Corporate Redesign PowerPoint Guidelines

Corporate Redesign PowerPoint Guidelines

3D CAD: Solid Modelling This looks like interesting software if only we had more tome to explore! NB: Run this power point to view the animations RA Moffatt (Technology & Design) WELB RA Moffatt Introduction & Overview 2002 PTC Manufacturers are Getting Back to Basics What will get us out of this is product. -William Ford, Ford Motor Company Dow Jones Business News, 2002 Our goal is always to get to market faster. - Steven Allen, Lear Corporation, Fast Company 2001 taking big risks to create exciting, popular products that bring in new revenues. - Time Magazine, 2002

The way we're going to survive is to innovate our way out of this. -Steven Jobs, Apple Computer, Time Magazine, 2002 Chung & Co. have rescued Hyundai's image and designed cars that people want. - Business Week, Dec 2001 2002 PTC Why Product FirstTM? Product First drives sustainable competitive advantage... More innovative products More products to market faster ...and can dramatically improve profitability 70% of total product cost is locked during product development* Major opportunity to impact

the bottom line Its the Product that Makes the Company 2002 PTC *Source: Aberdeen Group The Essential PLM Elements Successful product development requires integration of three domains: Create! and innovate at the product development process level and with your supply chain Collaborate! by harnessing the wisdom, resourcefulness, creativity and power of your supply chain Control! your product data with a single system of record or system of truth that ensures total product confidence with the latest, most accurate information that can be shared across the value chain 2002 PTC

PLM Roadmap Create Concept Design Professional CAD Enterprise CAD Project Collaboration Parts Catalog Parts Catalog Design Configuration Design Configuration Product Data Management Collaborative Manufacturing Collaborate & Control 2002 PTC

Challenges in conceptual design We all need to Develop more concepts in less time Improve design quality Integrate and Collaborate more smoothly Peers, suppliers, marketing, engineering But 2002 PTC I already use multiple systems and media for conceptual design

Our designers work in different offices We have many international suppliers CAD tools are not suitable for idea generation Conceptual design today Traditionally Conceptual designs are created and evaluated in a wide range of unconnected media Paper Block model (foam, clay, wood)

CAD model 2002 PTC Conceptual design should be Curve Curve Layout Layout Ideas Existing sketch Photograph Model Curves Plot Print Input: Scan Data Legacy curves

Sketch Sketch Input: Ideas Digital photos Scanned sketch Input: Scan Data Point Clouds Virtual Virtual Clay Clay 2002 PTC Facet model for surfacing 3D Print / SLA Photorendering Pro/CONCEPT offers you Single environment The all-in-one digital solution for all required media and methods

sketch, layout, model, visualize Seamless connection between all media Economical solution All-inclusive price (tutorials, library, etc.) More economical than the combined cost of multiple point solutions, with more capabilities Allows widespread deployment Integration and Collaboration Provided via compatibility with MCAD and collaboration solutions 2002 PTC

Pro/ENGINEER Windchill ProjectLinkTM & ProductViewTM 1 What is Pro/CONCEPT? The all-in-one digital solution for design driven innovation Enables designers to... Quickly explore and develop concepts Easily combine their 2D and 3D worlds Share and respond with all members of the value chain (peers, marketing, sales, suppliers, clients) Capabilities include:

2002 PTC Create sketches Retouch images/photographs Create layouts Create 3D models Paint on 3D models Visualize 3D models in a rendered scene Transfer models to/from MCAD & collaboration 1

What differentiates Pro/CONCEPT? Integrated sketching and modeling Common look and feel between 2D and 3D Online reviews via web pages Integration with engineering solutions Pro/ENGINEER 2002 PTC 1 Benefits The main benefits of this concept tool are: Digital brainstorming

Integrated sketching and modeling Easy to learn, easy to use 2002 PTC Flexible and fast, quickly explore lots of shapes and forms Freeform shape creation in either precision or loose sculpting style Output image and geometric data to

production modeling systems 1 Customer Quotes The functionality demonstrated to date shows immense promise in providing industrial designers with a tool that rapidly captures the theme of the proposed product through 2D sketches, 3D models, renderings and rapid prototypes Pro/CONCEPT is a tool created specifically for industrial design, not an engineering tool adapted to I.D. use. Moen is very excited about the promise of this new solution. Mike Brattoli, Senior Product Designer, Moen Inc. I was very impressed with Pro/CONCEPT. It's simple to use, visual and has many powerful tools." Allen Zadeh, Smart Design Sun Microsystems has been actively involved in the planning and design of Pro/CONCEPT. The integrated sketching and modeling found in Pro/CONCEPT give more flexibility to our designers. The ability to hold design reviews across our intranet will enhance our dispersed teams, making them more efficient and driving the product development process at an even quicker pace. Drew Tosh, Industrial Design Lead, Sun Microsystems 2002 PTC

1 PLM Solutions Roadmap Pro/ENGINEER: Create Pro/ CONCEPT Professional CAD Pro/ENGINEER Project Collaboration - ProjectLink Parts Catalog PartsLink Design Configuration DynamicDesignLink Parts Catalog Design Configuration

Product Data Management - PDMLink Collaborative Manufacturing SupplyLink Windchill: Collaborate & Control 2002 PTC 1 Where to find more information Product home page Includes: FAQs Demos Discussion Forum Data sheet

More How to buy 2002 PTC 1 2002 PTC 1

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