December 13, 2010 - Mrs. Clifford's English Class

December 13, 2010 - Mrs. Clifford's English Class

December 12, 2011 Vocabulary Unit 7

The class agreed that most people abhor crimes that involve the injury of children.

abhor-(verb)to hate deeply

synonym- to detest, to despise Do you ever think Red Sox and Yankees fans will amend their

relationship? PS: New York rules! Ms. LB

amend-(verb) to change for the better Synonym-to improve, to modify

not a buffet. and NOT Jimmy Buffet! Harsh waves buffeted against the

ship. Poor George Clooney! buffet-(verb) to strike repeatedly; to drive or force with blows

synonym-to batter Chaos sometimes erupts as soon as

teachers turn their backs for one moment! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! chaos-(noun) great

confusion; disorder Synonym-pandemonium Air passengers who fly first

class enjoy commodious comforts. commodious-(adjective)

roomy; spacious Synonym-ample; capacious In science class, students must be wary of corrosive substances such

as sulphuric acid. corrosive-(adjective) eating away gradually

Synonym- acidlike It is a jurys job to discern the truth by carefully evaluating all the

evidence presented at a trial. discern-(verb) to see clearly, recognize by

sight/smell Synonym- to perceive, to detect

Paintings of animals in Spains Altamira caves are the oldest extant examples of Stone Age art.

extant-(adjective) still existing; not destroyed or lost synonym- surviving

The squirrel and the dog were implicated in the theft of school pencils!

implicate (verb) to involve in; to connect with or be related to Synonym-entangle, incriminate

The pirates searched for a place to inter their gold and treasure.

inter - (verb)to bury At Keefe Tech Ms. Thompson is

known as a martinet! (not really) martinet- (noun) a strict disciplinarian

Synonym- a taskmaster Von Steuben, the martinet, trained Colonial soldiers during the American Revolution. Ms. Lobues grandmother had an

exterminator come to her house to obviate a bat problem in the attic! Ew! obviate- (verb) to prevent; to

remove synonym-to ward off Jesse James is a famed American

renegade from the late 1800s. renegade (noun) one who leaves a group; a deserter, an

outlaw synonym-defector The pirate was forced to walk

the plank in answer to his reprehensible acts. reprehensible-(adjective)

deserving blame or punishment synonym-objectionable; blameworthy

The puppy is feeling somber because his owner forgot to feed him!

somber (adjective) dark, gloomy; depressed in spirit synonym-dismal

The television show Hoarders shows many people living in squalid conditions.

squalid (adjective) filthy Synonym-dingy The turbulent waters made it

difficult to navigate the boat. turbulent (adj) disorderly, riotous; violent; stormy

synonym-tumultuous Ms. Lobue has a vociferous bull horn she uses with the drama club to communicate with the lighting crew.

vociferous (adj) loud and noisy; compelling attention synonym-uproarious

William Shakespeare has a voluminous body of work comprised of plays and sonnets.

voluminous (adj) of great size; numerous; writing or speaking at great length

synonym- bulky, massive Not this Wave

Or this Wave It is highly recommend that you do not waive your right to

vote! waive (verb) to do without, give up voluntarily Synonym-decline

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