Demonstration Scenario (Draft)

Demonstration Scenario (Draft)

OrbEEt is co-funded by the European Community Horizon 2020 Program for European Research and Technological Development (2014-2020) and has received research funding from the European Union Webinar Session IML Layer July 25, 2017 ORBEET SYSTEM IS COLLECTING DATA

ORBEET IML Goal & Objectives This layer is responsible for collecting energy use data from WSN devices and pre-processing them for Enhanced Operational Rating generation. This data stream is captured automatically, appropriately processed, analysed and then fed into the OrbEEt Systemic Enterprise Operational Rating Engine and business processes Management Layer, addressing specific types of loads/sensors including: ubiquitous loads, like HVAC and lighting, which even though triggered by business processes are

however mostly driven by occupants personal preferences office equipment loads directly linked and supporting the execution of everyday business activities and environmental sensors, which capture context conditions (luminance, temperature & humidity) within premises Why Z-wave The Z-Wave protocol is a wireless RF-based communications technology designed specifically for control, monitoring

and status reading applications in residential and light commercial environments. The protocol is specified by Zwave Alliance and the specifications are not publicly available. It operates in the sub-1GHz band, is designed specifically for control and status apps, and supports data rates of up to 100kbps. Bill of Materials Source: Vesternet, 2016 List of Devices

Motion Temperature Light Humidity UV sensor ORBEET IML Conceptual View

ORBEET IML Core Functionalities The main functionalities of the Information Management Layer are considered from the reference architecture document: Provision of interfaces with the physical environment, setting interconnections on the gateway level towards the extraction of data from WSN building environment. Provision of a single point of access to data feeds and operations of individual loads via Web Services interface protocols.

Provision of an event-based model for data access for all system components. Provision of semantically enhanced data context information according to OrbEEts Common Information Model. Logging and local storage of data streams per device ORBEET IML Database Schema ORBEET IML Demo Presentation

The role of this Demo session is to enable end users to get familiar with the expert mode of the tool towards a quick monitoring of the WSN status. The steps of the demo session: - Connection to ORBEET VPN - Access GUI of IML layer - Access expert mode view of pilot site: - Asparrena Pilot Site - Erlangen Pilot Site - Pernik Pilot Site

- BhoE Pilot Site Real Life Deployment Connection in ORBEET VPN How to get connected in ORBEET VPN Access GUI view of IML layer

This is the front end view of IML software component, enabling access to different functionalities over WSN installation. Configuration, recalibration, etc The focus of this demo session is on maintenance/ continuous support of WSN installations. Access expert mode view Select Gear box (top right icon) Devices button

Select Expert UI button and then Go Ahead button Access expert mode view Device Tab Status button for a quick overview of WSN status

Control Tab Sensors button to get the last sensor value Common issues and how to address Energy metric not reported for a long period Re configuration of smart plug sensor device

Configuration Tab Selection of allocated sensor Force Interview Check View Interview Result for successful configuration

Common issues and how to address Multi Sensor Reconfiguration Device Network

Tab Control Button Remove Failed node (THIS IS the case where we need to reconfigure a Multisensor device if not reporting) Inclusion process of the senor once again as defined in D3.1 manual about

configuration of sensor devices.

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