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103 days until your exam (15 weeks) DO NOW REFLECTION Read your exam results and feedback Fill in the reflection sheet EXAM FEEDBACK POSITIVES For both the text responses, students were mostly able to craft an effective and clear contention Students largely reflected a sound understanding of what the prompt was asking of them Written expression was largely clear and coherent

throughout these pieces with students demonstrating a clear understanding of essay structure For Section C, most students were able to demonstrate a sound understanding of each authors contention and of the main arguments presented Written expression and essay structure was largely sound in most pieces EXAM FEEDBACK AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT A significant number of students did not incorporate detailed textual evidence to support each point that they made. The weaving in of relevant and well-selected quotes is suggested.

A number of students tended to re-tell rather than analyse as required. The adherence to the TEEL structure as a basis could help some of these students avoid re-telling A number of students did not present the completed 3 pieces. Practicing writing to time to ensure all set tasks are completed within the allocated time frame is suggested For Section C, many students needed to consider in more detail HOW language features are used to position the audience. Students needed to consider in more detail how the authors choice of language devices were used to make the audience feel and how these feelings then worked to position or persuade the audience to support the authors contention. Students must refrain from simply explaining or re-telling the arguments presented. WRITTEN ANALYSIS FEEDBACK CONTENTION

Willingham and Preiss contend that Daniel Andrews rejection of a safe injecting room trial goes against expert advice and will result in a further loss of support for Labor in the seat of Richmond (Form: News Article; Tone: assertive or matter-of-fact) Minear contends that the successful prevention of deaths in the safe injecting facility in Sydney provides a model for the introduction of a safe injecting room in Richmond (Form: News Article; Tone: authoritative). The editor of the Herald Sun contends that the safe injecting facility debate is necessary due the recent rise in heroine deaths (Form: Editorial; Tone: measured) Elliott contends that trialling a safe injecting room is an appalling idea as it will promote contempt for Australias laws. In the cartoon Keeping Our Streets Safe, Dyson contends that by rejecting proposals for a safe injecting facility trial Daniel Andrews is ignoring the health and safety of drug users and sweeping the issue under the rug. (Form: Cartoon; Tone: satirical)

WRITTEN ANALYSIS FEEDBACK ANALYSIS Elliott contends that trialling a safe injecting room is an appalling idea as it will promote contempt for Australias laws. Paragraph: e m rgu Elliott argues that a safe injecting facility will dilute the effectiveness of A Australias criminal law. Elliott intends to convince his audience of this by rent naming and repeatedly referring to the safe injecting facility as a shooting gallery. By removing the word safe Elliott removes any positive ive connotation and re-frames the facility with a negative connotation by

s ua ue emphasising the process of shooting the drugs with a needle and s r Pe hniq promoting a feeling of disgust and horror in the audience. The word Tec shooting, whether associated with needles or guns, is negative as it can 1 be associated with pain and violence and therefore is intended to ensure the audience feels unsafe and aligned with Elliotts view that a safe injecting facility is an appalling idea. Furthermore, Elliott uses e v i as e analogies between the safe injecting facility, speeding and drink driving to u u

rs again emphasise the threat of illegal activity to public safety and to Pe hniq c Te convince the audience that all laws are equally as important to enforce. 2 This frames the issue as a legal or criminal issue, rather than a wellbeing or health issue, to ensure that the audience feel that societys law and order will be at risk if a safe injecting facility trial goes ahead. Link back to contentio n Link back to

contentio n TERM 3 Learning Revision Week 1 R & C Intro Exam & Written Analysis Feedback Week 2

Watch film TWT Exam prompt Week 3 Womens Rights Written Analysis Week 4 Context - Malala TWT

Week 5 Supportive Relationships No Sugar Week 6 Courage and Sacrifice Written Analysis Week 7

Standing up to injustice TWT Week 8 Prac SAC Written Analysis Week 9 Feedback & Revise TWT

Week 10 SAC ? TERM 4 Revision Week 1 Section A Week 2 Section B

Week 3 Section C Week 4 Exam LEARNING INTENTION SUCCESS CRITERIA SWBAT understand the Reading and Comparing area of study.

Students will annotate their criteria sheet SWBAT understand the key themes that will be analysed in this area of study. Students will take notes on key themes and ask questions for clarification. READING AND COMPARING On completion of this unit, students should be able to produce a detailed comparison which analyses

how I Am Malala and Made in Dagenham present ideas, issues and themes. MALALA YOUSAFZAI MADE IN DAGENHAM COMPARISON What similarities do you already see between the two texts? THEME: WOMENS RIGHTS The driving force in both texts is the campaign for equality for women and girls. THEME: SACRIFICE

Both texts convey the idea that it is impossible to follow a radical vision without having to make sacrifices, large or small. Sometimes a person fighting for a cause gives up something by choice, and sometimes they do so because they are forced to. THEME: COURAGE The knowledge that you could die from your beliefs means that you have to be incredibly passionate and determined to in order to carry on with what you are doing. THEME: STANDING UP TO INJUSTICE

Both texts celebrate the stances brave individuals take against injustice. THEME: PERSONAL GROWTH Both texts are based on true events, one filmed as a dramatic re-creation and the other written as a memoir. They both follow individual journeys and growth of their protagonists, Malala Yousafzai and Rita OGrady. THEME: THE NEED FOR SUPPORTIVE RELATIONSHIPS Both texts show the need for people to support the protagonists to allow them to maintain their singleminded focus on the issues for which they are fighting. Relationships nourish them, we well as

providing guidance and support. HOMEWORK Make sure you have read until the end of Part 1 of I Am Malala (Chapters 1-8) and answered the questions that were provided on your holiday homework sheet.

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