DTP: Techniques and Terms - Aith

DTP: Techniques and Terms - Aith

DTP: Techniques and Terms The following terms are the main DTP terms you need to know for your Final Exam: Copy/cut/paste, text box, handles, colour fill, margin, single-page format, title, extended text, cropping, text flow text along a path, serif and sans serif font styles, bleed, text wrap, transparency, drop shadow, rotate, justification, paper sizing, reverse, column, gutter,

caption, header and footer, line, grid, snap to grid, guidelines and snap to guidelines Alignment, dominance, unity, depth, contrast, line, the use of colour (warm, cool, contrast, harmony, advancing, receding, mood, tints, shades, primary, secondary and tertiary), reflection and shade. Copy, Cut and Paste If you would like to duplicate something, copy, cut and paste can be a quick and easy way to do this!

For example, if I wanted to make a poster for a new loch coming to Shetland that will be full of nature, and wanted to add multiple pictures of swans to the background below, copy, cut and paste would make that process very quickly and easy. Copy, Cut and Paste By copying, cutting and pasting the swans and moving them on top of the background, I have populated the loch full of swans very quickly and easily. Text Box

A text box can be an easy way to add text to something, with the luxury of being able to choose where to place it. Swan Loch is a new and exciting space to relax whatever the weather! Text Box The text box fill can be left with no fill if you still want to see the background, the text box border can be removed or changed colour easily, the alignment and the style of font,

size of font and colour of the font can also be changed to suit the background / poster. Swan Loch is a new and exciting space to relax, whatever the weather! Handles If an image, text box etc. needs to be resized, you can either choose to format picture and resize the image specifically, or by grabbing the handles onto the corners of the shape or text box, and dragging it to the correct size.

You can also rotate the shape, image or text box using this rotate arrow. Specific resize option.

Handles. Handles By resizing the image specifically with the format picture option, or by dragging the handles from the corners of the image only, this can help stop the image becoming distorted / without altering the proportions. Corner handles. Specific

resize option. Colour Fill By inserting a shape, you can easily change the colour fill under the format option. You can make the colour fill have a gradient, texture, pattern, transparency or a specific colour from the range found in the colour library. Gradient

Texture Pattern Solid Fill Transparency

Colour Fill Swan Loch is a new and exciting space to relax, whatever the weather! Margins Margins can alter where text, images etc. sit towards the edge of the page.

In the example to the right, the margin has been narrowed so the text sits closer to the edge of the paper. In the example to the left, the margin has been left normal so the text sits a normal distance to the edge of the paper.

Alignment: Left, Centre, Right and Justified Left Aligned Centre Aligned Justified

Right Aligned Grids Grids and guidelines help us to improve the accuracy of positioning and aligning the various elements. By setting up a grid/ guideline, it allows any graphic designer to plan out their document successfully. Columns structure can make a publication easier to read and interpret. They also help to improve the alignment and page layout.

Extended Text; extra information about the publication. Flow Text or Flow text along a path Typeface

Balance Reflection: This can help add depth to posters, advertisements etc. Drop Shadow: This can also help add depth to posters, advertisements etc. Text Wrap:

Text wraps around an image as shown Reverse Examples: Changing the text colour to white on a dark background is a reverse Have a look at the following DTP Poster How did the designer create Depth?

Overlapping of various elements Drop shadow on the shoe graphic gives illusion of depth Line under runner creates depth. How did the designer create Dominance / Emphasis?

Focal point is created by large graphic of shoes Bold and capitalised text Blue gradient fill recedes and makes the graphic of the shoe more dominant Red for text stand out

How did the designer create Bleed? The line / flashbar runs off the edge of the advert The line / flashbar overlaps the side / edge of the poster How did the designer create Alignment?

End of cheetah aligns with top of dynamics making the whole title appear structured and organised

Dynamics is centre aligned above the runner and body text Slogan is centre aligned above graphic of shoes

Runner is aligned with horizontal line Text is left aligned to vertical line The designer also used Grid and Snap to Grid, what are

the benefits of this? Makes it easy to position items accurately Easy to create straight lines Easier to align items accurately The background has been removed from the image of the runner and of the shoes, what DTP feature can do this? Fully Cropped

Crop Describe why the graphic designer has used fully crop on these images? It removes unneeded clutter from the final graphic It allows the image of the runner to stand out more It allows the blue flash bar/line to be

place behind the runner It allows text wrap the be used so the body text goes to the edge of the runner Have a look at the following DTP Poster How did the designer create Unity? Any relationship between:

Colour Line Shape Typeface Alignment Positioning of elements How did the designer use Line? Layering of lines to create

depth Lines run parallel with website drawing attention Physical connection between title and large logo Leads eye across the page How did the designer use Colour?

Harmonising colours in background: light and dark blue Contrasting colours: orange in company name and blue in background Receding colours in background making the advert appear bigger.

The designer also used Guidelines and Snap to Guidelines, what are the advantages of using guidelines?

Aids alignment Aids accuracy Aids structure Description of being moveable Visibility can be turned on/off Elements can be snapped to them

Can be bespoke to individual layouts or multiple layouts (master pages) Vehicles were traditionally hand painted to include information about a company. Modern processes involve printing promotional graphics which then applied to a vehicle. Traditional Painting Techniques

Modern Painting Techniques What advantages are there to the client of modern printing techniques over traditional painting techniques?

More complex images can be produced Larger range of colours Easy to replace/renew Faster application process Accuracy of print

Repeatability What advantages are there to a graphic designer of using DTP software to produce a graphic layout? Layer function can be used to overlap elements Ease of editing Images can be manipulated Variety of fonts are available to try Grid/guide tools can be used to enable accurate alignment of elements

Speed of production Layouts and files can be sent long distances via email, remote working and share with client Wide range of colour schemes available Access to a wide range of media Layout would be more accurate

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