Determine your role in a managed service

Determine your role in a managed service

BRK3167 Determine your role in a managed service Meera Mahabala, Group Program Manager Clay Wesener, Senior Program Manager Managing a Cloud Service Custome r Partner Microsoft

Public Cloud Servicing Users User Management, Security and Identity Configuration Define, develop and operate business process Application Define, develop, test and operate Customizations Monitor and Manage Non Production Deployments (Dev/Build/Sandbox)

Customer Specific Activities, Supported by Partner, enhanced by Microsoft Life Cycle Services Manage Application Updates, Customization Quality and Updates 24/7 Application Monitoring and Notifications Application Platform Diagnostics, Platform Updates, patches, updates and upgrade rollouts

Networking Management Infrastructure Management and deployment Infrastructure Data Center Networking, Power and Cooling Infrastructure capacity, scale up and down Platform security High availability and disaster recovery Supported and Managed by Microsoft

Servicing and Operations scenarios Scenario Sign up through CSP portal Request deployment of Sandbox/Production Access/ permission issue in AX7 client (e.g. purchase manager cant log in to AX7) Customization issue (VAR/ ISV solution) update (e.g. AX7 module code update) Microsoft Critical hotfixes (e.g. Binary hotfix for Security\Privacy\ Compliance)

End User/Application Errors that requires Microsoft Fix (e.g. bug in sales order creation) Proactive fixes for critical system health issues (e.g. SQL connection failure) Planned/ unplanned OS updates/ Azure outages (e.g. windows security updates) Customer Notified Request\Validate

Partner/ISV Microsoft Request Deploys Complete Triage\Validate Code Change

Validate Identify\Validate Deploy Deploy Merge Deploy Identify\Deploy

Approve Identify\Deploy Scenario : Deploying an Environment Deploying an Environment Customer Request an Environment

Deployment from LCS Environment is deployed Add Users to the Environment Partner / IT Admin Microsoft

Scenario : Debugging a Advanced Production Issue Debugging Production Issues Environment Monitoring Tools User Activity SQL Insights

One Box Debugging (Test Data) Debugging an Advanced Production Issue Review Environment Monitoring Request a Sandbox Refresh Production

Environment is refreshed to Sandbox Debugging One Box connected to Sandbox SQL Azure Deployed Temporary Sandbox SQL DB access

authorized by Customer Partner / IT Admin Debug Issue Identify Resolution Resolve Data or Request Hotfix

Deployment Microsoft Report an issue in Production Customer Environment Monitoring Demo

Scenario : Deploying a Microsoft Hotfix Deploying a Microsoft Application Hotfix Customer reports an issue through AX Client IT admin/Partner gets notified

IT admin/Partner uses tools in LCS and starts troubleshooting Customer On finding the root cause, IT admin/Partner checks Issue Search in LCS for a fix

IT admin/Partner downloads the hotfix Customer validates the change IT admin/Partner submit a request to the Microsoft Service Engineering team to apply changes to

Production IT admin/Partner applies the hotfix on dev/build/sandbox environments Partner / IT Admin Microsoft Service Engineering team deploys the validated

changes to Production Microsoft Deploying a Microsoft Hotfix Demo Dynamics AX Working together : Customer, Partner,

Microsoft. Related Sessions BRK3169 Overview of Lifecycle Services Meera Mahabala, Clay Wesener BRK3174 Speed up your Dynamics AX Code upgrade: tips and techniques to stay continually current Tariq Bell BRK3168 How to operate and service the Microsoft Dynamics AX Cloud

Christian Wolf, Robert Badawy BRK4024 Develop, build, test and deploy your Dynamics AX applications Robert Badawy Free IT Pro resources To advance your career in cloud technology Plan your career path

Cloud role mapping Microsoft IT Pro Career Center Get started with Azure Self-paced curriculum byEssentials cloud role

Microsoft IT Pro Cloud Demos and how-to videos Pluralsight 3 month subscription (10 courses) Connect with peers and experts Expert advice on skills needed $300 Azure credits and extended trials Microsoft Mechanics Phone support incident Weekly short videos and insights from Microsofts leaders and engineers Microsoft Tech Community

Connect with community of peers and Microsoft experts Please evaluate this session Your feedback is important to us! From your PC or Tablet visit MyIgnite at From your phone download and use the

Ignite Mobile App by scanning the QR code above or visiting 2016 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Scenario : Deploying a Microsoft Hotfix Microsoft deploys the environment

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