Educational Funding in Georgia - GSBA

Educational Funding in Georgia - GSBA

GSBA Finance Kit A 30-45 minute presentation to assist in communicating the challenges facing districts in balancing their budgets. This presentation may be used with community and employee groups. The central message is that the world has changed, teaching and learning needs have changed. Public schools have been asked to do more than ever, but funding has not kept pace. Districts have been forced to make deep cuts over the past several years. Its time to have dialogue about what the community sees as priorities for balancing the budget. Instructions: 1. Download the PowerPoint presentation to your computer. 2. There are numerous places within the presentation to customize the information for your district. 3. Recommended handouts for your meetings include: a detailed list of all changes made to staff, salaries and/or programs over the past several years; a pie chart that shows the distribution of revenue in the district

(there is also a slide in the presentation that does this); an explanation of unfunded programs and services the district provides with local funds. 4. Please feel free to customize the presentation as needed for your district. 5. If you have any trouble with the PowerPoint, please contact the GSBA Communications Department at 770-962-2985. Options for Communicating About the Budget Given that most people outside of administration and the board of education dont understand how complex school finance is, it is important to inform employees, civic leaders and the community about the challenges faced in financing public education. It is important not to overwhelm them with numbers or legal citations, or try to make them experts in school finance. It is important that there is general understanding and that common ground is sought on those issues that affect the community. Possibilities: 1. Create a local leadership coalition made up of school and community

leaders that represent all stakeholder groups. You can use this presentation to help explain the local funding challenges. Meet (in person or via electronic means) with them throughout the budgeting process to keep them informed. Ask for their assistance in informing their stakeholder group. 2. Present the information at staff meetings throughout the district and ask employees to send input on what their priorities are for balancing the budget. 3. Present the information at civic group meetings such as the chamber, Rotary, etc. 4. Hold community conversations for stakeholder groups. (GSBA can assist with this!) The goal is to gather input to assist the board in making decisions that reflect what the community feels is important. Ask your leadership coalition to assist with the planning: where and when to hold the meeting. Also ask their assistance in recruiting stakeholders to come to the

Preparing Students for the Challenges of Tomorrow: We Cant Do It Without You! Public Education Education plays a significant role in our economy. ___________ County students are showing gains. ___________ school system is the _____ largest employer in the county. We are looking for ways to improve. A Historical Perspective of

Public Education From 1910 to 1950 schools added P.E. and football, Vocational Schools, mandated transportation, day kindergarten, fine arts, school lunch programs, drivers ed, sex ed In the 60s and 70s Advanced Placement, adult ed, career ed, federally mandated special ed, drug programs, Title IX programs, school breakfast programs Historical Perspective continued

In the 80s mandated child abuse monitoring, bi-lingual education, full day kindergarten, after school programs, expanded health and psychological services In the 90s America 2000, Goals 2000, technology use, expanded gifted ed, at-risk and drop out prevention And in the 2000s No Child Left Historical Perspective continued In 2015 Flexibility Contracts were required with the state department of education for all school districts in

Georgia In 2016 the Every Student Succeeds Act was passed which freed states of much of the federal guidelines In 2017 Georgia General Assembly passed House Bill 388 for school turnaround. This legislation creates an effort by the state in partnership with The Role of Education in our Economy Without an education, our children wont be able to find and keep good

jobs. 4.2% 8.3% 9.1% The Role of Education in our Economy Our local economy cannot thrive if its citizens can only get the lowest $38,01 paying jobs. 2

$33,0 72 $23,86 8 _________ County Figures Unemployment rate: ______% (2016) _____% of adults have high school diplomas ____% have college degrees or higher Current graduation rate for ____: __% (approximately __% did not graduate)

Our Economy is Tied to Education Counties with a large percentage of their populations without at least a high school diploma will find it extremely difficult to attract businesses and sustain a healthy economy. Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education, 2012

A Snapshot of Our District _______ County Schools educates _____ students. We spend an average of $______ per student, which is _________ than most districts our size. There are ___ public schools in ______ County. (_____ elementary, _____ middle school and ___ high school) All of our schools are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). A Snapshot of Our

District _____ % are eligible for free or reduced lunch _____ % are in the gifted program _____ % are receive special education services ______ % of the elementary students are in Early Intervention Program classes ______ % of the middle and high school students are in remedial classes Milestones Scores for Grades 3-8 Students in grades 3 through 8 will take an

end-of-grade assessment in the content areas of language arts, mathematics, Scores for Grades 3-8 science, social studies. 16-17 Customize for your district 15-16 14-15 0 0.5

1 1.5 SS 2 Science 2.5 Math 3 3.5 LA

4 4.5 5 ________ Graduation Rate Trend Graduation Rate Trend 100 90 80 70 60 50

Customize for your district 40 30 20 10 0 2014 2015 2016 Grad Rate 2017

How Our Schools are Funded Customize for your district. 2017 2016 Federal Funds = XX% XX% State Funds = Local Funds = XX% XX% XX% XX%

Enrollment = X,XXX X,XXX Federal Funding Federal funds cant be used on expenditures funded by state or local funds in previous years. Federal funds can only be used for the programs for which they were earned or within the specified federally designated areas. Customize for your district. State Funding

Customize for your district. State funds make up __% of _______ County Schools funding. The states education funding formula is based on a 1985 law, the Quality Basic Education Act. (QBE) A smaller portion of state revenue comes from state grants for specific purposes such as Career Tech, Ag programs and pre-school services. QBE QBE was adopted in 1985 and is the basis for the formula used to allocate funds through a partnership between the state and local districts.

