CPD Pilot Training Overview of Pilots CPDs Supervising Staff CPDs Supervising Faculty How the Pilots Will Operate Getting Started Feedback CPD Support Throughout the Pilot

Questions CPD PILOTS August 2011 Overview of Pilots Two categories What we want to learn What are the boundaries for CPD supervision?

CPD Pilot Counties CPD/Faculty Benton Franklin Lincoln Davies Jackson CPD/Paraprofessionals Clark Harrison

Dade Butler Jasper What do we want to learn from CPD pilots? 1. Does involvement in supervision increase CPDs ability to:

Enhance the level of faculty, staff and councils program understanding Improve program communications within the local county Understand scope of co-workers programs Respond to specific stakeholder queries Provide additional support for program visibility Be a stronger partner in finding fiscal support for programming Boundaries for CPD Supervision Co-supervision Full Supervision Work with supervisor regarding

time and leave Full approval authority for time and leave Delegate some aspects of Supervisionevaluation input Full supervision with RD approvals--evaluation Leadership required Open communication necessary An opportunity to build a better county team Feedback loops for CPDs, faculty, staff

CPDs Supervising Staff Understand program goals, plans and work schedules Access to schedules and assist in marketing Input on evaluation of program effort Work with staff supervisors in a co-leadership role unless plan sets up different supervisory relationship regarding time, leave, solving issues/problems, etc.

Share correspondence regarding staff with supervising faculty Create improved communication and more integrated program in county Seek opportunities to support programming CPDs Supervising Faculty Access to schedules and assist with

marketing Input for evaluationobserve one teaching experience Improve program integration into county Assist faculty with program balance Seek enhanced revenue streams for local programming Work with RD when issues arise How Will Pilots Operate Overview

CPD/RD meeting mid Sept. Template and plan by September 30 CPD/RD/County faculty and staff meet Plan submitted to Bev by Oct. 15 Feedback from CPD and those supervised, and support opportunities for CPDs participating in pilots CPD and RD meeting Meeting by September for planning Determine the boundaries for the CPD supervision Fill out the template as to supervision expectations (general outline provided) Letter to council (draft provided) Meeting with faculty and staff in local office

to describe CPD supervision in county Feedback and Support for Pilot Counties CPDs , faculty and staff can provide feedback to RD at any time Feedback sessions for CPDs November Adobe Connect February face to face meeting June face to face meeting

Mentors if needed Wayne Prewitt, RD Angela Fletcher, CPD Kay Gasen and Bev Coberly How specific? How general? Negotiated between CPD and RD

Information shared with councils, county faculty and staff Try a range of supervision in pilots Meetings during the pilot time frame to provide support, guidance, assistance and training for participating counties The key is continual feedback to RD from all parties. Things to Remember

This is a pilot! This is a team effort. The desire to improve local program delivery. Continual feedback from all parties is critical to evaluate success. This is a learning opportunity for all of us. The Regional Director is still the final supervisor. Questions? COUNTY PROGRAM DIRECTORS IN MISSOURI

August 2011

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