Current Status of Rutgers Connect/O365 ... - Rutgers University

Current Status of Rutgers Connect/O365 ... - Rutgers University

Email and Calendaring Hosted by the Office of Information Technology and the Rutgers Connect Office 365 Committee Rutgers Connect Town Hall Meeting #5 Update and Q/A Session 12/1/2015 Current Status of Rutgers Connect/O365 Migration (as of 12/1/2015) Received data from departments/units IT staff Departmental Info & User Mapping spreadsheets (completed) Check, fix, collate data (currently in progress) Next, collect data from end user using above info Complete all steps to ready for migration OIT and Comparex Department/Unit IT staff Migrate OIT (Jan/Feb 2016) Migrate all departments (Starting in March 2016) President: 75% faculty/staff migrated by June 30, 2016 12/1/2015 Rutgers Connect 2 Migration: Department Deployment Overview [Local Departmental/Unit IT Staff Responsibilities]

Departmental/Unit IT preliminary steps Migration kick off meeting (Department/Unit IT, Comparex, OIT) Users selected their primary mailbox (OIT will provide info to departmental IT staff), verify selections One mailbox migrated per user Comparex obtains access to source system Test migration on source system to Rutgers Connect (Office 365) Migrate users email and calendar info from source system (departmental/unit email and calendar server) to target system ( [Comparex and OIT] Gather info for OIT/Comparex (Departmental Info and User Mapping spreadsheets) Work on any issues (example, all users need to have/use a Rutgers NetID/Password) Note and inform OIT of any special concerns/requirements (hardware/software that sends email, special uses of calendars, and others) Communications to their user community

Pre-populate email and calendar information (behind the scenes) Cutover date Reconfigure users' desktop clients, mobile devices (department/unit IT staff) Confirm results (users, department/unit IT staff) Work with OIT with any problems/issues 12/1/2015 Rutgers Connect 3 Migration: Department Deployment Overview [Local Departmental/Unit IT Staff Responsibilities] Provide feedback to OIT Change MX records Other Tasks: (department/unit IT staff) Migrate items not auto-migrated Distribution lists, shares, groups, files, other special cases Communications, being an Advocate for this project, encourage training Decommission previous email/calendar servers Where to get help? local department/unit IT staff, OIT (help desk and systems staff), consultants/migration vendor

12/1/2015 Rutgers Connect 4 Rutgers Connect Questions and Answers The next several slides are questions submitted beforehand for this Town Hall meeting, raised during this Town Hall meeting, taken from the project web site FAQ, or raised directly to OIT staff or the Rutgers Connect committee. Is there a website for Rutgers Connect (the Office 365 email and calendar service)? Yes. See: The above also includes a useful FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). Who do I go to if I need help? End users would contact their local department/unit IT staff or they can also reach out to the OIT help desk, which can be found at: Department/Unit IT staff who need assistance regarding the migration to Rutgers Connect or other related questions about Rutgers Connect, can contact OIT at: Send email to: [email protected] 12/1/2015 Rutgers Connect 5 Rutgers Connect Questions and Answers Is it safe to store Non-Public Personal Info (NPPI), HIPAA, or other restricted data on Office 365 (cloud)? Is Rutgers Connect/Office 365 HIPAA, FERPA, GLBA, etc. compliant? Is it better to store this type of data on a local fileserver (which is kept updated and firewalled) within a Rutgers building or in the Office 365 cloud

(OneDrive)? Microsoft does provide Rutgers with a BAA. Compliant and Secure. Microsoft is compliant with HIPAA, FERPA, GLBA ,and others, see: https:// Microsoft also has many documents on security and Office 365 including: https:// Security for sensitive data needs to happen not just in the cloud but also on the Rutgers side, including how the data is stored, transmitted and handled in the given department/unit of the University and by the users who have access to that data. A department/unit handling sensitive data may also want to speak to the Rutgers Compliance office and also the IPS office in OIT. Another suggestion is if you have any sensitive data that you plan to move to some cloud storage, that before moving it to the cloud encrypt the data just to extra careful. For those units/departments that are HIPAA covered entities, their outgoing email will be routed through Zix for further protection, within Rutgers Connect. Please speak of your needs to OIT during the migration process. See more information on Zix below. 12/1/2015 Rutgers Connect 6 Rutgers Connect Questions and Answers

What is happening to Scarletmail? Can we forward email from Rutgers Connect to Scarletmail, Gmail, Yahoo, or to other systems? No. Policy updates to the AUP are in the works that will not allow auto forwarding of email off of Rutgers Connect. Rutgers Connect is the official email and calendaring solution for all Rutgers business. Not allowing auto forwarding is necessary to provide effective Business Continuity and Ediscovery with Rutgers business data (including emails and attachments). How will users authenticate to this system? Students, alumni, and retirees will stay on Scarletmail. Scarletmail is an important part of Rutgers academic email service and is not going away. Faculty and staff will use Rutgers Connect for email/calendaring. Guests and student workers will be able to obtain accounts on Rutgers Connect if needed and requested by their department. Faculty and staff can still use Scarletmail for academic software and tools. User will use their standard Rutgers NetID and password.

