Earthdata Redesign Workshop

Earthdata Redesign Workshop

The NASA Earth Observing System Data & Information System (EOSDIS) -WGISS 45NASA Agency Report Andrew Mitchell So Paulo, Brazil 12th of April 2018 Earth Science Data & Information Systems (ESDIS) Project Goddard Space Flight Center, Code 423 National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) 1 ESMO ESDIS Mission Operations Science Operations Flight Operations, Data Science Data Processing, Data Capture, Transport to Data Management, Initial Processing,Data Centers/ Interoperable Data Backup Archive SIPSs Archive, and Distribution Data Acquisition

Distribution and Data Access EOSSpacecraft Tracking and Data Relay Satellite (TDRS) Research Education Internet White Sands Complex (WSC) (Search, EOSDIS Order, Data CentersDistribution) EOS Data Operations System (EDOS) Data Processing Interagency Data Centers Earth System Models Direct

Broadcast (DB) International Partners EOS Polar Ground Stations EOS Operations Center (EOC) Mission Control Network Services Direct Broadcast/ Direct Readout Stations Value-Added Providers Instrument Teams and Science Investigator-led Processing Systems (SIPSs) Decision Support Systems Role of EOSDIS EOSDIS provides:

Interoperable Distributed Data Archives Science Data Processing Data Management On-Line Data Access Services Earth Science Discipline-Oriented User Services Network Data Transport to distributed System Elements NASAs Earth Science Data Policy promotes usage of data by the community No period of exclusive access Data available at no cost to all users on a non-discriminatory basis, except where agreed upon with international partners 3 Earth Observing System Data and Information System Research EOSDIS (EOSDIS) Distribute Transform* Applications Education Archive Capture and Clean Process *Subset, reformat, reproject

Extensive Data Collection Started in the 1990s, EOSDIS today has 11,000+ data types (collections) Land Cover & Usage Surface temperature Soil moisture Surface topography Atmosphere Winds & Precipitation Aerosols & Clouds Temperature & Humidity Solar radiation Ocean

Surface temperature Surface wind fields & Surface topography Ocean color Human Dimensions Heat flux Population & Land Use Human & Environmental Health Ecosystems Cryosphere Sea/Land Ice & Snow Cover 5 Data Sources Type Satellite/on-orbit Missions Airborne missions In Situ Measurement missions Example Missions Terra, Aqua, Aura, Suomi-NPP, SORCE, GPM, GRACE, CloudSat, CALIPSO, etc. IceBridge, Earth Ventures (5+ missions), UAVSAR, etc. Field campaigns on land (e.g., LBA-ECO) and in the ocean (e.g., SPURS)

Applications support Near-real time creation and distribution of selected products for applications communities Earth Science Research support Research products from efforts like MEaSUREs. This also includes data from older, heritage missions (prior to EOS Program) that the DAACs rescue e.g., Nimbus, SeaSat 6 ASF DAAC SAR Products, Sea Ice, Polar Processes Distributed Active Archive Centers (DAACs), collocated with centers of science discipline expertise, archive and distribute standard data products produced by Science Investigator-led Processing Systems (SIPS) U. of Wisc. SNPP Atmosphere LPDAAC Land Processes and Features NCAR, U. of Co.

MOPITT JPL MLS, TES, SNPP Sounder PO.DAAC Ocean Circulation Air-Sea Interactions SIP S NSIDC DAAC Cryosphere, Polar Processes CDDIS Crustal Dynamics Solid Earth SEDAC Human Interactions in Global Change GSFC GES DISC Atmos Composition & Dynamics, Global Modeling, Hydrology, Radiance ORNL

Biogeochemical Dynamics, EOS Land Validation SNPP, MODIS, OMI, OBPG OB.DAAC Ocean Biology and Biogeochemistry LAADS/MODAPS Atmosphere GHRC Hydrological Cycle and Severe Weather DAAC GHRC AMSR-U, LIS ASDC Radiation Budget, Clouds, Aerosols, Tropo Composition Data Access Centralized Reusable Capabilities Earthdata: EOSDIS website Centralized, authoritative source for NASAs Earth Science

Data Systems Platform for interoperability among Data Centers & other assets Metadata Services Searchable catalog of over 26,000 NASA and International dataset collections and granule metadata for NASA datasets Visual Search User Tools, e.g.: Earthdata Search Client search and order tool Global Imagery Browse Services (GIBS) full resolution imagery derived from NASA products in a standardized manner to any web-connected client (Open Sourced) Worldview - highly responsive interface to explore GIBS imagery and download the underlying data Interactive Discovery User Registration System: provides a centralized mechanism for user registration and account management for all EOSDIS system elements. 8 Significant Progress and Accomplishments Delivered 1.4 billion products to over 3 million users in FY17

Provided data stewardship to over 11,000 unique data products from more than 100 instruments, available to users worldwide Provided the ability to search over 33,000 data collections in the Common Metadata Repository, with 96% of queries completing in less than 1 second. Decommissioned the Reverb data search and discovery system, making Earthdata Search the primary means for searching and discovering NASA Earth observing data from EOSDIS. Scored 78 on the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) survey of 7,505 users. This was over 300 more responses than the previous year, and continued an eleven year trend of high scores for EOSDIS performance. Completed a 12 month commercial cloud prototype, EOSDIS Cloud Evolution (ExCEL), on August 17, 2017. Primary goal of this activity was to determine the feasibility of utilizing a commercial cloud environment for EOSDIS in the future. Successes to date: Began on-boarding DAAC applications to the NASA Compliant General Application Platform (NGAP) for Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud environment

Began development of Cumulus, cloud optimized software for performing core DAAC functions in the cloud. NASA Internal Use Only - Pre-decisional Data 9 Significant Progress and Accomplishments NASA Sentinel Gateway (NSG) began successfully ingesting and transferring Sentinel-3A science data to the Ocean Biology DAAC. LANCE: Increased distribution by 60%, serving 123 million products in FY17, and added new products, including Terra MISR Level 2 Cloud Motion Vector Other new data: ASDC is receiving Level 1B and Level 2 products from SAGE-III ISS, and has distributed 318,000 files to 233 users GHRC received Beta and Provisional ISS-LIS lightning products, and distributed 1.2 million files to over 1300 users

PO-DAAC received Level 0 through Level 3 CYGNSS data, and has distributed 286,000 files to 2,833 users. NASA Internal Use Only - Pre-decisional Data 10 EOSDIS Yearly Total Data Volume (PB) and Number of Products (Billions) Distributed to End Users Files Volume 20 18 1.6 FY2017 Number of Products Distributed by Discipline 1.4 16 1.2 1.0 12 10

0.8 * 8 0.6 6 0.4 4 0.2 2 0 0.0 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Fiscal Year * Products whose discipline was not applicable, for example, ancillary data products # Products Distributed (Billions) Distributed Data Volume (PB) 14 FY2017 Number of Files Distributed by Discipline * * Products whose discipline was not applicable, for example, ancillary data products

FY2017 Distributed Data Volume by Discipline EOSDIS Global Distribution of Number of Data Products for FY2017 Top 10 Countries United States China United Kingdom Germany Japan Canada France Russia Australia South Korea NASA's Earth Science data is distributed globally, the effect of an open data policy now in effect for over 17 years FY2017 EOSDIS Number of Data Products Distributed by Country

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