Essay Structure

Essay Structure

Essay Structure IN 3 EASY STEPS WITH SUPER EXAMPLES. Basic Structure This is the structure of almost every essay you will lever read or write: Tell me what youre going to say. Say it. Tell

me what you said. The overall structure looks like an OREO; the top and bottom are essentially the same, and the evidence youve gathered is the filling. The Thesis: Tell me what youre going to say. A thesis must be a disputable statement, that is it is something that can be argued, not a statement of fact. For example Batman is a comic book character is not a thesis statement. This is a statement of fact.

A proper thesis would be Batman is the best comic book character, this can be disputed, or argued. You should be able to highlight the thesis in your rough draft. What comes next is the evidence to back up our claim: he has the coolest car, doesnt need powers, and has the best villains. You will expand on these points in the body paragraphs. Body Paragraphs: Say it. This will be our collection of evidence weve gathered in our research. Each paragraph is a distinct argument in our favor.

For example: Paragraph 1: Batmans car is the coolest Evidence Paragraph 2: Batman has no powers because he doesnt need them; Hes a ninja, a billionaire, and the worlds greatest detective. Evidence Paragraph 3: If you judge a hero by the quality of his villains, then Batman is the best. Evidence Conclusion: Tell me what you said.

The last step is the easiest. The final paragraph should restate the thesis (but in a new way): In conclusion, based on his transportation resources, incredible skill set, and the forces he pits himself against, Batman is by far the greatest comic book hero. It is inevitable that no matter the situation, and no matte how lousy the films director, he will mop the floor with any big blue boy scout he happens to encounter in any summer blockbuster.

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