How many mailboxes will be migrated per person? 12/1/2015 One Mailbox per person. This is dues to the cost involved and our contract with the Rutgers Migration/Consulting partner. Rutgers Connect 7 Rutgers Connect Questions and Answers Is there a way to migrate email from Scarletmail to Rutgers Connect? How will departmental/resource/group accounts be handled in Rutgers Connect? How will authentication work with these special accounts? Resource accounts can be migrated. Access permissions will not and will have to be reset. Will users be able to share files to others? Office 365 offers several different ways to implement departmental/resource/group accounts. The best method to support is still under investigation by OIT and our consulting/migration vendor (Comparex). But these type of accounts will be

available on O365 (they may be a bit different since Office 365 is a different product then what many are currently using, but the functionality will exist). Will existing access permissions and current RUMail resources be migrated over? Yes. If your department uses Scarletmail as their primary mailbox location, our migration vendor will be able to migrate them. If there is a need to migrate individual info in mailboxes on Scarletmail that some users may have, that can also be done via standard IMAP clients (information and assistance on this can be provided by the OIT help desk and will also be posted on the web site for this project: ). Yes. Office 365 gives users the abilities to easily share files with others. Is there a migration schedule available yet? Where can it be seen? A migration schedule is still under development and not available yet. The data that was recently provided by the departmental/unit IT staff is currently being collated and fixes applied, and will be used to create a draft migration schedule. When available, the [email protected] mailing list will be notified and the schedule posted on the Rutgers Connect web site ( Currently we are planning to migrate OIT itself during the months of January/February 2016, as part of a BETA. Then we plan to continue migration with all other departments starting in March 2016. 12/1/2015 Rutgers Connect 8 Rutgers Connect Questions and Answers Any more information on Administrative Delegation? For those using RUMail currently, will those lite administrative duties that IT staff currently use go away or

still be available in Rutgers Connect? Will that responsibility go away? There will be some level of administrative delegation available. OIT hopes to make as much administrative duties delegated to the departmental/unit IT staff as possible (in a secure manner). The exact nature (what can be delegated) is under investigation by OIT and our migration/consulting partner Comparex. These departmental IT responsibilities will not necessarily go away, but should be simpler in many areas (including Ediscovery, which will be centralized and handled by OIT). Delegated administration will be performed via a web based administration console. Email aliaseshow will they work? Will work as it does today? What type of addresses will be available for a user with NetID XXX on Rutgers Connect? 12/1/2015 The system will still be available and will continue to be able to handle incoming email addressed to [email protected], [email protected] Also with Rutgers connect, if your department is placed in a specific domain within the Office 365 tenant (where the domain name is likely some variation of your department name), then addresses like [email protected] or [email protected] will also work. Finally, internal to Office 365, email aliases can also be setup. During the kick off meeting with each departmental IT staff, this will be discussed more fully. Rutgers Connect 9 Rutgers Connect Questions and Answers Will Ediscovery, Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam/Anti-Phishing be available in Office 365? Yes and Yes. Microsoft effectively handles Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam and Anti-Phishing issues. The

handling of these issues by Office 365 will relieve IT administrators of this particular arduous duty. There are also Ediscovery tools and an Archive available for Ediscovery that simplifies the handling of Ediscovery and OPRA requests. EDiscovery and OPRA will also be handled centrally by OIT, also removing this time consuming task from departmental/unit IT staff. Is Data encrypted within Office 365 (in transit and at rest)? Yes in all cases. Will Zix continue to be available for users who handle HIPAA/PHI data? Yes, similar to how Zix is being used today in RBHS. One change is that Zix will be a cloud version of Zix (rather than the current on premise version). OIT is planning to move to Zix in the cloud sometime this December 2015. [Zix is an email encryption service that also searches email for HIPAA data to make sure it is transmitted in a secure fashion.] Will Email/Calendaring and related services all be in the cloud? 12/1/2015 Yes. Office 365 is a Microsoft product based in the cloud and hosted in Microsoft Azure (cloud based data centers). Also it is crucial that all auxiliary services that email relies upon at Rutgers is also replicated/hosted in the cloud, in case of Network connectivity issues at Rutgers (DDOS attacks, hurricane Sandy events, etc..). With that in mind, OIT is in the process of replicating many of these services into the cloud including Zix,, authentication and others. Rutgers Connect 10

