Evaluation of WMM - Weebly

Evaluation of WMM - Weebly



DESCRIBE THE WMM (6) The working memory model focuses on the short term memory and does not view it as a passive and unitary store, but as a complex system with a number of sub-components. The central executive drives the system and is responsible for allocating tasks to the other components. It is also is important for problem solving and switching attention between tasks. The phonological loop is a component that deals with spoken and written material. It has two further components, the phonological store that holds speech based information for

about 2 seconds and the articulatory control which is responsible for the subvocal rehearsal of speech based information. The visuo-spatial sketchpad stores and processes visual information and spatial information. An example of how the WMM would work is if you were asked to count the number of windows in your home from memory. You would use your VSS to form and manipulate the image, the phonological loop would be used to keep a count of the number and the central executive would coordinate the activity. In 2000 Baddeley introduced a further component, the episodic buffer. This part of the WMM acts as a temporary store for both the VSS and the

PL and also communicates with the long term memory and integrates information from the LTM to the WM. STARTER True or False The central executive has limited capacity The central executive only processes information in a visual form The case study of KF supports the WMM According to the WMM people would struggle to do a visual and a verbal task at the same time.

THE WORKING MEMORY MODEL This session has a number of targets for you to achieve 1) Consolidate your knowledge and understanding of the working memory model 2) Understand how to evaluate when writing a 16 mark essay 3) Learn how to plan an essay in order to get all the available marks

TASK A Thank you for agreeing to take part in my research. You will shortly be shown a screen with a number of shapes on it. I would like you to memorise these shapes and where they are. While the shapes are presented I would like you to repeat the the, the, the, over and over again. TASK B Thank you You will be now asked to do the same activity but this time you should imagine a block F and trace this

from the top right hand corner all around the letter. Each time you reach a corner you should shout out yes DEBRIEF Thank you for taking part in my research. Can I remind you that all the data is confidential and you have the right to withdraw your data should you wish to do so. In this study, I was investigating the working memory model and particularly the idea that the different components have limited capacity.

In task A participants were asked to complete a verbal and a visual task. They should not struggle with this as they are using two different components. In task B participants were completing two visual tasks. This will be more difficult as you are using the visuospatial sketchpad to carry out two tasks and as it has limited capacity it will be more difficult. Do you have any questions? TASK In the original study by Baddeley the shape task was not

used but he got participants to follow a light on the screen Write up a PEEL point of evaluation using the dual task study. How does this support the working memory model? Support? Text book Website Another student Sentence starter Me

PEEL Baddeley stated that each of the components in the working memory has a limited capacity. Research to support this comes from dual task research. participants are asked to carry out either two visual tasks or a visual and verbal task simultaneously. Baddeley found that participants could easily complete a visual and verbal task at the same time but could not accurately complete two visual tasks. This

supports the WMM as it shows that there are different components and that each has limited capacity. OUTLINE AND EVALUATE THE WORKING MEMORY MODEL (16 MARKS) What does outline mean? The command word outline requires candidates to describe whatever material is being asked about 1) Outline a model: draw the model then write about its parts (what it is) and its functions (what it does)

2) Outline a theory/explanation: describe the main assumptions of the theory/explanation 3) Outline a research study: This allows you to give details of the aims, procedures, results and conclusions of a research study 4) Outline the findings of.: This means you only write the findings of a study, and try to be as accurate and detailed as possible OUTLINE AND EVALUATE THE WORKING MEMORY MODEL (16 MARKS)

For the full 6 marks for the outline section, you should: Draw the model, highlighting each component Describe each component in detail, highlighting important functions State there is a limited capacity in each slave system Then state the relationship between the subsystems for example, that they are separate systems, with the CE in control and delegating tasks, the relationship between the episodic buffer and LTM. But be careful not to repeat yourself here.

OUTLINE AND EVALUATE THE WORKING MEMORY MODEL (16 MARKS) Evaluation: worth 10 of the 16 marks You have to write a number of paragraphs which indicate to the marker that you understand how valuable this model/theory/explanation/study is to our understanding of human behaviour. Too many flaws, and it becomes weak, maybe even obsolete. However, many positives and few challenges, then it is a very useful tool to understanding ourselves.

OUTLINE AND EVALUATE THE WORKING MEMORY MODEL (16 MARKS) Because we are looking at a model to explain behaviour in this essay, we need to know if the model is a valid explanation. To do this, we can analyse the findings of psychological research studies to see if the data supports/refutes the assumptions in the model.

OUTLINE AND EVALUATE THE WORKING MEMORY MODEL (16 MARKS) Warning! Plenty of traps here 1) When evaluating a model/theory/explanation, do not put details about the procedures, you get little credit for it. 2) Do not evaluate the studies unless it has a real impact on the

strength of the theory. For example, if the only available evidence is very weak and/or methodologically flawed, then we cannot say with any certainty that the theory is correct (this is the case when evaluating Freuds psychodynamic approach, for example) 3) Do not put too many studies in. Many models or theories have 10s if not 100s of supporting studies. But you only have 20 minutes or so to write this essay, so a rule of thumb is

that two supporting studies will suffice, then a hint that many other studies replicate the findings so we have FURTHER EVALUATION There are a number of studies and points that you can use for evaluation. You should choose at least two of the points and think about how they support/challenge the model. These can then be written up as fully PEEL points in your notes.

DESCRIBE AND EVALUATE THE WORKING MEMORY MODEL (16) AO1 6 marks Description of the WMM. You must include an example of how it works, details of all the components and emphasise the interactive nature of the CE and the subsystems. AO3 10 marks Evaluation of the model. You must include three or more PEEL points.

You should do extra reading for This can include: this essay. Research to support I would like to see something Research to challenge beyond what you have learned Criticism of the model in the classroom Strength of the model

PLENARY Post your questions about memory so far.

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