Domain Analysis - West Chester University

Domain Analysis - West Chester University

Domain Analysis Zhen Jiang West Chester University Outline Overall picture Steps Identity, Active action, Effect Overall picture Domain Analysis Information Object relation Objects Class relation Classes UML 1. Do not make your plan too ambitious. Kinds of objects 2. Try to simplify each object. The more complex, the more 1. Each object has identity value. functions areofneeded to develop. Each status this object is expressed by different & unique identity value. 2. The change of identity value leads to the change of object status. 3. The range of such a change is defined via data type. 4. Such a data type is CLASS. Steps

Consider all the objects in each class SET. Consider all the object relations Find object relation (place, time, and etc) Identify each object relation via identity value Pack the object relations into class relation If a single value and its variation (with the value change) are not enough to cover all different object relations between two classes, a re-design of these two classes are needed. That is, the object relations are too complex to derive a class relation. Each relation, with a unique identity value, may have several objects involved. All the relations between two classes are identified with a type of identity values. (Otherwise, go to the above step and redesign the classes.) Name such a type and use this name also for class relation. Analyze all the class relations within the class domain. Analysis (It is a testing to cover all different cases.) Consider the variation of the existence of relation (such as type, number, constraint). Consider sceneries with more classes involved) When you draw/analyze the class domains

are the cases you used complex enough? is everything in well organization? is the numbers correct? try association, not just apply your analysis on two classes. Class sample Passenger book 1 * id(/account#): String creditInfo: String shanghai TicketSeries 1..* TicketUnit association as class ticket#: String ticketseries#: String bookdate: String implied relationship or dependence 803 1..* {available series tickets} 858 TicketRoute s_connecting New York (NY) type: {one-way, round-trip} 1..2 trip_source: String 804 trip_destination: String Span

origin: String destination: String Los Angeles (LAX) f_connecting 1..* Flight 1..* {connecting flights have connecting schedule} Seat Tokyo 368 seat#: String flight#: String schedule: List 1..* 1 1 assigned_to 898 Hongkong Route origin: String destination: String 1 basic 1..* subset Dallas (DAL) * 1 1..* {connection between different spans}

{available seat#} a_connected_by 1..* Plane type: String no#: String seatCapacity: InfoList classInfo: InfoList {a plane has a fixed number of seats in a class 1..* name: String city: String 1 a_connecting roles 1 {connecting condition} core Miami (MIA) AirportRole roleType: {route_t, span_t} 1 {connection of airlinks between Customer A booked in Dallas, on 8/29/00.different Airlink routes} : round-trip,airline_link#: Dallas String Los Angeles 9/4/00. {connection Customer Bbetween bookedbasic in Shanghai, on 7/8/00. airlinks in a {two connecting : one-way, Shanghai Miami 9/6/00, route} airlinks?}

other_link Airport 1..* New York Los Angeles 9/11/00. Customer B changed his reservation. 0..* : one-way, Shanghai Dallas 9/6/00. Origin Intermediate Customer B booked for his friend. departure_time: Date: one-way, Hongkong arrival_time: DateDallas 9/4/00. parking_lot: Integer departure_time: Date hotels: String Destination arrival_time: Date nearby_hotel: String Object relation sample shanghai 803 858 New York (NY) 804 Los Angeles (LAX) Tokyo 368 Dallas (DAL) 898 Hongkong Customer A booked in Dallas, on 8/29/00. : round-trip, Dallas Los Angeles 9/4/00. Customer B booked in Shanghai, on 7/8/00. : one-way, Shanghai Miami 9/6/00, New York Los Angeles 9/11/00. Miami (MIA)

Customer B changed his reservation. : one-way, Shanghai Dallas 9/6/00. Customer B booked for his friend. : one-way, Hongkong Dallas 9/4/00. Passenger TicketSeries book customer_A association as class connecting (relationship) implied relationship or dependence object entity disconnected relationship TicketRoute TicketUnit #1 #3 #2 Span Flight <803, M8:00pm, M11:30pm> <368, W4:30pm, W12:30pm> F12 Route Association sample {available seat#} Seat E10 contain

assigned_to subset Airlink Plane spanRole Origin Origin Airport routeRole < LAX, DAL> Destination Intermediate Destination

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