Rutgers Connect Questions and Answers Explain the SEND AS issue. In many clients, there is no issue in changing your SEND AS field in email and even to set a default to be your email alias. But in OWA (Microsofts web client to access email), you can easily set your SEND AS field, but cannot change its default. So if you are trying to change your SEND AS field in your email to be your email alias, one would have to set that every time when using OWA. OIT and Comparex believe this is a bug/issue with Microsoft and have reported this to Microsoft and are pushing for this to be resolved by Microsoft. Will training be available for end users? What type of training? Comparex, our migration/consulting partner for this project, will be offering 3 types of training. End user training portal. This will be available in January 2016 and will consist of documents, video, and other info on the Office 365 product, how to use the various tools in this product, and how to effective collaborate using Office 365. End user webinars. Rutgers faculty and staff will be able to sign up and attend live webinars covering Office 365. This is highly recommended by OIT. These webinars will also be recorded and available via the above end user portal, for those who need to attend the webinar off hours or who just want to review the information. There will be some onsite instruction for IT staff who are the administrators of their domains on the Office 365 tenant to cover administrative delegation. Further training will be available by the OIT help desk as needed. 12/1/2015 Rutgers Connect

11 Rutgers Connect Questions and Answers Assume you have an RBS faculty who had an email address of [email protected] and ProfX is NOT his NetID but a local RBS AD username. And assume also that this email address will be an alias for his/her new Rutgers Connect email address. Will the user be able to receive messages addressed to [email protected]? Yes. Will the user be able to send as [email protected]? Yes, but there are some limitations to SEND AS (see the above Question/Answer). Will the alias always work with no time limitations? As long as Microsoft continue to support this, Yes. 12/1/2015 Rutgers Connect 12 Rutgers Connect Questions and Answers What Storage will be available for End Users? Will IT staff for a department/unit be able to obtain accounts ahead of time?

Yes. Likely sometime in January when the tenant is fully ready and configured. These accounts will be given out ahead of time to assist department/unit IT staff in learning about the system and to be able to better assist their user community during migration. What services will be available with Office 365? At first? Longer term? 1 Terrabyte per user for OneDrive storage, 50 gig mailbox and unlimited online archiving. The main core services will be available at first, including email, calendaring, storage, and skype for business. Other services will roll out over time as support for them is available, including SharePoint, Yammer and others. We want to focus on the main core services for faculty/staff at first, to be able to have a successful rollout and be able to meet the timelines. What if our department has special uses of email and calendaring, like we use email and calendaring to tie into some software packages we have purchased or have written (like a conference room display device that shows meeting/calendar info on that display and that is tied in currently to our exchange calendars)? 12/1/2015 Check with your vendor to see if a version/upgrade is available for the software to work with Office365 Also contact OIT (send us email at the address listed at the top or end of this deck) as soon as possible or discuss at the kick off meetings. Rutgers Connect 13

Rutgers Connect Questions and Answers How do we migrate users who have multiple accounts on different systems that are assigned to different aspects of their workflow? How do we handle Zix for newly identified HIPAA compliant Users/Departments? During the migration process, our consulting/migration vendor, Comparex, will migrate the primary mailbox for the user (one mailbox per person based on contract and costs). Additional secondary mailboxes can be migrated after the fact by the end user or the departmental/unit IT staff. This will be discussed more in depth at the kick off meetings. There is ongoing discussion (separate from this project) where the Rutgers Compliance office may be designating department/units as covered entities which means they handle HIPAA data. This will likely include many of the current RBHS units as well as others within legacy Rutgers. In the future all of these covered entities will have their email flow out of Office 365 be handled by Zix for proper HIPAA compliance. For the current time, if your unit is not part of RBHS and you feel you do handle HIPAA data, please discuss this with OIT during the kick off meetings. We can route your Office 365 emails through Zix. Will the current Zix implementation process change moving into the new system? Yes. Zix will be used with Office 365 to handle outgoing emails for those departments/units which are covered entities (those that handle HIPAA data). The same process that is currently being done with RBHS. One added change is that OIT is moving to using Zix in the cloud rather than Zix on premise, which gives us better fault tolerance for Rutgers Connect in case of issues with Rutgers network connectivity. 12/1/2015

Rutgers Connect 14 Rutgers Connect Questions and Answers Will the BAA be posted on the Connect website? Will there be a feature available that is equivalent to the Briefcase that is found in RUMail/Zimbra? Yes. This can be discussed further during the kick off meeting with the department/unit IT staff, OIT and Comparex. Will users be able to publish calendars using a shared URL? The Microsoft BAA and Terms of Service are available at Microsoft Web site. Please see: https:// . If you have issues accessing this information, please contact OIT. Yes. That feature is also available in Office 365. What will happen to RCI?

