Don Mills C.I. School Council

Don Mills C.I. School Council


S ST P O IG H T TONIGHTS AGENDA Introduction of Guidance Counsellors Mr. Gibson A-J Mr. Stoitsiadis K-U Mrs. Davies V-Z + International Students Agenda: College Information Mr. Gibson

University Information Mr. Gibson Gap Year/Victory Lap Information Mrs. Davies American/Overseas Applications Mr. Stoitsiadis Scholarships/Awards/OSAP Mr. Gibson Q&A BIG DECISION!! Always start with questions: o Why are you going to university/college? o What skills are you looking to attain? What do you want to study? o Do you have a preconceived notion as to what is better university or college? Why? Is it based on fact or fiction? o Do you have the marks and pre-requisites for your

desired program? o Whos decision is it? ONTARIO COLLEGES MR. G Please refer to pink hand-out Ontario Colleges; Lets discuss some of the facts and why College is such a great option; Ontario College Information Fair October 23rd and 24th hopefully you had a chance to attend! All applications and information can be found at: GTA COLLEGE PANEL & PLENARY All of the GTA Colleges will be at DMCI on November 22 nd

during period 4 to discuss Diploma Programs to interested Grade 12 and 11 students; Reps from Seneca, George Brown, Humber, Centennial, Sheridan, Durham, and Georgian College will be present; Information and a Q&A about all diploma programs these colleges offer will be presented in a panel format; Information about awards, bursaries, and scholarships will also be presented by these colleges.

If you would like to attend, please feel free 2pm start time. APPLYING TO ONTARIO COLLEGES Everything is done at Research Application Fee payment Link to OSAP $95 fee includes up to 5 program choices (no more than 5 permitted) February 1st is deadline, but application to all programs is open now (September 2019) Fine-Arts-based programs auditions, portfolios, etc. will be required budget time and money for this. ONTARIO UNIVERSITIES MR. G Please refer to the blue hand-out University Applications

Post-Secondary Fair at DMCI: November 14th 2pm-4:30pm every university and college in Ontario will be at DMCI open to parents from 3pm-4:30pm West Coast and East Coast universities will also be present. Comprehensive information can be found at and the application is completed at Please follow me on the screen Lets pick a program of your choice and take a few minutes to explore and navigate; OUAC AND ELECTRONICINFO is the best place for students to begin research and compare programs;

The 2 most important tabs are: Requirements and Admission please take note of required subjects, grade ranges, and policy around failed and repeated courses. is where students complete the actual application and pay the $150 fee; $150 fee up to 3 program choices (each additional choice is $50); January 16th is the deadline no exceptions

Link to OSAP application can be found here as well. GAP YEAR/VICTORY LAP MRS. D Some students may not be ready for College or University right after High School. There are many options for students who wish to take some time off, however they should meet with their Counsellor to discuss this option asap. Travel and explore the world; Work and save up for post-secondary;

Volunteer; Visit,, or speak to me after the presentation The Student Life Expo will have representatives to discuss Gap Year options VICTORY LAP MRS. D Students may wish to do a Victory Lap upgrading their marks or taking additional courses via DMCI*, Adult High Schools, TDSB e-credit, etc. It is our belief that students who are 18+ and wish to do a Victory Lap, have more success at Adult High Schools. *Students can achieve up to 34 credits at

DMCI AMERICAN UNIVERSITY APPLICATIONS MR. S Go to for admission requirements and U.S. university applications Students applying to the U.S. must write either the SAT ( or the ACT ( most schools accept both, but some prefer one or the other Check the SAT and ACT websites for test dates. The most common time for students to write the SAT is in March. However, the test is offered several other times throughout the year. Canadian citizens do not require visas to study in the U.S., students will receive a Certificate of Eligibility from their school Canadian students pay International Tuition Fees at U.S. universities SCHOLARSHIPS/AWARDS MR. G

Please refer to the green hand-out Scholarships & Awards 101; Please follow us on Twitter - @DMCIGUIDANCE Please make sure your son/daughter is listening to the morning announcements and/or reading AW; Marks based, Community Service, Leadership, Athletic, Cultural Identity, Entrance, etc.; Make sure you create a profile on and and OSAP MR. G OSAP Ontario Student Assistance Program is made up of loans and grants; Loans need to be paid back at the end of studies; Grants do not; NEW - Students can begin the OSAP application today!; NEW Free Tuition for those who qualify (based on family income $50000 or less) when an application to OSAP is made, it will automatically be considered for Free Tuition;

More information on following PowerPoint. Please go to QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Please make sure you have picked up a copy of each of the fact sheets as well as the Parent/Guardian Survival Guide. We would like to thank-you for spending the evening with us; Please make sure to follow us on Twitter @DMCIGUIDANCE and read our weekly newsletter The Guidance Gossip; If you have any questions about post-secondary studies, please feel free to ask;

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