Eucharistic Visitor - Episcopal Diocese of El Camino Real

Eucharistic Visitor - Episcopal Diocese of El Camino Real

Eucharistic Visitor (EV) Training Copyright 2007 The Episcopal Diocese of El Camino Real 9/28/2007 1 In Todays Meeting We

will cover: Requirements for EVs Types of visits The Communion Service Pastoral Concerns Some Things to remember 2 Who Can Be An EV A Confirmed Adult A Person selected by His/Her Rector/Vicar

Licensed by the Bishop as a Eucharistic Minister (EM) 3 Types of Visitations Homebound Skilled Nursing Facility Hospital Patient

Terminally Ill 4 Homebound May have acute or chronic illness that prevents them from attending church 5 Skilled Nursing Facilities People

who have chronic illnesses requiring constant nursing care or procedures that cannot be performed at home. 6 Hospital Visits People who have illnesses that require acute medical care May be unable to receive communion

Unless the patient is sitting up and alert, visits should be brief 7 Terminally Ill May be unable to receive communion Often will have family members present

8 Before You Arrive Pause and Center Be Prepared A Prayer for the Eucharistic Visitor before a visit Open my mind, O Lord, to the influence of your blessed Word. Teach me what you would have me know about suffering. Let knowledge chase away my preconceptions and misconceptions, and let love animate the understanding I gain, This I ask in the name of your Son, Jesus. Amen 9

First Things First Call ahead to confirm the appointment Administration of the Sacraments should take place immediately following the church service Invite another adult EV to accompany you on the visit (preferably someone not related to

you) 10 What to Bring A prepared Communion Kit An Order of Services from Church (on Sundays) or else a collect for the day Service booklets

11 More What to Bring A copy of the Gospel for the day Bible Notes A from sermon or readings flower from altar bouquet, if appropriate

12 The Communion Kit Each Kit should contain the following: A cruet of consecrated wine A Pyx with enough consecrated wafers

A corporal A small chalice A small paten 13 How Its Done Introduce Allow

Ask yourself and state your purpose some time to converse quietly for permission to touch the recipient Remember confidentiality 14 More How Its done Observe

healthy personal boundaries Avoid visits at mealtimes Make thoughtful conversation 15 Service Booklets Page

396 of the BCP outlines the service for communion under Special Circumstances St. Andrews used that outline to compose their booklet 16 Setting Up Ask those present if they would like to participate in the service Clear a clean space for the corporal, chalice,

and paten Cleanse your hands 17 Setting Up Continued After an appropriate pause, remove the contents of the kit and place on corporal Place a wafer for each person on the paten (if needed, wafers may be broken)

Pour wine into the chalice 18 Pastoral Concerns There are three pastoral concerns: A Ministry of Presence A Ministry of Healing A Ministry of Hope

19 A Ministry of Presence Focus on the person and give them your full attention Leave your baggage at the door Do not have an agenda 20 A Ministry of Healing Through

the Eucharist we are being made whole We are nourished, strengthened, renewed, and healed 21 A Ministry of Hope Hope is a good that is yet to be The Eucharist is a foretaste of the heavenly banquet 22

Things to Remember Discuss concerns/needs which may be included in the prayers Assess any physical needs regarding receiving the bread or wine Normally you will serve the recipient first, others, yourself

Consume remaining elements 23 More Things to Remember Listen, acknowledge, paraphrase, empathize. Allow for silence Observe facial expressions and body language Practice hospitality, be sensitive to time, space, and conversation

24 Even More Things to Remember Before you leave, ask if they would like to be visited again Ask how church can respond to needs, and, most importantly, follow through Remember that you are a guest in another persons private space 25 Afterwards

Reflect on your visit examine your own attitudes and feelings Consider what went well and what could be improved Return kit to church and record your visit per parish procedure 26

Finally Some Donts Dont Overstay your visit Sit on beds Stare at medical equipment Constantly look at your watch

Get involved in family disputes Tell horror stories Finish their sentences for them Bring food with you Talk too much about your experiences 27 Useful Prayers from the BCP For the Sick (Mary Magdalene) For the Sick For The Human Family For the Mission of the Church For the Parish For the Right Use of Gods Gifts For Families For Those Who Live Alone

For the Aged For a Birthday For Those We Love For a Person In Trouble or Bereavement For Guidance For Quite Confidence For Protection General Thanksgiving Pg 242 Pg 458 Pg 815 Pg 816 Pg 817 Pg 827 Pg 828

Pg 829 Pg 830 Pg 831 Pg 831 Pg 831 Pg 832 Pg 832 Pg 832 Pg 836 28 EV Blessings If someone asks you for a blessing, you cannot bless, only priest bless.

You may, however, say the following words: We ask Gods blessing on you. Your priest may have some other words for you to say, so check with them first Do not lay hands on them or do the sign of the cross on the forehead 29

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