Environmental Science & Policy Graduate Student Association ESP-GSA Orientation Fall 2018 Welcome!!!! Who are we? Sara Farinelli, President

Betsy, Collins Vice President Tovah Siegel, Secretary Sara Marriott, Student Representative Meadhbh Molloy, Treasurer

Samantha Alexander, Social Chair ESP Department Vision In the next decade, the Department of Environmental Science and Policy will be a major force academically and professionally focused on understanding and implementing the science and policy of biodiversity conservation, sustainability of water and watershed ecosystems, and the application of the one health approach to ecological and social interactions, and sustainability. Our graduates are highly qualified and sought-after individuals making important contributions to solving complex environmental issues that

challenge the integrity and sustainability of global systems through research, transdisciplinarity, and engagement. Our faculty are internationally recognized for their innovative research and their outreach and communication to the public and private sectors. ESP Department Mission Environmental Science and Policy is an interdisciplinary department spanning the domains of the natural and social sciences. We strive to provide diverse learning experiences using state-of-the-art research facilities, diverse field sites, and nationally recognized research grants. We offer flexible programs in undergraduate and graduate

environmental studies to accommodate traditional and non-traditional students. We are committed to the creation of an academic culture of mutual respect and intellectual collaboration to foster truly productive interdisciplinary research approaches that better mirror the environmental problems we seek to address. Our graduates and faculty are active in the formulation and implementation of policies and solutions in government, industry, and nonprofit organizations. Susan Cheselka [email protected]

ESP Graduate Programs Specialist Office: David King 3039 Invaluable resource! Advice: Meet with her once/semester to verify paperwork, credits, progress in your program, etc.

Point of contact to set meetings up with Dr. Visseren or Dr. van der Hamm Other whos who of ESP Dr. Ingrid Visseren-Hamakers: ESP Graduate Program Director Oversees PhD student advising. Dr. Alonso Aguirre: ESP Department Chair Dr. Joris van der Ham: ESP Graduate Program Coordinator Oversees Masters student advising.

Dr. Esther Peters : ESP-GSA Faculty Advisor List of faculty, staff, and affiliate faculty: ESP Department and Degree Program Familiarize yourself with the ESP website General page: Forms and policies: e/forms-and-policies/forms/ Review the guidelines/timelines and other

documents here: e/forms-and-policies/guidelines/ ESP Graduate Student Annual Report New MANDATORY graduate student annual report Due annually by September 1 ort/ Returning Students Only

ESP-GSA: Our goals Foster a sense of community Increase communication with faculty, the department, and the College of Science Advocate for graduate student interests and concerns Plan social and academic extracurricular activities for graduate students, faculty, and staff Offer resources for graduate students Travel Grants Postings: jobs and funding opportunitites

Events ESP-GSA Happy Hours Monthly See email/facebook for announcements Other events TBD (announcements will follow) Holiday Party (usually at a nearby restaurant) End of Year Event (usually at a winery) GMU ESP GSA

Happy Hours August 30th at 7:15 pm at Brions Grille September 18th at 3 pm at Gathering Grounds October: TBD November 9th at 5 pm at Coyote Grille GMU ESP GSA Travel Grants $250 to attend conferences Applications due Oct 1st, 2018 and April 1st, 2019 to [email protected] (see our website for details) For Oct 1st deadline, conference should be 10/28 or later For April 1st deadline, conference should be 5/5 or later Applicant must be an ESP-GSA member (dues paid) and attend at least one of our events

GSA may have own funds to assist in travel, please apply with GSA if your conference doesnt fall within this deadline. Travel Grants Costs are reimbursed after travel through the Student Funding Board Funds need to be requested before money is spent Students who receive funding are responsible for managing paperwork (with our help) in a timely manner or funding will not be allocated

Seek other sources of funding, including the Graduate Student Travel Fund and volunteer opportunities Webinar Service The department and the GSA co-sponsor a webinar service (GoToMeeting) It can be used for: seminars, committee meetings, orientations, GSA workshops, other relevant events A user guide is available on our website ents/esp-gsa-club/ GSA membership Dues: $10 for semester, $20 for full year Membership provides you with access to travel grants Dues fund events and support travel grants GMU ESP GSA GSA membership

Membership dues are payable by cash or check made out to George Mason University, with ESP-GSA in the note section Cash or check can be given directly to a board member, dropped off in our mailbox, or mailed to the ESP office at: Department of Environmental Science and Policy, MSN 5F2, George Mason University, 4400 University Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030-4444 Graduate Handbook

Environmental Science and Policy Department Graduate Handbook: StudentHandbook-Spring2017Updates.pdf This document is maintained and updated by the GSA. If you want to add something to it, please let us know! ([email protected]) Graduate Handbook contents

Graduate Policies Mason ID MyMason Textbooks

Libraries Health Services Important Forms Student Organizations Financial Aid Teaching Assistantships Graduate Student Resources Smithsonian Courses Transportation Housing

Dining Graduate Policies: Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area Students enrolled in a degree program may take graduate courses at another accredited institution and apply these credits to a masters or doctoral degree with prior approval First semester students are not eligible for registration in this program A max. of 6 consortium credits can be taken

