Essential Question Topic Jeopardy:

Essential Question Topic Jeopardy:

African American History Jeopardy African American

History Quiz Bowl

$1 $1 $1

$1 $1 $2

$2 $2 $2

$2 $5 $5

$5 $5 $5

$10 $10 $10

$10 $10 $20

$20 $20 $20

$20 African $1 First American colony to

recognize slavery in 1641 African $1 Massachusetts

African $2 First Black to own a movie & TV studio African $2

Tyler Perry African $5 First black woman to win Miss American Pageant

African $5 Vanessa Williams African $10

First Black astronaut in the U.S. African $10 Major Robert H. Lawrence, Jr.

African $20 First Black Pulitzer Prize winner African $20

Gwendolyn Brooks American $1 Established Tuskegee Institute on July 4, 1881

American $1 Booker T. Washington American $2

Activist for Black rights in South Africa American $2

Nelson & Winnie Mandela American $5 First Black to receive the Nobel Peace Prize

American $5 Ralph Bunche American $10

First Black medical doctor in the U.S. practice in New Orleans American $10

Dr. James Derham American $20 Founder of the city of Chicago

American $20 Jean Baptiste Pointe Du Sable History $1

First Black United States Ambassador to the United Nations History $1

Andrew Young History $2 First Black World Heavyweight

Boxing chamption History $2 Jack Johnson History $5

First school for Black nurses History $5 Providence Hospital

History $10 Former Black executive director of the NAACP

History $10 James Weldon Johnson History $20

Worlds first Black female pilot History $20 Bessie Coleman Quiz$1

First Black female appointed to the U.S. presidential cabinet Quiz $1

Patricia Harris Quiz $2 First Black city Commissioner of Kalamazoo

Quiz$2 Arthur Washington, Jr. Quiz$5

First two Black NFL coaches to reach the Superbowl Quiz $5 Coach Dungy and Coach Love

Quiz $10 First Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church

Quiz $10 Richard Allen Quiz $20

First American winner of the U.S. Open Tennis Championship Quiz$20 Arthur Ashe

Bowl $1 A mind is a terrible thing to waste

Bowl $1 Slogan of United Negro College Fund Bowl $2

First Black mayor of major city 1967 Bowl $2

Carl Stokes ~ Cleveland, Ohio Bowl $5 Name of the first slave ship to

arrive in the U.S. Bowl $5 Carl Stokes ~ Cleveland, Ohio

Bowl $10 Michigans first Black Congressperson

$10 Bowl Charles C. Diggs Bowl $20

First Black to win an Academy Award for Gone With the Wind Bowl $20

Hattie McDaniel Final Jeopardy Question Thurgood Marshall

Final Jeopardy Answer First Black justice on the U.S. Supreme Court

Final Jeopardy Category Supreme Court

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