Conference on Intellectual Property in the Global Marketplace ...

Conference on Intellectual Property in the Global Marketplace ...

The USPTO in 2014 8,611 Patent Examiners 618,330 Patent Applications Filed 329,613 Patents Issued USPTO Headquarters in Alexandria, VA 429 Trademark Examining Attorneys

336,275 Trademark Applications 206,555 Certificates of Registration USPTO Offices Detroit Operational since July 2012 Denver

Byron G. Rogers Federal Building Operational since July 2014 Silicon Valley San Jose City Hall Building Operational since October 2015 Dallas

Terminal Annex Federal Building Operational since November 2015 Regional Offices

2015 2014 2012 2015 U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Federal Annex Terminal Building, 207 S. Houston Street

Dallas TX The building is located in downtown Dallas adjacent to Dealey Plaza and Union

Station. It is a federal facility, leased 02/07/2020 5 U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

The USPTO occupies a portion of the First Floor and the entire Fifth Floor: The first floor houses public functions: reception, Public Search Facility, Interview Room, Outreach, Training and Conference. The fifth floor will house all of the staff, including 100 Patent Examiners and 20 Administrative Judges in the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. There will be some collaborative spaces and another large Conference.

02/07/2020 6 Tools and Resources The Office has a number of tools and resources to help applicants

throughout the patent examination process and beyond... Education for the Public Web-based resources Videos Tutorials

webinars Conferences and seminars Smithsonian collaboration IP Awareness Assessment Tool Pro Bono Free legal assistance to inventors In general, there are three basic requirements:

Income below a certain threshold; Knowledge of the patent system; and Possession of an actual invention (not just an idea). Law School Clinical Program Patent and Trademark assistance by law school students Strict guidance of law school faculty

Application is advanced out of turn (special) Please visit our website for the current list of schools Pro Se Assistance The Pro Se Assistance Program offers various services for the public, including: Dedicated personnel for assisting people filing applications without the

assistance of an attorney Walk-in assistance for the general public at USPTO Headquarters (by appointment) Pro Se Assistance (contd) A fully equipped public computer workstation for walk-in visitors at the USPTO

Targeted support to connect applicants with relevant resources and information Online resources found at 1(800)786-9199 Micro-entity SMALL ENTITY REQUIREMENT APPLICATION FILING LIMIT no more than four previously filed applications

GROSS INCOME LIMIT ON APPLICANTS AND INVENTORS equal to three times the median household income for the preceding calendar year ($155,817 for 2013) GROSS INCOME LIMIT ON PARTIES WITH AN OWNERSHIP INTEREST Patent Application Initiatives There are numerous programs that may speed up the examination process You can get to the

program pages by selecting a tile. 14 Track One Prioritized Examination Goal to provide a final disposition within twelve months, on average, of prioritized status being granted.

Fee $4000/$2000/$1000 as of 3/1/2015 Claim Limits 4 Independent, no more than 30 claims 15 First Action Interview Pilot Under this Program, an applicant is entitled to a first action interview,

upon request, prior to the first Office action on the merits. Need to file a Petition. 16 Patent Prosecution Highway

What is PPH? Enables an applicant who has received a determination of allowable claims from one office to obtain fast track processing of corresponding claims in other offices. A system of work sharing that improves examination efficiency by reducing duplication of effort among patent offices. 17

The Benefits Rapid prosecution Higher grant rates Fast portfolio building Significant and meaningful cost

savings for innovators, enabling more IP to be exploited! 18 How Does PPH Work? 1. Applicant receives a positive examination result from a PPH participating office. A national/regional office action indicating allowable claims Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) Written Opinion or PCT International

Preliminary Report on Patentability 2. Applicant files a PPH request in a corresponding application in another PPH participating office. 3. Once the PPH request is granted, the examination of the application in the second office is expedited. 19 After Final Consideration Pilot

2.0 AFCP 2.0 authorizes additional time for examiners to search and/or consider responses after final rejection. es/after-final-consideration-pilot-20 . 02/07/2020

20 Quick Path Information Disclosure Statement (QPIDS) QPIDS eliminates the requirement for filing an RCE with an IDS filed after payment of the issue fee in order for the IDS to be considered by the examiner. Submitted Via EFS-Web as e-petition.

IDS fee $180 02/07/2020 21 Ombudsman Program Enhances the USPTO's ability to assist applicants or their representatives with issues that arise during patent application

prosecution. Contact an Ombudsman by: 22 IP Awareness Assessment Tool

24 25 26 27 Scam Prevention

Scam Prevention Non-USPTO Solicitations Invention Promoters Contact USPTO Reach us via [email protected] 1(800)786-9199

Thank You! Ram R. Shukla Regional Manager Texas Regional Office [email protected] (469) 295-9050

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