CSTC Meeting 09.2008

CSTC Meeting 09.2008

Audatex Technical Committee Audatex Technical Committee Mission Statement To provide a transparent, objective examination of matters of a technical nature relating to Audatex solutions as raised by its user community, ensuring continuous

improvement of Audatex products and services to the benefit of all parties. With the support of relevant specialists within Audatex and the industry it serves, the Audatex Technical Committee is committed to providing thorough, independent analysis of technical issues and to report its findings and recommendations to the Audatex Advisory Board. Audatex Technical Committee

Areas of focus Accuracy of data Day-to-day operational system enhancements Workflow and bodyshop processes Piloting/beta testing new Audatex services Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) PAS 125/Kitemark opportunities Communication of Technical Committee initiatives and outcomes

Audatex Technical Committee Who are we? Formed of representatives from across the industry repairers, insurers and motor manufacturers. Chaired by Chris Oliver, MD of AJC Wilson. Phil Gledhill and David Shepherd, both permanent members, act as liaison between the Committee and insurers and corporates, repairers and trade bodies.

Supported by data and system specialists from Audatex and other relevant industry bodies. Audatex Technical Committee How do we operate? Case Management approach employed to examine and resolve the matters raised to the Committee. Clear processes and workflows ensure all reported incidents are managed - from the initial user call to the

Audatex Service Desk through to escalation and resolution. Work-in-progress document published on www.audatex.co.uk details all projects and provides transparency. Case Management 6

Work-in-Progress Audatex Technical Committee How do we communicate? Dedicated Technical Committee web pages includes w-i-p document. Main Audatex web site includes 60+ FAQs providing answers to technical questions Global Claims Centre interface and RSS feed

Audatex customer communications (eLink-Up) Trade media Technical Committee web pages eLink-Up newsletter Information for all users available

through website: www.audatex.co.uk and also in monthly e-newsletter, eLink-Up. eLink-Up enables Audatex to provide all customers with timely updates to help get the best from

its systems and services. Includes latest FAQs, news on data within system, training information. Audatex Technical Committee Recent and current project highlights BMW Panel Replacement advice New safety statement incorporated within AudaEnterpriseGold (v 3.3)

Input to 2009 Audatex Customer Satisfaction Survey questionnaire content AZT presentation at ABP Convention in October System Performance Review Estimating Efficiency Initiative System Performance Key areas under investigation: Login / Folders / Images / Reports

Defined metrics captured from 9 customer sites Test data captured from 160 tests Some performance and stability improvements incorporated within AudaEnterpriseGold 3.3 Improvements ongoing Additional data capture planned as part of Estimating

Efficiency reviews 12 Estimating Efficiency Programme Objectives Stage One: To help improve VDA/engineer efficiency by: - Identifying and reducing/eliminating non value added activities within the process

- Identifying possible improvements to estimating procedure - Identifying changes to estimating system design to improve productivity - Identifying opportunities for changes to system interfaces Estimating Efficiency Programme Objectives Stage Two:

To improve VDA/engineer efficiency by: - Recommending opportunities for leaner processes - Ensuring Audatex training supports VDA/engineer efficiency and industry best practice - Ensuring recommendations support BSI PAS 125 - Obtaining support from stakeholders for recommendations and future actions Bodyshop - Typical Visit

15 Insurer - Typical Visit Not necessarily consecutive days

Subject to location/Business Analyst availability and overall scheduling 16 Milestones Stage One 17

Audatex Technical Committee Questions?

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