Doctorate in Educational Leadership

Doctorate in Educational Leadership

Introduction to the Doctorate in Educational Leadership Mission The mission of Sacramento States Ed.D. program is to address the urgent need for well prepared individuals to assume key leadership positions in the states public K-12 schools and community colleges. Student Learning Objectives The Ed.D. Program advances knowledge in the field through distinctive objectives and learning outcomes. Equips school, district, community college and policy leaders with competencies grounded in strategic thinking and applied research.

A practical skill-based curriculum gives doctoral students the skills to be effective educational leaders. Ed.D. Program Themes Transformational Leadership Critical Policy Analysis & Action Informed Decision Making Program Themes Transformational Leadership: Leaders understand, implement and evaluate strategic equitable leadership practices. These practices are based on various theories, models, and approaches for achieving organizational transformation. Critical Policy Analysis and Action: Students engage in critical analyses of

policy at the local, state, national and international levels. Specific California and federal policy environment structures and processes are examined, particularly those impacting education. Informed Decision-Making: Effective decision making considers raw data, stakeholder perspectives and potential consequences of decisions. Students learn skillful decision making strategies in the context of multiple competing interests, problem situations, change and influences of power and control. Alumni Perspective The degree makes me more marketable for district level positions, including the superintendent position. It helps to separate me from other candidates. Program Goals Develop leaders that are: Visionary and effective education leaders grounded in applied research and policy development Knowledgeable education leaders skillful in guiding organizations to increase student achievement while promoting access and equity for all Ethical education leaders who model and promote high standards of

professional conduct particularly in the development and implementation of education policy and practices impacting all stakeholders Program Overview 3 year program (fall, spring, summer) 60 units of study 48 units coursework 12 units dissertation Written Qualifying Examination

Dissertation Proposal and Defense Dissertation Defense Term Fall Spring Year 1 Year 2 Transformational Leadership (3) Organizational Leadership and Change (3) Policy and Practice for

Educational Leaders I (3) Policy and Practice for Educational Leaders II (3) Introduction to Educational Research(3) Quantitative Research Methods (3) Community and Communication in Educational Leadership (3) Legal Issues for Educational Leaders (2) Diversity and Equity in Complex Organizations (3) Student Services in

Education (2) Qualitative Research Methods (3) Finance and Budget for Educational Leaders (2) Year 3 Dissertation I (6) Dissertation II (6) Issues in Educational Leadership: Application and Synthesis (3) Qualifying Examination Summer Curriculum & Instruction (3) Dissertation Proposal

Seminar (6) Human Resource Management (3) Dissertation Proposal Defense Dissertation Defense and Graduation Graduates of this program are prepared to lead: Educational environments that promote learning, equity, and increased academic achievement for all students Manage the complexities of educational organizations, effect school changes, and shape educational policy Alumni Perspective

Priceless!!! I am an entirely different person. The personal journey was amazing and changed my life. Program Leadership Rose Borunda, Ed.D. Interim Director 2017 Juliana Raskauskas Legacy Lecture Award 2018-19 Outstanding Faculty Award recipient for Community Service Keynote speaker & Committee Chair for California Indian Summits; U.C. Berkeley, San Diego State, Sac State.

Author: What is the Color of Your Heart? and Speaking from the Heart: Herstories of Chicana, Latina and Amerindian Women. Standing Faculty Dr. Carlos Nevarez 2015-2016 Outstanding Faculty Award recipient for Scholarly and Creative Activities Published in the Community College Journal of Research and Practice, the Journal of Hispanics in Higher Education, and Education Studies

Currently working on fourth book with emphasis on developing an institutional change model Executive Editor, Journal of Transformative Leadership and Policy Studies Dr. Caroline Turner (JTLPS) Internationally recognized and award winning scholar Book Mentoring as Transformative Practice: Supporting Student and Faculty Diversity is in press

Areas of Research: access, equity and leadership in higher education, organizational change, and faculty gender and racial diversity Ed.D. Faculty Standing Faculty Dr. Lisa Romero Recipient of Center of Teaching and Learning Pedagogical Enhancement Award Article, Trust, Behavior, and High School Achievement was recently published in The Journal of Educational Administration (JEA) Experience in public education provides particular insight into the nexus between policy goals and ideals and the reality of schools and education in America

Dr. Frank Adamson CSUS from the Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education currently studies the effects of different political and economic approaches to education on student experiences and their performance in schools Areas of Research: the economics and sociology of education, U.S. and international education policy, and educational equity and opportunity Core Faculty Dr. Ted Lascher

Prior Interim Dean for College of Social Sciences & Interdisciplinary Studies Professor, Department of Public Policy and Administration Co-authored the article, Campus Racial Climate and Student Academic Outcomes: A Critique of Prior Research and Recommendations for Future Study Areas of Research: policy process, legislative structures, and the impact of structures on policy outcomes

Dr. Su institutional Jin Jez (on leave) Director of the California State University Student Success Network Currently leading legislatively mandated evaluation of California Community Colleges Economic Workface Development and review of private postsecondary institutions reporting requirements Published in Research in Higher Education with article, "The Differential Impact of Wealth vs. Income in the College-Going Process Ed.D. Faculty