The law is intended to ensure each student in the state receives a quality basic education The state pays districts an amount of money for each student based on a QBE foundation formula. QBE Cuts to _____ County Customize for your district. 2017 Cut by $_________ 2016 Cut by $_________ 2015 Cut by $_________ 2014 Cut by $_________ 2013 Cut by $_________ 2012 Cut by $_________

2011 Cut by $_________ 2010 Cut by $_________ Since 2010 total cuts of $_________ What Underfunded Mandates Mean For ________ County Schools Customize for your district. Just a couple of examples: ________ County paid 69% of the overall cost of transporting students last year and 100% of the cost of transporting students living within 1.5

miles of a school. Local districts must provide educators with 12.5 sick days/year, but the state pays only $150 per employee/per year. After the $150, any cost for substitutes, etc. is paid by the local district. Subs are paid a minim of $65/day. What QBE Does Not Provide Any Funds for Social security costs (6.2% of taxable salary) and workers compensation AthleticsCustomize for your district. Other extra-curricular activities (band, drama, student organizations, etc.) Technology expenditures for new technology

Local Funding Customize for your district. Property taxes are the primary source of local revenue for local school systems. These funds are used for the operating budget. Most property is taxed, even rental properties. There are state and local property tax exemptions Property taxes are based on the county millage rate adopted the Board of Education annually. By state law, millage rates are capped at 20 mills, except in a few rare circumstances. _________ County School

Tax Customize for your district. _________ Countys millage rate is ________ ___,___,___,___,___ are the millage rates of the last 5 years _________ is the value of 1 mill in _______ County __________ is the value of 1 mill per student SPLOST Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) funds can be used for capital expenditures like buildings and technology, but NOT for salaries and

other operating expenses. SPLOST is approved by the county voters every five years as called for by the local board. Projects are outlined ahead of time and cannot be changed after approval by voters. How funds are used in ___________ County.. Customize for your district. FY 18 Budget Summary Funds 100-499 State, Local and Federal Regular Operating Accounts

Customize for your district. Revenue State Federal Local $17,035,838 $ 3,059,212 $ 9,064,362 Total revenue Expenditures Salary Benefits Other

$29,159,412 $19,477,041 $ 6,957,776 $ 4,202,609 Total Expense $30,637,426 5 Year Historical Millage Rates Optional slide or customize for 2009: your district. Raised millage 2.25 mills (12.62 to 14.87) Cut $1,040,135 2010

Rolled back millage to 14.668 Continued cuts from 2008 2011 Millage remains at 14.668 Continued cuts from previous years Cut additional $1,666,384 5 Year Historical Millage Rate Optional slide or customize for 2012 your district. Millage remains at 14.868 Continued cuts from previous years Cut additional $1,310,682 2013 Millage remains at 14.868

Continued cuts from previous years Cut additional $1,274,275 Cumulative savings since 2009: $8,601,294 General Fund Balance Customize for your district. Beginning Balance, July 1, 2017, was $3,005,533 Projected ending fund balance on June 30, 2017, is $1,809,300 Projected ending fund balance on June 30, 2018, if no adjustments are made to revenues or expenditures will be $210,493 Minimal fund balance to operate is

about $1,314,600 (5% of revenues) Our Local Financial Challenges Customize for your district. Teacher shortages # of days below the 180 day requirement for student seat time # of days below the 190 required days for teachers Strategies and Solutions to Local Challenges Customize for your district. Recommendations to address the local

challenges Our Budget Process Customize for your district. We are seeking input from the community and our employees to begin the process. The board and superintendent set the vision and use input from the community and employees to set priorities for the districts educational program. The Budget Committee develops a proposed budget and some specific

recommendations and sends to the Board for review. The Budget Process Continues Customize for your district. Funds are allocated based on state and federal mandates, the state salary schedule and the districts strategic plan. The local property tax millage rate is established to generate revenue to fund what the state or federal funds do not provide. The Board must operate under a balanced budget. Adjustments to the proposed budget have to be made if available revenues and an

adequate remaining fund balance do not cover expenses. The Board must approve a budget by July 1, the start of the fiscal year, or pass a temporary spending resolution. We Need Your Best Thinking Customize for your district. We want to hear from you on what you believe should be the priorities for _________ County Schools. These challenges are real. The Board of Education

needs your input to help them make the tough decisions. Our kids and our community deserve no less. Thank you for your time! The Board values your input and will use it to assist them in making a decision that reflects the _________ County Community.

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