discovery - OCLC

discovery - OCLC

discovery delivery disclosure Lorcan Dempsey OCLC U Minnesota Nov 23 2009 1. U Minnesota: some numbers 2. Interlude: network reconfiguration 3. Picture 1: an emerging systems pattern: a materials workflow perspective .. 4. Picture 2: a period of transition: collection directions .. 5. Interlude: network reconfigurations 6. Picture 3: extending the network picture: a disrupting ecology ..

7. Conclusion: some tentative directions overview: 3 pictures and some context numbers With thanks to Brian Lavoie and Constance Malpas Scale Total number of UM holdings in WorldCat: 4,316,022 Contribution

Number of UM-contributed records in WorldCat: 575,542 Value of Contribution Number of holdings attached to UM-contributed records: 2,687,888 Rareness Diversity 311 languages (26% of holdings non-English)

233 countries of publication (48% of holdings non-US) Number of items held by: 5 or fewer institutions: 683,258 25 or fewer institutions: 1,603,701 U Minnesota in WorldCat Statistics current as of July 2009 784,796 9.3 miles of library shelving

= 20% of MNU library holdings Minnesota-owned Titles in Hathi: System-wide Print Holdings Given ubiquitous digital access robust digital preservation guarantees relative abundance of alternative print supply where should Minnesota focus library resources? preservation priorities . . . delivery portfolio Distribution of print holdings reflects:

scale of scholarly attention (research v. teaching) scope of intended audience scholarly specialist & research monographs research monographs the thecanon canon broad AUDIENCE

A T T E N T I O N narrow scholarly editions scholarly editions

core secondary works core secondary works pedagogical . . . suggests potential redistribution of print inventory to support post-digitization access and preservation requirements Retain as local asset? Source print delivery with network provider? Choices? .. or 10 or 5 or ?

Shared research collection, regional consolidation? Renegotiate local, group, global delivery portfolios? interlude Network reconfiguration cf bookstores, travel agents, newspapers Consumer switch n: More investment in business/education environmen

Now: More investment in consumer environments. Workflow switch Then: Expect workflows to be built around my service. Now: Build services around workflows Attention switch Then: Resources scarce; attention abundant. Now: Attention scarce; resources abundant. attention high transaction costs low/no availability. In an environment of scarce

equals Visitors and residents: Dave White emerging pattern An institutional view: moving beyond materials workflow silos? User environment End User Access Materials

workflow Bought/ Elctronic/ Physical Licensed Digitised/ Special Digital colls/ Archives Management environment Management Management

User environment Find It End User Access Get It Library & Network Resource Bought/ Elctronic/ Physical Licensed

Digitised/ Special Digital colls/ Archives Metadata Content Management environment Management Manage It User

environment Find It OPAC MetaSearch A-Z Access NxtGen End User Get It ILL/CIRC Library & Network

Resource LINK RESOLVER Bought/ Elctronic/ Physical Licensed Websit e SPECIAL Digitised/ Special Digital colls/

Archives Metadata MARC A&I XXX DC EAD Content

Management environment ILS ERM REPOSITORY SPECIAL Management Manage It User environment

Find It OPAC ILL/CIRC MetaSearch A-Z Access NxtGen End User Websit e End-user

environment Get It integrated discovery LINK RESOLVER SPECIAL Bought/ Elctronic/ Physical Licensed Digitised/ Special Digital colls/

Archives Metadata MARC A&I XXX DC EAD Content

Management environment ILS Management environment ERM REPOSITORY SPECIAL Integrated resource management Management Manage It collection directions

Outside in and inside out Stewardship high Low-High Low-Low Books & Journals low Special Collections Rare books Local/Historical Newspapers Local History Materials

Archives & Manuscripts Theses & dissertations Open source software Newsgroup archives High-Low high High-High Freely-accessible web resources Uniqueness

Newspapers Gov Documents CD & DVD Maps Scores low COLLECTIONS GRID Research & Learning Materials Institutional records ePrints/tech reports

Learning objects Courseware E-portfolios Research data Prospectus Insitutional website Stewardship high Selective archives. Uniqueness low

Licensed: concentration? Small no. of suppliers? Professional services low high Bought: move to licensed? Space, GBS, usage, Special to whom? Distinctive?

