Complaints - Environmental Modeling Center

Complaints - Environmental Modeling Center

Complaints We received many complaints about the GFS being too warm and too dry from the field offices particularly over the Great Plains in the summer of 2015. Causes The evaporation is too low and the sensible heat flux is too high after the new soil moisture climatology (GLDAS/CFS) is used in the operational GFS since January 2015.

Solutions GFS too little evaporation and too much sensible heat flux, hence Bowen ratio is too high. The factors include: Thermal roughness and momentum roughness Canopy resistance Soil moisture ..

We proposed the following parameter refinements in pr4devb: rsmin for grassland from 45 to 20 rsmin for cropland from 45 to 20 roughness length for cropland from 3.5cm to 12.5cm (used to address too strong surface

winds) Improvements focus on the summer period of pr4devb (from July 8 to August 31, 2015) 18z latent heat flux averaged over 20150708-20150831 gdasx=pr4devb

Compared to NLDAS (quasi observation) and NDAS, the operational GFS produces too little evaporation. The parallel GFS has increased the evaporation. Significantly improve the biases brought up in the EMC MEG meeting

T2m Td2m Latent heat CAPE

The warm/dry biases was significantly reduced in the lower troposphere(24/48h fcst over NA) 2m T over North Plains 2m Td over South Plains 10m wind over South Plains

2m T 18z time series over N Plains Summary The land surface parameter refinements have significantly reduced the warm/dry biases in the summer The change has little impact in the winter. However there are some degradations in the spring/fall. Also it is worst

in 00Z (sunset). Some of them will be addressed in the next GFS physics implementation.

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