Employability Skills Portfolio Career Programs 2011-12 Introduction What is an Employability Skills Portfolio? An Employability Skills Portfolio is a carefully organized selection of documents called evidence that highlight: your skills If you cannot talk about these in a

abilities persuasive manner knowledge during an interview, talents you wont be selected! Why should I develop a portfolio? reflect sell yourself to employers

identify the fields you are suited for have up-todate info available for applications Identify areas to improve Why should I have a portfolio and not

just a resume? A resume states what you can do. A portfolio demonstrates what you can do. Its a presentation of evidence of your skills. Instructions for completion To complete your portfolio, you will need a three ring binder or duo tang. Your portfolio must include: The completed checklist as the front page of your portfolio. DO NOT make your own cover page.

Ensure your name is clearly PRINTED on this page. The following sections separated by dividers Section I: Section II: Section III: Personal Profile Employability Skills

Reflection What you need to do: Section 1: Personal Profile Tell Us About Yourself Career Plan Current Resume Section 1 Personal Profile 1. Tell us about yourself

Capture who you are through the use of photographs, art, creative writing or whatever you choose. If you make a collage, you must also include a short paragraph explaining how this collage represents you. 2. Career Plan You have already used Career Cruising (for your Graduation Transition Plan) to explore careers that interest you. In your own words briefly (100-150 words) describe your career plans. Without mentioning money, describe the aspects of this job or career that you think you would enjoy.

3. Current Resume www.careercruising.co m Include a current (error Username: Burnaby free) resume. Password: North

Section 2 Employability Skills Employability Skills -These are personal skills, behaviours and attitudes seen as essential for success both personally and in the world of work. You must be able to identify the skills that make you unique and employable. What are the 3 types of Employability Skills? 1. Fundamental

Communication, Manage Information, Use Numbers, Think and Solve Problems 2. Personal Management Positive Attitudes & Behaviors, Be Responsible, Be Adaptable, Learn Continuously, Work Safely 3. Teamwork Skills


Everything you do contributes to your skills bank HOME Example of a Fundamental Skill Document Description: This is a picture of me participating

in a chemistry lab. Skills Identified: In this lab, I had to measure the chemical ingredients, slowly increase the heat and record the findings. Then I had to measure the residue. This demonstrates my ability to manage information, use numbers, and think and solve problems. Example of a Personal Management Skill Document Description:

I work part-time at Metrotown Mall as a cashier. I have included a pay stub from my job. Skills Identified: Personal Management Skills: I deal with the public in my job and have to be very patient. I must be very calm and sometimes have to deal with upset customers. I have a lot of responsibility as a cashier. I have to give the correct change, and balance every shift. I have to be trust worthy and dependable.

Example of a Teamwork Skill Document Description: Photo of me playing defense for the Girls Burnaby Metro Soccer Team, 2009-10 season. Skills Identified: As a soccer player you must work well with others. If I am not focused and do not practice, I let the team down. Section 3 Reflection

Reflection divide this into 3 subheadings: Fundamental Skills Personal Management Skills Teamwork Skills Under each subheading indicate both your strengths AND weaknesses. For the weaknesses, clearly indicate how you plan to improve them (use specific examples, not wishy-washy language) E T A D

E U D Friday, March 30th 2012 Whats this project worth? 90 hours of work experience 80% Employability Skills Portfolio 20%

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