Course Selection -

Course Selection -

Welcome to the Course Selection Assembly February 2020 Important Dates Dates February 5 - 7th February 7th February 4th myBlueprint Course Selection February 10 13th myBlueprint Course Selection February 18 20th February 21st

Activity Course Selection Class Visits Period 1: Grades 9 & 10 Period 2: Grades 11 & 12 Course Fair (Per. 3 - Library) CO-OP Course Selection (Period 1 & 3) Computer Lab A224 & Library Period 1: Grade 9 Period 2: Grade 10 Computer Lab A224 & Library Period 1: Grade 11 Period 2: Grade 12 Last day for Course Selection Graduation Requirements

Successful completion of literacy test 40 Hours of community involvement Plus one credit for each of the following groups: Group 1 an additional English 30 Credits: (18 Compulsory & 12 Electives) 4 English 3 Math 2 Science 1 French

1 Geography 1 History 0.5 Careers & 0.5 Civics 1 Art 1 Physical & Health Education Group 2

Group 3 or French or a Social Science or Canadian & World Studies credit or a Guidance & Career Education credit or Cooperative Education credit

A Business Studies credit Or credit in Health & Physical Education Or credit in Arts Or credit in Cooperative Education Or credit in French A grade 11 or 12 science credit Or a Technological Education credit Or a Computer Studies credit Or a Co-op credit Or a French credit New Courses Computer Programming (ICS4U1)

History of Race, Politics and Afro-Caribbean Diaspora (IDC3M1) Spanish (LWSBD1) Literacy: Reading & Writing (ELS2O1) Videogame Design: Media Arts (AMS2O1) & Computer Engineering Technology (TEJ2O1) All Grade 10 Students Must Take 8 Credits that include: English Math

Science History Civics and Career Studies Elective #1 (your choice) Elective #2 (your choice) Elective #3 (your choice) You must select 2 Alternative Courses All Grade 11 Students Must Take 8 Credits that include: English Math You must select 2 Alternative Courses All Grade 12 Students Must

Take 6 - 8 Credits that include: English You must select 2 Alternative Courses Only senior students with more than 23 credits may have an unassigned period (spare) on their timetable. Not Returning? If you are going into grade 10, 11 or 12, please still fill out your course selections. If you are graduating and not returning (you are entering the workplace, college, university, apprenticeship etc.), you must still fill out not returning on My Blueprint! Last Step: Please fill out the Exit Survey.

Lenoard Braithwaite Program (LBP) Our Africentric Specialized Program Students planning to apply to the LBP program should pick regular stream courses. Once you have been accepted into the program we will then make the necessary change Interested in LBP? Fill out an application in guidance ASAP! See the Course Selection board for LBP flow chart of required courses. Current LBP students should pick courses that have a P at the end of the course code e.g. ENG4UP Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM)-Transportation

a ministry-approved specialized career-focused program that allows students to acquire technical knowledge and skills in Transportation Technology Taken in grade 11 & 12 offers Transportation industryspecific education and training through high school Cooperative Education. Receive a red seal diploma at graduation. Can get SHSM specific bursaries at University. myBlueprint Students will choose and

submit their courses on Everyone will receive step by step directions on how to select their courses. Where to get help: Guidance Counsellors, Winston Churchill Website, Secondary Placemat, Course Selection video Student Course Selection Video https://

support/videos/cours e-selection/4DWTLIE MhGmo4wIqQasS6g HIGH SCHOOL PLANNER Where can you find information? Choices Booklet Winston Churchill website on the Guidance course selection tab. Guidance Counsellor in the Secondary Schools Guidance tab What should I do now?

Go onto and reactivate your account before February 10th. If you need help, come to guidance after school. You will need your OEN number to reactivate your account. Look at your Credit Counselling Summary to see the number of compulsory & elective courses that you need to take. Review the course selection sheet and circle the courses you would like to take next year. Go to myBlueprint to read the course descriptions to make sure you are interested in the course and that you have the pre-requisite to take the course. Prizes!! Choose your courses and submit your requests before February 21st and your name will be entered into a draw to win

prizes e.g. Churchill Swag. QUESTIONS?

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