Elements of Delivery - South Point High School

Elements of Delivery - South Point High School

Elements of Delivery What to do (and not to do) while giving a speech. The Voice Rate: The Speed at which you speak Pauses: Volume: Silences taken while speaking

How loudly or softly one speaks Pitch: A musical term; the highness and lowness of a vocal tone Inflection: the changes in pitch No-Nos: changes. monotones and extreme pitch

The Voice Continued Voice Quality or Timbre: the unique characteristics that distinguish one persons voice from another. Articulation: Mechanical process of making sound Errors are: deletion, addition, substitution, and transposition

The Voice Continued Articulation: Deletion---library library Addition---athlete athalete Substitution---get git Transposition---hundred hunderd The Voice Continued Pronunciation:

how the sounds of a word are to be said and which parts are to be stressed. Often Louisville Physical Delivery Appearance: the speakers physical appearance including dress and grooming.

Posture: The position of the speakers body during the speech. Facial Expression: tension and movements of various parts of the face. Facial expressions and words MUST agree. Physical Delivery Eye Contact: Gaze behavior in which the speaker looks at the listeners

eyes. No-Nos: too much or too little. Movement: Speakers motion from place to place during a speech. Gestures: Movement of hands, arms, and head while giving a speech.

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