George Mason Consortium students pay the George Mason tuition rate Smithsonian-Mason School of Conservation (SMSC) Courses Courses are 1-2 week intensive residential programs held throughout the year offering 1-3 graduate credits at SCBI in Front Royal, Virginia Smithsonian-Mason School of

Conservation (SMSC) Courses Tuition scholarships for graduate courses offered by the Smithsonian-Mason School of Conservation at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute (SCBI) are now available! Note that funds will NOT cover the housing and dining package. Funding will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. Preference will be given to students who are GTAs/GRAs. Application instructions can be found at: es/

Mason ID Free Cue Bus Rides Discounts and/or priority seating at certain Patriot Center events Library card for GMU & the Washington Research Library Consortium Free entry into Fitness Centers on campus Photo copying and computer lab printing & MORE Websites MyMason List of weeks events & announcements Access to:

Masonlive (e-mail) Patriot Web (self-service) Blackboard (class resources) Websites Patriot Web Independent webpage A self-service website for students

manage personal information register for classes view transcripts, review charges & make payments apply for and review status of financial aid

Websites Blackboard A tool that allows faculty and teaching assistants to post class resources readings homework class grades Not all professors use it Websites Environmental Science

& Policy Abstracts MS Theses PhD Dissertations Forms and Policies Forms Guidelines Important Dates

Graduate Courses Graduate Programs ...and more!! Textbooks GMU bookstore Buying or renting textbooks Supplies Clothing

Library Other online providers Libraries Two libraries on Fairfax campus Fenwick (north of campus center near the quad) Johnson Center (JC), (second floor on the south side of the building ) Offer workspace carrels - need to reserve online in advance Website:

Library Workshops Zotero Writing Groups Library Skills Library Tours

Website: Libraries Liaison Librarian Collaborates with students and faculty, instructs classes, and provides one-on-one research assistance Kathy Butler, Librarian for Environmental Science & Policy A244 Fenwick Library Libraries

Thesis & Dissertation Service All theses and dissertations have to be in a specific format Workshops are offered Sally Evans, University Dissertation & Thesis (UDTS) Services Coordinator Fenwick Library, C203 Libraries ZOTERO A citation management program (GMUs version of

Endnotes) It is strongly suggested that you start using and familiarizing yourself with Zotero now as you will be using it for your thesis or dissertation. Workshops are offered Important forms Environmental Science and Policy website under Forms and Policies: rms-and-policies/forms/

ESP Graduate Blooms Evaluation Form required for doctoral proposal defense, masters thesis defense, doctoral dissertation defense ms-evaluation-form_graduate3.docx Registrars site: Your bio on the ESP page There is a space for your bio on the ESP page:

urrent-students/ If you would like to update your bio, please email the text of your new information to [email protected] Follow the format of the existing bios on this page: We will send these updates to the web manager Funding Opportunities Teaching Assistantship Research Assistantship (through your advisor or an office on campus)

Presidential Scholarship/Provosts Award for incoming students (not offered every year) Provost office also provides limited funding for: Dissertation completion grants Summer stipends (for PhD candidates) See website for more: Funding Opportunities

Office of Research Development Office of Graduate Fellowships List of fellowship opportunities Online database of fellowships Questions about external funding? Contact Kay Agoston, [email protected] ESP Seminars Special guest lectures on campus

Lightning talks See ESP emails for scheduling/announcement Should be available via webinar ESP Social Media Facebook Our page (request to join and we will add you) Departmental page: Twitter @ESPMasonU (departmental page)

Instagram @georgemasonesp (dept page) Follow for information about events, seminars, funding opportunities, etc. Graduate and Professional Student Association (GAPSA) A GMU wide group that attempts to unite graduate and professional students across the university The GAPSA website is very helpful for general information about this area, housing, transportation etc. Graduate Student Travel Fund ($50 - $1000) Stearns Center for Teaching and Learning (formerly CTFE) Professional development opportunities for graduate students Free courses (competitive admission): PROV601: navigating through grad school PROV701: navigating the job search Offer other workshops and events throughout

the year and other teaching resources Writing Center Weekly write-ins Fridays 9:30am to 1:00pm in the JC Library A quiet space to focus on writing All day write-in Saturday, November 3, 8:30am-5:00pm Deadline to participate is October 22, 12pm

Saturday, April 13, 8:30am-5:00pm Writing Assistance/Tutoring services OSCAR Office of Student Scholarship, Creative Activities, and Research OSCAR provides funds for undergraduate researchers to work with graduate researchers on a competitive basis See website for more details: Open-Access publishing Mason offers an Open Access Publishing Fund to cover the costs of publishing in an open access journal Grad students are eligible Up to $3,000 See stipulations on their website Graduate Student Life Many workshops, events, opportunities for

free food! Upcoming: Gradstravaganza! September 7, 3:30-7:00PM Workshops Graduate school reading strategies Overcoming procrastination Strategies for concentration

See their website for more Parking and Transportation See this website for parking information Transportation The DC Metro: Check the repairs schedule (Safe Track) for delays and shut downs:

Fitness at GMU Fitness centers, classes, personal training: Journal of Mason Graduate Research Publish in or review for a peer-reviewed journal for GMU graduate students! Questions?

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