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DBQ POWERPOINT II C o m p a re t h e p ro c e s s p ro fi l e d h e re w i t h h o w you went about re s p o n d i n g t o t h e p ro m p t o n U.S. ex p a n s i o n i s m . THREE AREAS TO WORK ON Developing a clear, concise thesis that addresses the whole prompt (and gives a purpose to comparing the perspectives)

Appropriately incorporating document and background evidence with commentary Developing a conclusion that extends the thesis READ & UNDERSTAND THE PROMPT Compare and contrast views of United States overseas expansion in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Evaluate how understandings of national identity, at the time, shaped these views. Compare & Contrast [develop topics to compare & contrast] Effects on Americans/America, Effects on those being colonized OR anti-imperialist, imperialist OR consistent with national identity, inconsistent

w/identity, established new identity Address national identityAmerican exceptionalism, City on a hill, benevolent imperials BRAINSTORM BACKGROUND INFO Consider terms and concepts from readings and term sheets For this DBQ: Reasons for imperialism - s p re a d d e m o c r a c y , f o re i g n m a r ke t s , s p re a d C h r i s t i a n i t y , p ro t e c t f o r m e r l y colonized peoples Reasons against

Oppression of indigenous people Lack of self-determination for native people Resources going to other places rather than America (Progressives) Counter to American ideals Other possibly relevant material: Philippines, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Panama, China, Mexico Moral Diplomacy, Dollar Diplomacy Boxer Rebellion, sphere of Influence, Monroe Doctrine, Roosevelt Corollary, Manifest Destiny Push-pull factors like markets, resources, military necessity PeopleAguinaldo, Pancho Villa, etc.

DEVELOP THESIS Relevant thesis develops ALL parts of the question in an original way. Samples U.S. overseas expansion was seen as imperialistic by some yet other Americans viewed the practice as a necessary evolution of the American identity from an insular selfsufficient nation to one taking a leading role in the world. Whether Americans supported or opposed overseas expansion, they used American exceptionalism to justify the policy. **Be sure you define the national identity you are referring to. OUTLINE TOPIC AREAS

Option I: 1) for imperialism 2) against imperialism Option 2: 1) argument based on founding principles 2) argument based on economic necessity Option 3: 1) Perspective: expansion would enhance national identity 2) Perspective: expansion is consistent with national identity 3) Perspective: expansion compromises national identity DISCUSSING AND ANALYZING DOCUMENT EVIDENCE Be sure you address elements such as perspective,

context, bias, audience and/or purpose with each document. Use connecting sentences to show the relationship among documents. Each paragraph should have a comprehensive topic sentence and evidence should be tied to the central topic Read sample incorporation of evidence DOCUMENT 1: [FOR] Perspective: African-American editor of newspaper Audience: probably African-American ( Colored American) Context: During Spanish-American War (1898)

InferenceAfrican-Americans were motivated to participate in Spanish American war and other imperialistic acts because they believed that their efforts would further their cause toward realizing equal rights. Connection to thesis? DOCUMENT 4 [AGAINST] Relevant Background Info: Progressivism, settlement houses, Yellow Journalism, Roosevelts Rough Riders Perspective: social reformer, advocates particularly for women & children Audience: voters, politicians, Americans

Context: 1899, after the conclusion of the Spanish American War Inferences: 1) Beware of the glorification of war as it clouds our moral compass 2) We compromise our democratic ideals when we choose military means YOU MUST CONCLUDE YOUR ESSAY Rubric: -Thoughtfully modifies or extends thesis -insightfully connects topic to other historical trends or circumstances -Dont just repeat your thesis and/or argument

-Connect the focus of your essay to other historical trends or to events more recent than the context of the essay prompt Possible Connections: 1) Manifest Destiny; 2) coming of WWI; 3) evolving national identity YOUR ASSIGNMENT Using your essay and feedback, choose one of the following areas to revise and re-submit: Background Info and Thesis: Revise the introduction and thesis, then list topics of the body paragraphs which should align with the thesis Synthesis of Document & Background Evidence: Choose one paragraph to revise and demonstrate clear understanding of developing an argument point with evidence from both 1-2

documents and background info. Conclusion: Re-write your conclusion with a clear transition from the focus of your essay to a future event or another historical trend.

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