Core Faculty Dr. Porfirio Loeza Began implementation of National Bilingual Education Plan for Language and Literacy Development for Guatemalan Ministry of Education and U.S. Agency for International Development Initiated pilot program in the Quiche highlands of the Guatemalan state of Totonicapn Second edition of 2013 book on bilingual instructional strategies, Best Practices in Bilingual and Multicultural Education: Pedagogical Interventions Based on Cultural and Sociolinguistic Characteristics Editor, JTLPS. Dr. Stephen Brock

professor and coordinator of the School Psychology Program in the College of Education at Sacramento State his professional preparation includes undergraduate and graduate degrees in psychology, and a Ph.D. in Education (with an emphasis in psychological studies) at the University of California, Davis, where he researched Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder selected by the College of Education to receive the 2012-2013 Outstanding Scholarly and Creative Activities Award, and the 2017 Juliana Raskauskas Legacy Lecture Award Core Faculty Dr. Robert Wassmer Director, Masters Program in Urban Land Development at Sac State

Research appears in Economics of Education Review, Government and Policy, Land Economics, Urban Studies Presented his report, The Relative Importance of Supply and Demand Factors in Determining Preschool Attendance and Hours Attended, at Western Economic Association Meeting , 2014 Areas of Research: topics relating to state/local public finance and urban economic development Affiliated Faculty Dr. Frank Lilly

Recipient of CSUS Outstanding Teaching Award 2012-2013 Co-Director of Accelerated College Entrance Program and serves the university in numerous capacities Areas of Research: Appreciative Inquiry, Creativity and Dual Enrollment Ph.D., McGill University Dr. Alexander Gonzalez Served as president of CSU Sacramento (2003-2015)

Served as president of CSU San Marcos (1997-2003) Masters & Ph.D., UC Santa Cruz Notable professional accomplishments Dr. Jeffrey Mrizek: Dr. Daren Otten: Dr. Erik Cooper: Dr. Delmy Spencer: Dean of Career Technical Education, CA Community

College Chancellor's Office Cohort 7 President/Superintendent Copper Mountain College Cohort 5 Dean of Planning, Research and Resource Development, Sierra College Cohort 5 Dean of Student Services Yuba College Cohort 7 Notable professional accomplishments Dr. Jenni Murphy

Dr. Viridiana Diaz Dr. Daryl Camp Dr. Eva Mungua Dean, College of Continuing Education, Sacramento State Cohort 3 Assistant Vice President, Strategic Diversity Initiatives, and Director, College Migrant Assistance Program, Sacramento State Cohort 3 Superintendent, San Lorenzo Unified

School District Cohort 4 Dean, Counseling and Student Success, Ohlone College Cohort 2 STUDENT INFORMATION BY GENDER Student Information Cohorts 1-12 40.35% 59.65% Males (92 Total) Women (136 Total) STUDENT EMPHASIS Student Emphasis

Cohorts 1-12 48.00% 52.00% Community College P-12 Alumni Perspective The cohort is the reason I went into the Ed.D. program at CSUS and it is the reason I graduated with my doctorate. I could not have done it without my cohort. STUDENT EMPHASIS BY GENDER Student Emphasis Cohorts 1-12 Male P-12 12.00%

28.00% 22.00% Male Community College Female P-12 38.00% Female Community College STUDENT DEMOGRAPHICS Ed.D. Student Enrollment Cohorts 8 - 12 Enrollment 30

25 20 15 10 5 0 Average number of students in a cohort: 18 h o C t8 r o h

o C t9 r o Alumni Perspective Co h 0 1 t or Co

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3 1 t or Tremendous program geared toward working professionals with families. Tuition & Fees (202021 fees TBD) Fall 2019 $5,919 + $813 (campus fees) = $6,732 Spring 2019 $5,919 + $813 (campus fees) = $6,732 Summer tuition 2019* $5,919 + $365 (campus fees) = $6,284 Tuition & Fees for 12-month Study

$19,748 * The doctorate program has a summer session after Years 1 and 2. Funding & Publishing Opportunities Research Assistantships ($6,000/semester) CSU Trustees Award ($6,000 scholarship) CSBA Fellowship ($1,000 + publication + travel to present at AEC) Travel funds for presenting at conferences ($600) Publishing opportunities with professors Free Summer Writing Course Student comments:

Dr. Merrill provided an engaging and extremely useful seminar. I am confident that the skills practiced and resources provided will be quite useful for the EdD program. Dr. Merrill's planning and delivery were impeccable. I am grateful that what I learned exceeded my expectations for a two day course and will positively affect my writing for the rest of my career/life. If this is the type of instruction Cohort 13 can expect from other professors, we have a lot more to look forward to than I originally anticipated. The Journal of Transformational Leadership and Policy Studies (JTLPS) Hosted by the CSU, Sacramento Doctorate in Educational Leadership Program and Ed.D. Programs from across the CSU System. Publishes studies focused on leadership practices for educational leaders in PreK-16 Currently shown is the cover of the Seventh volume of the newest publication, released December 2018.

Journal can be found at: Recent Outstanding Dissertation Showcase Events Celebration of Education Leadership and Policy Journal of Transformative Leadership and Policy Studies "Meet the Editors" reception Visiting Scholars UT Austin Professor Terrance L. Green Leading for Equity in School-Community Engagement: Closing Opportunity and Equity Gaps

To Apply Complete the Cal State Apply application Please DO NOT upload any documents to the Cal State Apply website Within 3 business days, OGS will direct you to the Supplemental Document Upload Website, where you will submit ALL necessary documents Priority deadline: December 1 Final deadline for Fall admission: March 1

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