12/1/2015 Just as we did with Eden and other OIT student systems in Camden and Newark, RCI and its equivalent in Camden and Newark (Andromeda, Crab), will have its email service turned off after email users are migrated off of RCI completely and a period of time has gone by to make sure there are no issues and everything has been migrated successfully. Other services currently running on RCI (and the equivalent systems in Camden and Newark) will continue to run as needed (such as web sites, software access, and others). In some cases services may be moved to other systems. Rutgers Connect 15 Rutgers Connect Questions and Answers After migration, should departmental/unit email servers be turned off (decommissioned)? Will user passwords need to be change as part of the migration? Yes. Office 365 will be using the standard Rutgers NetID and Passwords, and will access this information via Active Directory. As part of the migration process, users will need to change their password one time (which they normally do yearly anyway) in order to update Active Directory. What will be migrated?

After an appropriate time elapses to ensure that all users and their data have been successfully migrated to Office 365 and all services that are provided by these systems have also been migrated or are no longer needed, then yes, it would make sense to decommission these servers. This will of course be up to the department/unit. During the migration process, a user's current email and calendaring information, including contacts, will be migrated. Are there items that won't be migrated? Depending on the source email/calendar server being used by the unit/department, some items might not be possible to migrate including: Distribution lists, shares, groups, files, permissions 12/1/2015 These items may have to be manually migrated. Rutgers Connect 16 Rutgers Connect Questions and Answers How can App developers use group or other accounts to send email from hardware or software applications? Will CAS authentication be used?

Not at first. Users will see the standard Microsoft Office 365 login screen. In the future, we will be looking at moving to CAS for this service. Will I still be able to use my Cloud mass mail service provider? OIT has two services to handle the above issue. One service will handle the above issue for hardware (printers, fax machines, etc.) that needs to send emails and the other service to handle software/application needs. Information on this can be found at: and please bring this up at the kick off meeting with your department (or contact us ahead of time). There is also some wording changes to the AUP that is planned on being added, to clarify that departments/units should use mass mailers that follow appropriate procedures. Some mass mailers work well with Rutgers email services and some do not. More discussion on the specifics of this can be held during the kick off meetings with the departmental/unit IT staff. How do we collect data for users on extended absence? 12/1/2015 Data can be migrated for this person if they are not available and the department cannot communicate with this person. But the persons password to access this data will need to be reset for them to have access, which can be done when they come back or communicate with their department. Rutgers Connect 17

Rutgers Connect Questions and Answers When will the AUP Policy changes be approved? Where is the AUP located? Will the mailman and RAMS mailing list services continue to exist? Yes. Will it be necessary to reconfigure peoples mobile devices and desktop systems for those using Rutgers Connect? There is a process (explained on the web site that is currently being followed to update the policy. The recommended policy changes will likely occur sometime during Q1/Q2 of 2016. The AUP is located in the above web site and is policy number 70.1.1. Yes. Their mobile devices and desktops need to point to the new email and calendar service. The reconfiguration may be performed by the departmental/unit IT support staff or possibly by the end user themselves. Information on reconfiguration will be made available on the Rutgers Connect web site ( If you need assistance in updating users' desktops and mobile devices, depending on the size of your department and the size of your IT departmental support staff, we know some departments or looking at hiring additional temporary people (perhaps students) to assist. You may want to contact us to discuss this further or discuss during the kick off meeting.

What is a Kick Off meeting? This will be a meeting held between department/unit IT staff and other interested people in their department before migration, with OIT and Comparex (the consulting/migration partner for this project). 12/1/2015 Rutgers Connect 18 Rutgers Connect Questions and Answers How is communications for this project being handled and is there a Communications Plan? 12/1/2015 Information is being communicated through emails to all faculty/staff from OIT. More technical emails/information is being shared with IT staff via the [email protected] mailing list. Town Hall meetings have been held with the university IT staff (5 in total currently). University IT staff have and will continue to share information to their departments/units. Ambassadors for this project exist and are currently made up of many departmental/unit IT leaders at Rutgers and are assisting with communications and support of this project. Announcements will also be posted in various OIT locations including Facebook, blogs, etc..

Training and additional communications is being handled by Comparex (our consulting/migration partner) working with the OIT communications working group for this project. A communications plan by OIT is under development and should be shortly posted to the Rutgers Connect project website ( ). Rutgers Connect 19 Other Questions ? 12/1/2015 Rutgers Connect 20 Dont Forget.. We need you to be Advocates for this project, to communicate with your user community, and assist in the migration. Your support is crucial for the success of this project! Dont forget the web site Including FAQ Questions? Send email to [email protected] Thanks for attending! 12/1/2015 Rutgers Connect 21

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