Copyright Roundup

Copyright Roundup

Copyright Roundup Midday at the Oasis webinar February 16th, 2016 Martin J. Brennan, MLS UCLA Copyright and Licensing Librarian

Our Agenda Big (and little) copyright cases Some new tools for NLM State Government information and the Public Domain Re:create A new DC advocacy group

Orphan works problems are solved! Where to learn more Authors Guild v. Google (aka the Google Books case)

Authors Guild v. Hathi Trust Cambridge v. Patton (Georgia State) Happy Birthday to You! Now playing at an

Applebees near you! Because its now in the Public Domain, right? Well, no. Not yet. Lenz v. Universal

Want to hear about additional recent cases? Great Copytalk webinar on copyright court rulings:

http :// Creative Commons filter in PMC MedPix is launched

State government documents and the public domain Great recent Copytalk webinar at: In the most recent webinar, you will hear the formation of a great new resource hosted at

Harvard: New DC Advocacy group formed

Register of Copyright proposes Extended collective licensing as solution to orphan works

libraries-comment-on-licensing-proposal/ Copyright MOOCs Theyre designed for librarians, and theyre free! Start with: Copyright for Educators and Librarians Continue with: Copyright for Multimedia

Blogs you should follow ALAs District Dispatch Updates on the latest legislative efforts in Washington DC Get alerted to new Copytalk webinars Scholarly Communications @ Duke Excellent monitor of copyright issues intersecting with

academic libraries Electronic Frontier Foundations Deeplinks Broader perspective of copyright issues in the digital realm Thank You!

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