Code of Conduct and - Forsyth County Schools

Code of Conduct and - Forsyth County Schools

Welcome to Viper Camp! What to Expect in Middle School How to support your child in

this new world! Welcome to Viper Camp Curriculum Academics Parent Communication & Involvement Arrival, Dismissal & Attendance Supporting the Middle School Child Behavior Expectations

Welcome to Viper Camp Drew Hayes- Principal Van Lewsader Assistant Principal Karen Ogline Assistant Principal Amy Ingram Graduation Coach Mandy Malcolm Counselor -6th Vicki Rawlins Counselor 7th Sue Sabo Counselor- 8th

Why is VCMS a great place for students? Curriculum & Assessment Common Core Georgia Performance Standards CCGPS for Reading, Language Arts and Math. All Subjects utilize CCGPS Literacy Standards State Assessment: GA Milestones EOGs for academic content classes

Multiple choice and constructed response questions Teachers will be incorporating more constructed response items in their class assessments to prepare students Curriculum 5 Core Academics Language Arts & Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies Critical Thinking Less rote memorization; more application, problem solving, analysis

More Informational Reading Nonfiction More Technical Writing Explain and defend their thinking, based on the text Performance Tasks Show what you know Technology at School BYOT guidelines School equipment vs. Personal devices

Check Handbook and website Cell phones itsLearning Learning Management system Link on website Watch for up-coming Parent trainings Syllabus signature page view syllabi on each teachers itsLearning Schedule

7 period day 55 minute periods 5 Academic classes + 2Connections POWER Time (T/W/ TH) A-B-C weekly rotation 9 week Connection classes Class Resources

Resources posted in ItsLearning Textbooks - class sets Most textbooks are on-line Textbooks can be checked out by students, if needed POWER Time Tuesday

Wednesday Thursday 10:00-10:25 25 minutes Purpose Prepare Organize Work Engage Read

Examples of POWER time activities: Remediation with teacher, complete missed assignments, work on homework, study for tests, organize notebooks, prepare for day or week, read. Agenda Student handbook is the road map for students and parents. Calendar to help students keep up with assignments.

Communication between teachers and parents. The VCMS Power of M At VCMS, we believe that doing the work equates to learning and learning is not optional.

Morning Help Sessions Refer to teachers syllabus and itsLearning pages for morning help days. Students should speak to the teacher the day ahead to ensure that the teacher will be present. Students should check board in cafe for teacher arrival and inform teacher on duty

of their need to go to a classroom. Academi cs Schedule s Parent Involvement and Communication

Parents We want to invite you to be part of our school! Please Volunteer Contact PTO- join a committee

Fall Film Festival Cyber Safety Seminar Veterans Day Assembly Red Ribbon Week Teacher treats/luncheons Copy Moms ( or Dads) School store Club involvement- TSA, Science Olympiad

Lets Keep in Touch. Communication with school Classroom: e-mail or call teacher General Questions: call front office Counseling Support: e-mail or call counseling office Administration: contact Karen Ogline or Van Lewsader

ItsLearning- lessons, resources, testing schedules Website Vickery Vantage Point VCMS e-mail or phone blast 2015-16 Executive Board Co-Presidents: Sandy Dickerhofe and Michelle Hall Vice President: Julie Smith

Treasurer: Cori Williams Secretary: Lori Kneeburg Parliamentarian: Meri Munce EE 2015-16 Contact us: School website-PTO is found on the Parents and Partners Tab Facebook- Vickery Creek Middle School PTO

[email protected] Please Volunteer! PTO Committees 8th Grade Dance Book Fair Social Committee Cyber Safety Lost & Found Red Ribbon Week

8th Grade Picnic Box Tops/Labels for Education Copy Parents Hospitality School Store Veterans Day Arrival Dismissal Attendance

Morning Arrival Car Riders: Earliest arrival -7:45 Dropped off at front door Report to the cafeteria Breakfast available starting at 8:20 Prohibited items: fast food, energy drinks and coffee Morning Arrival Walkers & Bike Riders: Earliest arrival -7:45

Bike rack to the right of the building Enter at the cafeteria entrance Prohibited items: fast food, energy drinks and coffee Bus Riders: Dropped off at the gym entrance Prohibited items: fast food, energy drinks and coffee Afternoon Dismissal Buses Bus rider will be picked-up and dropped-off ONLY

at the assigned stop. Students may not ride another bus or have a friend ride home with them. Students cannot be released to parent during mechanical break-down / delay in route. Dismissal Checkouts: no later than 4:00pm. Photo ID must match students parent portal list. Afternoon Dismissal

Walkers and Bike riders: Will be dismissed with Car Riders Must have required form on file, with parent permission to walk or bike ride home Students should know if they are a bus rider, car rider, walker/bike rider prior to the start of the school day. If plans change, text your student. Students may check for a message after lunch and prior to dismissal. Must stay on the sidewalks (not ride on the grass) Afternoon Dismissal

Car Riders: We strongly encourage all students to use the bus. Car Line-Main Entrance Double file line. Pull-up as line moves. Merge to one lane as driveway turns in front of the school. Student will come to you. Minimal wait after 4:25pm Pick-up concludes at 4:30pm. Dismissal Checkouts: no later than 4:00pm.

Photo ID must match students check-out card Afternoon Dismissal Car Riders: Elementary Lot Shared Parking Lot. Teachers supervises crosswalk. Go with flow of traffic. Exit with PATIENCE and CARE! After 4:30, students return to front entrance for pick-up.

