direct access to PT results in a significant decrease in opioid

prescription Lower health care costs Numerous studies show that direct access to PT lowers out of pocket costs and total paid health care claims A vote against direct access to physical therapists is a vote for more opioid use What can you do?

Know who your state House Representative is and your Senator https://house.texas.gov/members/find-your-representative/ Become a key contact (contact me at [email protected]) Visit legislators in Austin or in their home district (identify yourself as a constituent and talk to them about one bill at a time/per visit)

Attend TPTA Legislative Day February 19 Attend TPTA Reception on February 5 at Texas State of Reform Conference and invite your legislator to the reception (next slide) Discuss the benefits of direct access

What can you do? Ask your Representative to support HB 29 Ask your Senator to support the Senate Bill Call, text, or fax when you receive an email from

TPTA before a critical vote Support the TPTA PAC (donations to legislators make a difference) Provide your patients with the patient flyer, put it in your waiting room (next slide) Brochure sent via email Tuesday, January 8 via TPTA GAC Insider

Better Together! Thank you [email protected] @jbezner

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