COLLECTIONS GRID Institutionally important Future special Outside in: consolidation of bought, licensed? Integration less difficult? Discover, deliver Disclose holdings Manage claims Inside out: reputation, institutional assets, institutional record, distinctive,

Disclose. Array alongside other insitutions? Make sense as individual destinations? network reconfig challenge of institution scale * User-centric * Network level * Multiscalar 3 pressures Site-centric Network-centric

User-centric NYT headlines -> USER-CENTRIC Socialized, realtime, and mobile registration Identity services (Facebook?) Be the trusted Identity Service for as many people as possible give them identifiers authenticate them

provide claims about them who they are what they do what they want Act as their Agent (Andy Dale, OCLC) USER-CENTRIC REGISTRATION WITH FB SSO Social, realtime, mobile Cloud and mobile: natural partners INSTITUTION SCALE: STUCK IN THE

MIDDLE? Network is the unit of attention .. Data aggregation Gravitational pull Network effects Long tail (match supply and demand) Niche

added value NETWORK LEVEL * Personal * Departmental * Disciplinary * Library * Consortial * Systemwide * Network level Bookmarking? Researcher pages? Deposit papers? Research data?

Identity and federation lacking across scales.. Multiscalar AgEcon search + EthicShare vs Conservancy + media archive Local Collaborative Commercial mnCat

Hathi Trust Summon Public OhioLink JISC CDL Leverage infrastructure Google Scholar Focus on distinctive local impact? Engagement? Externalise infrastructure? Common requirements?

choices . extending the picture But readers do not integrate at institutional level Variety of campus venues * Student portal * Course management system * Reading list

* Refworks * VIVO, OSU Pro, * In the flow .. Network level * * * * * * *

* * Mendeley Google Amazon Flickr iTunes Wikipedia Twitter Facebook 100,000 users and 8 million research papers

VIVOweb Project is a two-year $12 million project funded by the NIH. VIVO at Cornell 3 Info Provider Flow Consumer 2

Library 1 2 and 3: discovery happens elsewhere 2. Disclosure and syndication Disclosure: holdings (nonunique) and existence. 3. Indirect may involve identity, SEO: part of the web, not just locate, resolution or other on it .. services at library


Connections Context Social objects Discussion, ratings, rankings, reviews, etc Link to others through mutual interests Those who bought this also bought, etc

Flow Info Provider Consumer Library Social: incentives and scale Federation, syndication, .. Flow Info Provider

Consumer Library Library Library Social: incentives and scale Federation, syndication, .. Collaborative sourcing, First recourse Value convenience

Variable use of social tools Flow Info Provider Consumer Library Library Library Thinking about variety of disclosure paths

Sometimes confusing: high transaction costs Referral traffic growing Still important destination Research findings tentative conclusions * * * * Books: a new balance?

Journals: move to consolidation? Discovery layer: need one? Institutional materials: disclose through discovery layer, but also * Analytics: let traffic influence design of website Current will move to emerging pattern * Institutional collections: SEO (sitemaps, etc), move to flow services as appropriate, * Holdings: syndicate (knowledge base, holdings, ) * Services: Libx, widgets, ..

* SEO. Consistent URL patterns across services, hackable URLs, bookmarking buttons, etc * Disclose and syndicate * Expertise, reputation (provide bibliographic tools, ..) * Watch Identity Management: prepare for when manage context (usage) and claims. (affinity strings) * Integration with other campus systems (course management, ..) * Follow and intervene? (

User and institutional leverage * * * * * Seek collaborative sourcing models Externalize infrastructure Focus on distinctive impact Place local in bigger contexts Track identity management and reputation enhancement

* Recognize that things have changed Organizational Thank you [email protected]

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