Erasmus+ What's in it for me?

Erasmus+ What's in it for me?

Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility Call for Proposals 2016 What is Erasmus+? EU programme to support education, training, youth & sport Fosters EU-EU & EU-international cooperation Erasmus+ Erasmus+

Higher education cooperation Academic mobility International credit mobility Academic cooperation Capacity Building for HE Jean Monnet Degree mobility Erasmus Mundus Joint Activities Master Degrees Erasmus+

Erasmus+ International Credit mobility What is international credit mobility? International opening of Erasmus 135,000 grants over 6 years For students & staff (for learning & teaching & training) Action managed by National Agencies located in Programme Countries

Erasmus+ Erasmus+ International cooperation between Programme Countries & Partner Countries Programme Countries Partner Countries EU Member States: Other countries except: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland,

France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom Other programme countries: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Turkey. Erasmus+ Erasmus+ Switzerland Gulf Cooperation countries

Iran, Iraq, Yemen Types and duration All levels (short cycle, Bachelor, Master, PhD) All disciplines Students: 3 months (or academic term) to 12 months Staff: 5 days to 2 months Erasmus+ Erasmus+ Mobility based on agreements

Inter-institutional agreements fix mobility flows & conditions - signed before mobility starts higher-education /quality-framework_en.htm Learning Agreement for students

Mobility Agreement for staff Erasmus+ Erasmus+ Managing mobility European HEIs apply on behalf of the partnership to their National Agency 16 or 24 months to organise mobilities Budget Organisation support Living Allowance Travel

Erasmus+ Erasmus+ Student Unit Costs Incoming to Prog. Countries 850, 800, 750 Outgoing from Prog. Countries 650 Group 1

DK, IE, FR, IT, higher living AT, FI, SE, UK, costs LI, NO BE, CZ, DE, Group 2 EL, ES, HR, medium CY, LU, NL, living costs PO, SI, IS, TR BG, EE, LV, LT, Group 3 HU, MT, PL, lower living

RO, SK, costs FYROM Erasmus+ Erasmus+ Staff unit costs Host Country DK, IE, NL, SE, UK BE, BG, CZ, EL, FR, IT, CY, LU, HU, AT, PL, RO, FI, IS, LI, NO, TR DE, ES, LV, MT, PO, SK, FYROM

EE, HR, LT, SI Partner Countries Erasmus+ Erasmus+ Per Diem 160 140 120 100 160 Travel Travel distances

(km) / participant 100 - 499 500 - 1999 2000 - 2999 3000 - 3999 4000 - 7999 8000 180 275 360 530

820 1100 Erasmus+ Erasmus+ Erasmus+ Erasmus+ How to apply Deadline: 2 February 2016 Partner Countries: discuss inter institutional agreements with Programme Country partners Read the Guide for Experts documents/expert-guide_en.pdf

Application form -plus/documents/form/mobility-programme-partner-countries_ en.pdf Erasmus+ Erasmus+ Application form: qualitative assessment Erasmus+ Erasmus+ More information Information on Erasmus+

National Agencies -plus/tools/national-agencies Erasmus+ Erasmus+

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