Epoxy Putty - SRJC

Epoxy Putty - SRJC

SRJC, Engr 45, Fall 2010 Jinwoo Lee Steven Flores Christian Rosko Overview of the presentation

Introduction Applications Variations Our little Experiment The End

Introduction What is Epoxy Putty? -A room-temperature hardening substance used as a space-filling adhesive (Wikipedia)

-Made up of a hardener substance and a base substance -Basically, a set of epoxy liquid in a solid form for ease of use. -How to use?

Just cut, mix like clay and apply ! Then what exactly is epoxy? ??????????????????????

Quick chemistry recap Epoxide Amine

Epoxy A thermosetting copolymer Formed from reaction of an epoxide resin with polyamine hardener

Amine groups react with epoxide groups. Epoxy Polymerization process is called curing The time taken for curing depends on the size

and shape of epoxy substance, temperature and etc.. History of epoxy The first commercial attempt in 1927 in USA

preparing resins from epichlorohydrin Fist synthesis of bisphenol-A-based epoxy resins by Dr. Pierre Castan of Switzerland and

Dr. S.O. Greenlee of USA. Applications Paints and coatings Adhesives

Industrial Tooling and composites Electrical systems and electronics Variations

Experiment Mighty Putty Claims to do these things. Test #1 Leaking Pipe

Failed Test #2 Leaking Pipe Failed

Test #3 Leaking Pipe (Copper) Worked It seems that Mighty Putty works better on strong metal surface than weak

plastic surface. Test #4 Tensile Strength

Test #4 Tensile Strength

The Tensile Strength Machine gave 16 lb as the maximum load on the Mighty Putty Adhesive.

Test #5 Tensile Strength Test #4

Tensile Strength The Tensile Strength Machine gave 32 lb as

the maximum load on the JB Steel Weld Adhesive. Tensile Strength Test 16 lb / (7.6 in x 2.9 in) = 0.7325 psi = 5050 Pa

for Mighty Putty 32 lb / (7.6 in x 2.9 in) = 1.465 psi = 10100 Pa For JB Steel Weld References http://www.ehow.com/list_6752835_uses-epoxy-putty.html

http://hubpages.com/hub/Epoxy-Putty-Guide http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epoxy#Paints_and_coatings

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