Driving Catering Sales

Driving Catering Sales

Capturing Your Backyard Business Capturing Your Backyard Business

The Backyard Rules Whos in My Backyard? Know Thy Neighbor War Board Strategy: Retain and Shift Share Tools for the Backyard

The Backyard Rules The Rule of AHA! Attitude- Your driving force to succeed! Humor The key to making others comfortable around you. Action- Walking your talk.

Whos in my Backyard? Identify your Target Area Cultivate Hit List retain and shift Use New and Existing Tools Whos in my Backyard? Hotelligence

Delphi or Sales Pro Internet- www.zapdata.com www.googleearth.com www.superpages.com www.yahoo.com Whos in my Backyard?

Whos in my Backyard? Whos in my Backyard? Whos in my Backyard? Looking for Hot Prospects?? Work smarter than your competition Keep it simple

Remember that your best new prospects are your present clients! They know you They like you You have established a rapport and confidence

Priority of the Backyard -Retain and Share Shift Know Thy Neighbor Get in the Hood! Put your feet on the street! Network more than you have ever networked!

The single best way to build NEW relationships, is through existing relationships. Know Thy Neighbor Guard your present clients with your life! Invest time and resources in the

relationship. Question: What would happen if you lost two of your top 10 clients to your competition? Know Thy Neighbor Its the relationship, NOT the price! When business isnt expanding, competition

will try to steal them with lowering price. Your biggest opportunity is to build a relationship with value Question: What new ways have you created to build relationships? Know Thy Neighbor Learn the joy of rejection!

Develop your personal kevlar by making calls in the backyard. More people will be saying No! to you Get over it! Know Thy Neighbor Regain the tenacity you had as a 4year-old in the grocery store asking

your mom for a candy bar, and not taking no for and answer! How tenacious were you then? Ask yourself, Am I giving up too soon? Know Thy Neighbor Work while others sleep- the earlier you rise the better chance you have

of beating the competition. Its not up to your company (hotel), its up to you! Take responsibility and ownership to lead your team members set goals to retain and share shift! Retain and Shift

Retain and Shift Create a War Board Recommend 2 Accounts per person Owned Account / Aspirational Account We need to determine the total value of the account in estimated room

nights and revenues. Retain and Shift How Well Do We Know Our Neighbor? All types of business using hotels Most important needs for each type of business All decision makers

Reasons for hotel selection Works across all segments; Group Transient Catering Retain and Shift

Inspire Healthy Competition Review the War Board weekly and share progress among the team Discuss how your Backyard approach is working Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up-Close the loop to close the sale!! Create an internal fun incentive for

the department. Movie tickets, Starbucks, or Lunch with the GM Reward Success Tools for the Backyard Who to call in your backyard? Suggested Market Segments Contact within Organization

Suggested Qualifying Questions Backyard Qualifying Form Capturing Your Backyard Business Questions ???

Table Exercise Table Exercise: 1.As a group, select one Market segment from the Who To Call Document. 2.Using one of the Internet mapping sites you learned, find backyard businesses for each of your hotels in that market segment.

3.Report out on the market you chose and one NEW backyard account in that market for each person. Capturing Your Backyard Business

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