Data Aggregation in the Mountain Plains Region

Data Aggregation in the Mountain Plains Region

Data Aggregation in the Mountain Plains Region ASNNA Conference 2019 Arlington, VA February 4-7, 2019 The Team Colorado Max Young, Divyani Pendleton, Jennie Quinlan, Jini Puma Iowa Justine Hoover Kansas Sue Sing Lim, Lisa Ross Missouri Kimberly Keller, Donna Mehrle Montana Carrie Ashe, Leah Gramlow Nebraska Donnia Behrends North Dakota Megan Ness Ditterick South Dakota Kimberly Sweebe, Suzanne Stluka

Utah Heidi LeBlanc, Leslie Rowley Wyoming Sandra Biller (presenting), Mindy Meuli PEARS Allison Teeter FNS Philip Fraley, Star Morrison, Zora Cobb Background Need: Show collective impact of SNAP-Ed Mountain Plains Region (MPR) SNAPEd Impact Report Strengths: Reach, demographics, settings, etc. EARS, PEARS

Challenge: Aggregating behavior change Knowledge gaps related to measurement MPR Regional Meeting roundtable discussions Formation of workgroup Master list of measures MT1-3 Agreement on methodology, questions (adults) Supports Inclusion of all states Team approach Looking Forward

Finalize criteria for aggregation, Implications for SNAP-Ed Framework and Interpretive Guide revisions Clarification, additional outcome measures By By aggregating aggregating our our behavior behavior change change impacts, impacts, we we will will be be able able to

to showcase showcase how how SNAP-Ed SNAP-Ed helps helps its its audience audience improve improve nutrition, nutrition, health health and and well-being well-being wherever wherever they they eat,

eat, learn, learn, live, live, play, play, shop, shop, or or work. work. Thank You! Contact: Sandra Biller, MS | [email protected] | 307-766-4199 | University of Wyoming

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