Condover Hall Residential 2015 - Buckingham Primary School ...

Condover Hall Residential 2015 - Buckingham Primary School ...

Condover Hall Residential 2016 Information Session 7th 11th March Welcome to JCA We are a leading provider of school activity courses in the UK, with over 19 years experience providing quality residential trips. Operating from 5 centres across the country, we deliver high quality educational experiences that meet the needs of every child.

Our courses encompass a range of outdoor activities to encourage personal development, inspire and motivate learning, foster independence and build confidence, all in a safe environment. The value of JCA We believe that learning outside the classroom is essential to a well-rounded education. Our courses focus on engaging students , providing enjoyable learning, and helping to develop life skills Learning to work together as a team

Achieving personal and team goals Increasing self esteem and confidence Conquering fears Trying new and exciting activities Experiencing living away from home Respecting and valuing each others abilities Revealing undiscovered strengths Solving problems and taking responsibility Safety is our top priority

All of our centres are Health and Safety compliant. Our Safety Management System has been externally inspected and verified. First-Aid Kits are taken on all activity sessions. Centre Activity Managers hold the Emergency First Aid at Work Accreditation.

Daily safety and equipment checks are carried out. Thorough Risk Assessments have been conducted. Condover Hall Built in 1586, Condover Hall is a grade I Elizabethan Mansion. Set in 78 acres of fantastic countryside and gardens your students will experience history, beautiful surroundings and state of the art activities during their stay. Staff Attending: Mrs Perkins Mr Martin

Miss Grossick Miss Thompson Mr Tate Mr Stone Miss Atkinson Mrs Jenkins Miss Schembri All work in the school; the majority know the children and have been on residentials before.

Leaving School Children will need to be at school for normal time. Please come into the KS2 Hall where they will be directed where to leave their cases. (1 case per child which they will need to be able to carry themselves). Coach will leave at about 10:30am. The journey will take about 3 hours we will be stopping for a toilet break and a snack. Bring a small bag with things to do on the bus including a snack for when we stop on the way and their packed lunch (No glass bottles, please). Also pack puzzle

book, magazine. NO SWEETS! On Arrival . . . Eat packed lunch Check into rooms, put away all belongings.

Safety talk from the centre staff. Split into groups about 12 children / group. Start 1st activity that afternoon. Accommodation

Whole party in one block. Mixture of sizes of rooms Teachers rooms spread throughout the building JCA staff on call 24hours a day in case of emergency JCA Staff on duty until 11pm. Night security patrols between 11pm and 7am. Beds are made up ready for your childs arrival! Activities

Over the course of the week the children will all complete the same activities which include: Abseiling, Low Ropes, Archery, Buggy Building, Fencing, Initiative Exercises, Team Challenge, Climbing, Laser Maze, Grid of Stones, Conquest, Rocket Launch . . . Typical Day: 7:15 Wake up 8:00 Breakfast

9:00 10:30 - 1st Activity (in groups) 10:45 12:15 2nd Activity (in groups) 12:30 14:00 Lunch 14:00 15:30 3rd Activity (in groups) 15:45 17:15 4th Activity (in groups) 17:30 19:15 Evening Meal & Downtime 19:15 20:45 Evening Activity (as a whole school) 20:45 Shower, bed and sleep Meals

Meals are served in the restaurant Cooked or cold breakfast available Selection of two different main meals at lunch and in the evening Please advise, if not already done so, of any special dietary requirements as we need to inform Condover Hall asap Kit please see handout

Lots of warm clothes! Must take a warm and waterproof coat. Layers to keep warm. Water bottle to take to activities. Towels not provided.

Toiletries. See suggestions on sheet provided. Phones, Electronics and Money! NONE to be taken! Cameras At your own risk the children are responsible for them and any pictures

should NOT be shared on social media. If taking a disposable camera, please label it so we know whose is whose! Medical Arrangements The majority of the staff going on the trip are first aid trained. Mr Tate will be in charge of first aid while we are away he will collect medicines from adults on the morning of departure along with the details of when and how much should be administered. (Form

must be filled in). While on site and taking part in the activities the centres staff are first aid trained and there are first aid kits located around the site. Emergency Contacts During the school day please contact the School on the usual number. At all other times, there will be an emergency contact number that will take you through to Mrs Ellers. You will be notified of this on the

final letter that will come out after half term. Website Updates The school website will be updated daily with information about the activities that the children have undertaken during the day. Returning Home Final Morning! Children vacate the rooms and have breakfast. Room MUST be left spotless(!)

They have activities in the morning Packed lunch at 11:45 Coach leaves at 12:30 Dependant upon traffic and stops required en-route we hope to arrive @ BPS for around 15:00. Updates will be put on the website / text so you know what time to collect. Questions?

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