Dismissal Checkouts: no later than 4:00pm. Photo ID must match students parent portal list. Attendance Be at school everyday from 8:50 am-4:15pm. Student is marked tardy if not in class at 9:00am. Student agenda contains attendance information. E-mail by 10:00 am. - [email protected] Excuse notes must be turned in within 5 days. Students will have 5 days to make-up missed assignments.

After a combination of 10 excused and unexcused absences, a doctors note may be required. Absence from school for the entire day or the last half of the day means no after-school events for that day. Deliveries at School Forgotten homework Lunch

Fast-food Flowers, balloons, etc Clinic Nurse hours: 9 4 Students may not have any medication in their possession, including Over the Counter medicines like Tylenol, Midol, etc.

Please see nurse with questions. Medication forms must be completed by parent for all medicines. Must be in original container. Nurse will contact parents if the situation is serious in nature or frequent nurse visits. Nurse and Clinic Students must have a pass from a

teacher to visit the clinic. It is a cell phone violation for a student to contact their parents to ask to be picked up prior to visiting the nurse. The nurse will allow students to call from her office if illness requires student to leave school. Nurse and Clinic All medications (prescription and non-prescription) must be brought to school by the parent or guardian

and Medication Form must be completed. Contact nurse for Medication form if needed. Due to the risk of Reyes Syndrome, the school requires a physicians signature in order to give any aspirin-containing medications including Aspirin, Pepto-Bismol, and Excedrin. Arrival Dismissal Attendan ce

Clinic Supporting the Middle School Child Forsyth County Schools Cumming, Georgia Our Counseling Department is here to help! Our office is located just off of the rotunda at the front end of the 7th grade hallway.

6th Grade Counselor: Mandy Malcolm 770-667-2580 ext. 230305 [email protected] Please call anytime for any reason! Raising happy, healthy and successful students. H.E.L.P: How to Enjoy Living with a Preadolescent The changes are inevitable; have a plan. Keep your sense of humor. Tap into your compassion.

Tap into your patience. Listen to your child and try not to dismiss their feelings - they are real. Very NORMAL signs of preadolescence Irritability Forgetfulness Power Plays Friendship Issues Worries

Chores JOYS Suggestions for Making it Through! Dont Take it Personally Continue to Parent Appreciate Their Strengths Take Time When it is Available Talk with Other Parents Keep in Touch with the School Enjoy this time!

7 Mindsets Helping students tap into their unlimited potential! Everything is Possible We are all capable of extraordinary lives!

Passion First-Find your unique genius and share it with others! We are Connected-Everyone who comes into our lives can help us live our dreams!

100% Accountable-Our lives are what we choose them to be at this moment and each moment forward! Attitude of Gratitude-Be positive- practice gratitude! Live to Give- to receive love, respect, and financial security, one must learn to give those things.

The Time is Now- Take purposeful action in the present to create your ultimate life! Desired Behaviors Be on time. Be prepared. Be attentive. Give best effort. Be respectful. Be honest.

Behavior Expectations and Code of Conduct Forsyth County Schools Cumming, Georgia As educators, our primary goal is to educate, not punish.

We expect student conduct that supports a safe and successful learning environment Respect each other and school district employees VCMS School-Wide Behavior

Expectations Students will abide by the FCS Code of Conduct Students will walk in a quiet and orderly manner through the hallways, especially when going to and from lunch The use of electronic devices is not allowed during school hours unless permission is granted by the teacher or administration. Students will be respectful with their words by refraining from name-calling, teasing or profanity Students will be respectful in their actions by refraining

from horseplay or inappropriate touching Cell Phone Use Off and put away after 8:45 am Exceptions: Teacher assigned classroom use After lunch and the end of the day with teacher permission to check for messages from parents Nurse asks students to call parents regarding

illness Not allowed: for forgotten items or assignments when ill (need to call from Nurses office) or regarding discipline to text friends during school hours Before you go shopping you need to know..

Tops See through, lace or mesh must have a dress-code garment underneath to be allowed. Shirt captions should only include appropriate content. Tank Tops / Halter Tops Tank tops and halter tops are not allowed.

All tops must cover the abdomen, back, and shoulders and must have a modest neck-line. Skirts, Dresses, Shorts must be fingertip length Pants with holes Holes in pants must be below

fingertip length. Form-fitting or extremely tight clothes Form-fitting or tight clothes such as Tube dresses or skirts are not allowed.

Leggings/Jeggings are not Pants If leggings or Jeggings are worn, a long shirt must be worn as covering. Dressing for Success We want our students to dress for success! We are in the business

of learning. Warning Student changes clothes Parent contact VCMS Clubs- Handout for details Art Club

Battle of the Books club Jr. Beta Club Chamber Choir Chess Club Drama club FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) Fiber Arts Club

Magic the Gathering Club NFL Club Photography Club Science Olympiad TST (Technology Students Association) Young Authors

Please see Club Brochure in main hallway or our website for more information. Remind your student to watch the VCMS morning news each day for How to have a Successful Year! Work Hard! Do their best!

Make Good Decisions! Be Nice! Well have a great year! Todays Homeroom Handouts Attendance Policies and Procedures

Updating Parent Portal Directions Club Information Supply lists and Contact information Student Accident Insurance Plan State of the Schools Code Of Conduct ACTION REQUIRED

Student and Parent Signature Sheet (Pink) Walker & Biker Permission (Only if walking or riding a bike) Please join our PTO Registration at our PTO Tables.

Please visit the cafeteria for additional

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