EEL4930/5934 Reconfigurable Computing - University of Florida

EEL4930/5934 Reconfigurable Computing - University of Florida

EEL4712 Digital Design Instructor Dr. Greg Stitt [email protected] Office Hours: TBD (Benton 323) Also, by appointment Course Website 2 sites Linked off my website Sakai E-learning Select e-learning Login with GatorLink account Used for posting grades, turning in projects

Email Policy When sending an email, include the class name in brackets e.g. [EEL4712] Question about lab 2 Grading EEL4712 Grading: Midterm 1: 20% (Dates to be announced) Midterm 2: 20% Midterm 3: 20% Labs: 40%

Final grade: curved average of all components Lab Assignments Linked off main website Will provide realistic application of concepts covered during lecture All labs will use UF-4712 FPGA board (included in lab fee) Will need Byte Blaster, available at UF bookstore for $50 (if you dont already have one) Lab Assignments, Cont. Labs will require effort outside of lab Labs will be VHDL intensive

Pre-lab assignments will be due at the beginning of lab Lab 0 posted on website for this week. START NOW! Spend time outside of lab exercises practicing Class website contains list of VHDL resources Note: lots of bad information online! Best source of information will be lectures Altera Quartus II Download latest free version (web edition) qts-we-index.html Do tutorials in appendix of the book! Reading Material

Textbook: Brown, S. D. and Vranesic, Z. G., "Fundamentals of Digital Logic with VHDL Design", Second or Third Edition, McGrawHill Supplemented by papers Check class website for daily requirements Will also post slides when used Prerequisites EEL 3701 Requires basic knowledge of:

Boolean logic Sequential and combinational components Logic minimization State machines Assembly programming Assumes no knowledge of VHDL Goals

Understanding of how to design complex digital circuits by applying basic concepts Basic understanding of reconfigurable and microprocessor architectures Gain experience with VHDL Training for research and graduate school Will invite exceptional students to participate in state-of-the-art research projects Academic Dishonesty Unless told otherwise, assignments must be done individually Collaboration is allowed (and encouraged), but within limits

All assignments will be checked for cheating Can discuss problems, how to use tools etc. Cannot show code, solutions, etc. Cheating penalties First instance - 0 on corresponding assignment Second - 0 for entire class Attendance Policy I wont take attendance

But, attendance is highly recommended If you are sick, stay at home! If obviously sick, you will be asked to leave Missed tests cannot be retaken, except with doctors note Introduction Why should you be excited about this class? Digital design is important in all aspects of computing Microprocessor architecture, graphics processing units (GPUs) Embedded systems

Reconfigurable computing Enables custom circuits without creating an ASIC Combines flexibility of software with performance of ASIC High-performance computing e.g., iPods, portable game consoles, cell phones, etc. Portable (low-power), high-performance functionality enabled by custom

circuits implemented as ASICs (application-specific integrated circuits) However, increasing ASIC costs have increased microprocessor usage Custom circuits are often 10x-1000x faster than microprocessors!!! In this class, you will learn the fundamentals of creating circuits that are 10x-1000x faster than microprocessors Reminder Start reading details of lab 0 Review chapter 6 Combinational-circuit building blocks

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