Diamond Creek Netball Club

Diamond Creek Netball Club

DIAMOND CREEK NETBALL CLUB 2018 INTRODUCTION How did we get here ? Your childs development as a netballer and a person on and off the court is our main priority. Whilst our players are our greatest asset, we have great coaches who are not being utilised to their full potential at a representative level. We as a club have taken on board feedback from both players and parents and you are about to see our 2018 plan in response to these concerns. Our aim is to retain our talented players within our netball club as they move through the Netball Victoria Pathways to reach their full potential. 2018 D.C.N.C REPRESENTATIVE COACHES HEAD COACH- BROOKE GEORGE 17-1s- Bronwyn Taylor 13-1s- Brooke George

17-2s- Bronwyn /Stacey 13-2s- Kate Arnot 15-1s- Stacey Gannon 11-1s- Charmaine Smith 15-2s- Lynsey Barrett 11-2s- Kristie Gannon 15-3s- Simone Jones OTHER COACHING ASSISTANTS Roger Pike Beth Chiuchiarelli Janet Gannon There is a possibility for an extra team in each age group depending on numbers. COACHING FRAMEWORK Coaches will be working

together to ensure consistency across all age groups. E.g. same structure and game plan DCNC has always had a strong presence in these pathways. PATHWAYS We are waiting for confirmation from netball Victoria about our eligibility to enter the State Association Championships, this is one way players can be talent identified. This is the only difference between DCNC and an association team. There are many other ways for players to be talent identified for zone academy and state teams such as: Jika- Regional State Titles- Our DC coaches are currently part of the selection panel for these teams Talent scouts can be asked by coaches to attend any competitions players are involved in. COST: 15S AND 17S

Parkville Costs Per Season Per Year Notes Team Entry Fee $100 $200 Parkville Team Entry Fee Court Fee $810 $1,620 Parkville Court Hire Fee Umpire Fees

$525 $1,050 Based on $25 per game including finals Coach Fees $500 $1,000 To be paid to each coach at the end of each season To be paid through Diamond Creek Saturday competition NV Membership Players, umpires and coaches born between 01/01/2000 and 31/12/2006- (11-17 years)- currently at $51 Uniform Costs

$0 $0 Players to use DCNC uniforms Training Facility Costs $0 $0 Training to be held at DCNC outdoor courts on Mondays TOTAL COSTS per team $1,935 $3,870 Per player If 9 players per team $225

$450 If 10 players per team $200 $400 $10 per player has been added to cover cost of court hire in the event of a washout for training. There will be a $50 acceptance fee for all players which will be deducted from player fees COST- 11S AND 13S Cost Tournament Costs Tournament entry fee $60-$65 This may vary depending on the tournament Umpire Fees

$100 Need an umpire for each team entered Coach Fees $100 This will be payed for each tournament Total cost per tournament $260-$265 Cost per player for each tournament $30 This will be for each tournament played throughout the year There will be a $50 acceptance fee for all players in addition to these tournament fees. This is to cover court hire in the event of a washout, and players will be covered for the first tournament

We will try to space our tournaments out across the year with the possibility of a country tournament. We are aware that players are involved in other sports apart from netball and we will endeavour to avoid clashes where possible. E.g. football finals. UNIFORMS Players will wear current Saturday dresses, socks, jumper and training singlets. PROPOSED ADDITIONAL ITEMS Warm up T-Shirts Zip up Jackets Backpacks (optional) Track suit pants (optional) PLAYING / TRAINING Training Training for all age groups will be on Monday nights at the outdoor courts. Players will train with their domestic teams, followed by 1 hour rep training. Representative commitments 15s - Parkville Thursday night & approx 4 tournaments 17s - Parkville Tuesday night & approx 4 tournaments 11s and 13s Around 6 tournaments for the year. Saturday - potentially 11s and 13s players will play in their regular domestic team in their own age group, followed by a game with their rep team in a higher age group.

SELECTIONS Selection will be held on Monday the 9th and 16th of October. Age Group Selectors 11s: 4:00-5:00 Charmaine, Kristie, Simone, Kate 13s: 5:00-6:30 Kate, Brooke, Roger 15s: 6:30- 8:00 Bron, Stacey, Brooke, Lynsey, Simone 17s: 6:30- 8:00 Bron, Stacey, Brooke, Lynsey, Simone If players wish to trial for other associations as well as DCNC that is absolutely fine. We want all players to have the opportunity to make a team.

However players will not be able to play both. There will be no ramifications on their domestic placement if they choose to play for another association. Teams will be announced during the week after the second selection. Training is likely to commence on Monday nights when the Saturday season finishes on the following dates: Monday the 4th, 11th, and 18th December. WE NEED YOUR HELP! We will be looking to form a sub committee to ensure this venture is successful and to allow the coaches to do what they do best- Coach! We are looking for people to help with Team management Uniform Fees Fundraising If you would like to help in any other way we would love to hear from you. Please fill out the sign up sheet here tonight. QUESTIONS??? We are happy to answer any other questions you may have.

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