ED CATMULL - University of Missouri-Kansas City

ED CATMULL - University of Missouri-Kansas City

ED CATMULL Pixars Pixel Pioneer Ed Catmull- Finder Pixar s Pixel Pioneer Invention, Inspiration and Innovation Childhood dream- to become an animator

Cofounder and President of Pixar Animation Ed Catmull- Vision Vision: Feature Films can be made on Computers.. Cutting edge technology at the core of wonderful creations: Toy Story, Monsters Inc

When done well , the voices, the story and animation come together in a pure act of creation. ED CATMULL Amanda Croasmun Julia Gooding Brad Van Schouwen Anoop Veethil

Booma Venkataraman Malav Vora Educational Background In high school days aspired to be an animator. Ended up taking Physics and computer Science because he couldnt draw well. Joined pioneering program in computer graphics at University of Utah and graduated with a Ph.d in

computer graphics in 1974. Career Joined New York Institute of Technology as the head of computer graphics program. Worked mainly on animation, motion blur and rendering techniques. Joined Lucas films in 1979 Joined with Steve Jobs in creating Pixar in 1986

Inventions Z-buffer Texture mapping Z-buffer Z-buffer keeps track of depth (or distance from the viewer) of every picture element (pixel) on the screen.

The computer then can compare any new objects being displayed with depths of current pixels on display to decide which pixels are visible. Texture Mapping This procedure made computergenerated images more realistic, because instead of simply painting the picture with simple colors, the

colors of real surfaces can be captured and then attached to the appropriate objects What happened after Pixar was formed? Catmull and Jobs Their vision for computer

graphics in animated films Motivating employees Pixars clear goal The Culture of Pixar Bonding technical people and artists

Pixar University Technological Breakthroughs Marionette, Ringmaster and RenderMan The first to create

Toy Story Released in 1995, reflecting 9 years of creative and technological achievements Goes down in history as the first fully computeranimated film. Highest grossing film of

1995, $360 million Bugs Life A Bugs life broke all previous Thanksgiving weekend records.. Highest grossing animated release of 1998 $163 Million domestic and $362 Million Worldwide.. Won four ASIFA Hollywood Annie awards

Personal Life Born March 31, 1945 in Parkersburg, West Virginia Father of four children First job: theater usher Present job: president of Pixar Animation Studios Favorite Web site:

Amazon.com Leisure Activities: What leisure? Car: Lexus License Plate: PIXAR Greatest Achievement: Coons Award Toy Story 2

November 24, 1999 First animated sequel to gross more than its original Golden Globe Award for best picture-musical or comedy Two Grammy Awards Six ASIFA-Hollywood Annie Awards Industry Competitors Dreamworks- Shrek, Ants, Chicken Run

Disney- The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Lilo and Stitch Universal Studios- The Land Before Time, An American Tail, Rocky & Bullwinkle Sony- Stuart Little, The Chubb Chubbs (Playing with MIB II) Paramount Pictures- Nickelodeons Hey Arnold Warner Brothers- Looney Tunes

Monsters Inc. Second highest grossing animated film of all-time, second only to The Lion King Grossed over $500 million Most successful US animated film ever in Japan Monsters Inc was nominated for 5 Academy Awards Sixth largest opening in Industry

History Why is Catmull Inspirational? Has a clear organizational goal: to be the best computer graphics company available. Combines the creative and technical employees into a strong team. Cross-trains employees through Pixar University, utilizing the full extent of his employees talents

Welcomes complaints and suggestions from the team to improve the companys processes. Motivates his employees by challenging them. Why is Catmull Inspirational? Compensates both his technical and creative people similarly. Constant feedback from all levels within the organization. 3 Scientific and Technical Engineering Awards from The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Recipient of the Coons Award (the highest achievement in computer graphics) An Oscar for significant advancements to the field of motion picture through RenderMan, a Pixar software program. The End

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