Discovering the Unseen World - University of North Carolina ...

Discovering the Unseen World - University of North Carolina ...

Discovering the Unseen World Toby Considine Co-Chair oBIX Technical Committee Systems Specialist blog:

The engineered world is invisible and uncontrollable Established business practices

limit information sharing. Lack of interoperability of information wastes energy

We can no longer afford to make decisions about capital facilities that are not fact based Information standards will give

us visibility and interoperability Traditional practices do not share information across design, construction, and operation

Every stage of building acquisition is in its own silo Current manufacturing is 66% value added, 26% waste and 12% support.

Current construction is 10% value added, 57% waste and 33% support. NIST identified 16 Billion annually in value lost due to non-interoperability of information

Design intents are lost before design Energy models are extrinsic to

design processes Conflicts are not addressed prior to construction.

Performance and green principles cannot just be bolted on Use intrinsic energy models to commission the design

Commission buildings to the standard of the energy model Continuously commission

buildings to perform as designed An integrated information model enables new results

Single model reduces cost while speeding construction Transfer operating information from design to operations

Create feedback from actual operations to future designs. Higher performing buildings

require interoperable interfaces Control Protocols are for domain experts only

Control systems are too complex to integrate into operations Monolithic protocols make system interactions too complex.


ASCII / Unicode TCP IP

Without nuanced security, systems cannot interact Interoperable standards create opportunity for service definition

Can my system defend its mission? Interoperability allows site-based

system selection What could you do if your building was part of your SOA? 6

7 Integration Architecture (Enterprise Service Bus)

QoS, Security, Management & Monitoring (Infrastructure Service) 5

Presentation Layer 8

4 Process Choreography 3

Services Atomic and Composite Services 2 Components

Enterprise Components Custom Application Custom

Application 1 Package

Package Existing Application Resources and Assets Composite service Atomic service

Industry Models Data Architecture & Business Intelligence

Business Process Without situation awareness, services must limit interaction

System integrators must define systems roles Federated Identity Management

ties my identity to my role Abstraction and security enable interaction

Smart buildings need partners to solve the biggest energy issues. Buildings that are not responsive are not efficient

40% of energy in North America is used by building operations. Buildings do not interact with

their tenants Responsive buildings can save 25%-50% of their energy use

The power grid operates under 1930s business models. 30 days of use is summed and you can read it two weeks later

If you cant control load, make sure there is always too much Two-way communication will

enable the building to respond Live markets in energy can improve performance dramatically

Open meter standards enable exchange of live use data Building agents can respond to

prices to solve grid congestion Only coordination that is simple and secure will scale

Poor data sharing in capital assets are at the heart of some very large societal problems. We need new business practices

based upon information sharing. We can apply best practices from IT to acquisition and operation of capital assets.

Building information stewardship and open agent-based interfaces bring the hidden world of embedded systems into open and

effective use. Questions? [email protected] blog:

National Building Information Model Standard (NBIMS) Open Building Information Exchange (oBIX)

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