Early detection and patient navigation for cervical cancer

Early detection and patient navigation for cervical cancer

Early Detection & Patient Navigation for Cervical Cancer 3rd Annual WE CAN East Africa Breast & Cervical Cancer Ad vocacy, Education & Outreach Summit |April 22-23, 2016; Ms. Benda N. Kithaka Nairobi, Kenya Co-Founder & Board Chair

Advocacy Community Education & Awareness Screening & Early Detection Patient Navigation & Access to Treatment 2 The greatest need we have today in the human cancer problem, except for a universal

cure, is a method of detecting the presence of cancer before there are any clinical signs of symptoms. Sidney Farber, letter to Etta Rosensohn, November 1962 (The Emperor of All Maladies, Siddhartha Mukherjee) Early Detection Cancer screening for early diagnoses Before the signs and symptoms To reduce disease and death from the disease Two Types:

4 Population-based screening: offered systematically to all individuals in the defined target group within a framework of agreed policy, protocols, quality management, monitoring and evaluation Opportunistic screening: offered to an individual without symptoms of the disease when they present to a health care practitioner for reasons unrelated Ideal Situations to

Advocate for Cancer Screening Advocate for Population Based cancer screening if and when: 5 It is a Public Health Problem; affects the general population Natural history is well known There is accurate diagnostic assessment

Effective treatment options exist Earlier treatment improves disease outcomes Cervical Cancer No Signs or Onset of Intercourse Symptoms 6 Signs & Symptoms Schiffman. N Engl J Med. 2005

Impact of Early Detection on Disease Outcomes At Pre-Cancer Level Lower cancer incidence Detection + Removal of pre-cancerous lesions = Elimination of Cancer [progression towards cancer is stopped] At Early Stage Diagnosis Lower invasive cervical cancer Less cervical cancer deaths 7 AFTER SCREENING,

THEN WHAT? A Patients Journey 8 Decisions Facing a Patient Patients Realities Fear Death / What will people say? Cultural Cultural beliefs regarding treatment

Financial and economic Lack / inadequate [Treatment, Transport, Nutrition] Logistics Travel Distances, New to Nairobi Communication and language Doctors Jargon Health care system Machine Breakdowns, Long Waiting Lines,

Labyrinth at KNH Pain Management Access to Medicine and Care Side Effects Overcoming and Understanding Age Younger patients assumed to have better prognosis Patient Navigation

a means for improving access to recommended cancer screening services, follow-up, diagnosis, and treatment in medically underserved populations. Dr. Harold P. Freeman In 1995 Our Model Awarene ss Advocac y Outrea Screenin

ch g Treatm ent Access P.P.P Follow Up Survivor ship Follow Up Care

Suspicious Cells = Diagnosis, Treatment Plan, Navigation = Follow Up, Blood Transfusion, Nutrition, Accommodation, Bookings, Systemic Issues = Negotiation, Communication Media Engagement Goals of our Patient Navigation We aim: To eliminate barriers to care: Patient navigation makes sure patients are aware of and can access available services and are not lost to follow-up.

To ensure timely delivery of services: Patient navigation works to move patients through the health care system in a timely manner from the point of a suspicious finding to the resolution of that finding. To save lives from cancer: Patient navigation ensures that a patient with a suspicious finding finds resolution through more timely diagnosis and treatment. It is during this critical window of opportunity that lives can be saved. Patient Navigation

Ideally a patient navigator Is a compassionate, effective guide in bridging the gaps to help patients, their caregivers, and their families Ensures patients do not fall through the cracks as a result of fragmentation between health care providers, hospital centers, and community-based services.

Challenges Volunteers Emotional bonding with patients No formal training in patient navigation Financial constraints Cycle of fundraising Cancer doesnt wait We have learnt to recognize that we can only

give what we have, so we give from the heart Prevention & Early Detection Organising a screening programme is complex. Effects only visible after a long period. Between the Screening, precancer diagnosis, and diagnosis, we have a great opportunity to save lives from cancer by taking steps to navigate the system for ease of access Patient Navigation bridges the

gap. Illustration: Guy Billout References 1. Battaglia, T.A., Freund, K. M., Calhoun, E., Dudley, D. J., Fiscella, K., Paskett, E., Raich, P. C., Roetzheim, R. G. and The Patient Navigation Research Program Group (2008), National Cancer Institute Patient Navigation Research Program. Cancer,113: 33913399. doi: 10.1002/cncr. 2. Freeman, H. (2006). Patient Navigation: A community based strategy to reduce cancer disparities. Journal of Urban Health: Bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine, 83(2), 131-141. 3. Freeman, H.P., Muth, B.J., Kerner, J.F.. (1995). Expanding access to cancer screening and clinical follow-up among the medically underserved. Cancer Practice, Jan-Feb 3(1) 19-30.

ABOUT US 17 About Us Nairobi County Stakeholders Meeting Contents Mission, Vision, Values Our Activities Achievements Our Contacts

19 Our Mission To raise public awareness of the benefits of early testing, and facilitate early detection and treatment to reduce the prevalence of cancer. Our Vision A Kenya where every woman can access cervical cancer screening and Treatment. Our Values Learning, Teamwork, Passion, Integrity, Compassion . 2012 Year

Formed Achievements . 16 Medical Camps 2500+ Pap Tests www.women4cancer.org 120+ Treated

20 2012 Women 4 Cancer Awareness Camps Reach to Date Formed 15,000

Volunteers Run + 2500 1 1 Medical Camps 120+ Follow Up + Cryotherapy 15

Hysterecto my 3 Radiotherapy / Brachytherap y No. of Women + Screened Action

www.women4cancer.org 21 Our Activities Cervical Cancer Advocacy Community Awareness and Education Breast, Cervical, Prostate, Colorectal, Esophageal, Skin Early Detection Benefits

Cancer Advocates Training Cervical Cancer Screening for Early Detection Clinical Breast Examinations Pap Smears & HPV screening using Mobile Van Technology Medical Camps with Comprehensive Medical Services Treatment Follow Up Elaborate Patient Navigation

Referral System www.women4cancer.or 22 Community Education & Awareness 23 Medical Camps 24 Nairobi

Kitui Kisumu Kiambu Kerugoya Machakos Beneficiaries erse backgrounds, cultures, social settings 25 Our Beneficiaries Partner Organisation Offering Pap Smear Tests on site

363 Women Screened for Free www.women4cancer.org 27 Past Campaigns 28 Our Fundraising Model Innovation and Cause Marketing Funds Appeal Events Kenyans of Goodwill Private Public Partnerships Corporate Sponsorships

Negotiated Rates We rely on well-wishers to actualize our Vision www.women4cancer.org 29 The 4th Annual Kenya Chapter Going Forward www.women4cancer.org

31 Asanteni NGOS AND CANCER ADVOCACY 32 Phone: +254 20 261 8996 Mobile: +254 717 117 446 P.O. Box 13263 00100 Nairobi - Kenya Email: [email protected] Contact Us!

Dennis Pritt Road Biblica Centre

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