Electronic Systems

Electronic Systems

1 Partnering with BAE Systems Electronic Systems for SBIR Success Kwan McComas Software Engineering Manager Austin Business Center BAE Systems Dec 2016 EXPORT APPROVED ES-TS-051216-0004 2 Why Is SBIR Of Interest To BAE SYSTEMS? Where Does Engineering Innovation Really Happen?

You Offer Affordability, Agility, Insights, & Relationships We Cant Do It All Ourselves What Is Our Core? What Is Yours? Increase Our Virtual R&D Capabilities Because We Know It Really Works Why Should You, As A SBIR Innovator, Choose BAE Systems? EXPORT APPROVED ES-TS-051216-0004

3 Example Technologies Of Interest EXPORT APPROVED ES-TS-051216-0004 AUTONOMY Integrated Mission Management Route Planning/Payload Tasking Multiship Cooperative Tactics Cognitive/Machine Learning Sensor Resource Management COGNITIVE RF PROCESSING Real-Time Sensing, Spectrum Mapping, Threat Behavior Operation Against Agile & Unknown Threats Real-Time Response Optimization For ES, EA, & EP Assured Operation In Jammed/Cluttered RF Environments ADVANCED EO/IR TECHNOLOGIES

Agile Lasers w/Selectable Phase, Wavelength, Pulse Width, & PRF Ultra-Short Lasers For Counter-ISR, Countermeasures High-Speed Detectors Matched With Laser Technology 4 Example Technologies Of Interest Continued EXPORT APPROVED ES-TS-051216-0004 MARITIME SENSING TECHNOLOGIES High Power Wideband Low Frequency Acoustic Transducers Underwater Acoustic LPI/LPD Communications Underwater Target Detection, Classification, Tracking Advanced ASW Technologies MULTI-INT ISR / PED For Tactical & Forensic Situational Awareness Tracking, Fusion, Sensor Resource Management Automated Threat Detection, ID, Activity Classification

RF MICROELECTRONICS Mixed-Signal System On A Chip (SoC) Advanced RF Filters (for tuners & phased arrays) Thermal Management Advanced Packaging (GaN on diamond) 5 How to Contact Us Contact the Innovation Center: Michael McComas, SBIR Liaison (603) 321-8099 [email protected] Contact the Small Business Liaison Office: [email protected] EXPORT APPROVED ES-TS-051216-0004

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