Comcast - IPv6

Comcast - IPv6

IPv6 @ Comcast Managing 100+ Million IP Addresses Alain Durand Office of the CTO Director IPv6 Architect [email protected] When Net 10 is Too Small. Unlike DSL modems, Cable Modems are managed and consume an IP address. Until recently, Comcast was using Net 10 (RFC1918) for managing the cable modems: That space was exhausted in 2005. Since then, Comcast was allocated a very large bloc of public IPv4 address space for device management In the control plane, all devices need to be remotely managed, so NAT isnt going to help us, nor is federated Net 10 islands IPv6 is the clear solution for us.

2 Simple View of the Scope of Comcast IP problem Set-Top boxes moving from proprietary management to Docsis-based IP management (provisioning, EPG,) 20 Million video customers 2.5 set-top box per customer 2 IP addresses per set-top box --------------------------------------- Total: 100 Million IP addresses And we have not yet talked about High Speed Data nor Comcast Digital Voice nor merger/acquisition 3 Note:

This is not IP-TV Triple Play Effect on the Use of IP Addresses 2005 2006+ HSD only Triple Play Cable Modem (CM) 1 1 Home Computer / Router 1 1 eMTA (Voice adaptor)

0 12 Set Top Box (STB) 0 2 12 89 Total number of IP addresses (assume 2.5 STB per household) 4 (private only)

IP Addresses: Natural Growth vs New Services (in the coming years) 120 IPv4 New 100 millions of IP addresses IPv6 Services 80 60

40 20 Natural Growth 0 Note: this graph shows trends, not actual data 5 Comcast Approach Comcast IPv6 Strategy Start early Deployment plans have started back in 2005 Deploy IPv6 initially on the Control Plane for the Management and Operation of the Edge Devices we manage Docsis CM, Set Top boxes, PacketCable eMTA (Voice), Be ready to offer our customers new services that

take advantage of IPv6 7 IPv6 Deployment: Principles and Approach Deploy IPv6 only where it is absolutely necessary and nowhere else! Architecture: dual-stack at the core, v6-only at the edges Deployment approach: from the core to the edges Backbone -> Regional Networks -> CMTS -> Devices This is an incremental deployment; existing deployments will be unaffected in the beginning. Follow same operational model as with IPv4 DHCP-based provisioning and access control 8 Modems and Single IP Version Mode of Operation New CM will be IPv6 ready (dual-stack capable) On an IPv4-only CMTS, CM will be provisioned with IPv4

On IPv6-enable CMTS, CM will be provisioned with IPv6 CM will never have both IPv4 & IPv6 addresses at the same time (If we could give both an IPv4 and an IPv6 address at the same time, we will not need IPv6 in the first place!) Cable Modem UDP4 IPv4 NIC driver Cable Modem or UDP6 IPv6 depending on an L2 config message NIC driver

Note: the modem is a bridge, it will forward IPv4 packets even if it is configured in an IPv6-only mode 9 IPv6 Architecture for Applications: Provisioning, Monitoring, Back-Office Mostly a software upgrade problem Similar to the Y2K problem, Fields need to be bigger in database & web scripts Should application X be upgraded for IPv6? Transport questions: Does application X communicate with devices that are potentially IPv6-only (e.g. CM)? Payload questions: Does application X manipulate IP data (store, input or display) that could be IPv6? Comcast inventory analysis: about 100 applications - 10 need major updates for transport - 30 need minor updates for display/storage

10 IPv6 Architecture for Back Office Back-office systems that do communicate directly with the CM or STB migrate to dual stack The other back-office systems keep using IPv4 However back office systems may need to be modified to display/input/store IPv6 related data (CM IPv6 addresses) CMTS CM 11 R R

Router Management System R CM Management/ Provisioning System Back-office Back-office Back-office DB

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