Coastal Lakes Observing Network (CLONet) initiative

Coastal Lakes Observing Network (CLONet) initiative

Dr. Jason E. Adolf Endowed Associate Professor of Marine Science Monmouth University Biology Department March 15, 2019 A harmless diatom from the ocean off Monmouth County, NJ A fish-killing dinoflagellate (Karlodinium veneficum) Monmouth University Phytoplankton and Harmful Algal Blooms Research Lab We research phytoplankton dynamics and harmful algal blooms in NJ costal waters, estuaries and coastal lakes. To get involved contact Dr. Jason E. Adolf ([email protected])

monmouth_phab_lab https:// phytoplankton What is CLONet? The UCI proposes to foster the development of community-based, participatory research and restoration groups that will allow communities to address coastal lake issues based on their own knowledge and use of the underlying scientific data. Participation Action! Science Local knowledge Knowledge Ownership Policy

Multiple perspectives Coastal Lakes Summit 2019 Monmouth University Lake Takanassee / Whale Pond Brook Coastal Lakes of Monmouth County, NJ Deal Lake Sunset Lake Wesley Lake Fletcher Lake Sylvan Lake Silver Lake

Lake Como Spring Lake Wreck Pond CLONet: Lets move from a piecemeal to a regional, community-driven approach Coastal Lakes have a history of problems (and solutions) PROBLEMS: Algal overgrowth HABs Nutrients / Eutrophication Storm runoff Sediment in-filling Microbial pollution Floatables SOLUTIONS: Lake by lake, problems are

addressed NEED: Central leadership / coordination of group efforts Citizen science has a history in New Jersey and the nation as an effective approach to environmental issues Barnegat Bay Partnership work together with the communities of the Barnegat Bay watershed to help restore, protect, and enhance the natural resources of the Barnegat Bay ecosystem. Clean Ocean Action Coordination of Rally for the Navesink, a collection of Groups dedicated to improving water quality in the Navesink River Participatory models of citizen science will work for coastal lakes Who defines the problem? Who designs Who collects

the study? the samples? Who analyzes the samples? Who interprets the data? Community Community Community Community Community Professional scientists

Professional scientists Professional scientists Professional scientists Professional scientists after Wilderman 2007 Implementation of CLONet, a participatory model of community science Starts here: Identify common goals / objectives among groups Establish leadership by Monmouth University to coordinate and support Lake groups efforts

Lake Lake Lake Monmouth University UCI Lake Lake Lake group leadership: identify citizens willing to participate in data collection Who lives in a strategic area that will allow easy access? Are there local school groups that can be brought in? Are there local camps (summer) that can get involved?

Scout troops looking for projects? Generate sampling strategies for lakes Where? When? (how frequently?) Which parameters? (beyond the starter kits) QA / QC? A proposed sampling schedule per station Time period Jan - Mar Apr - Oct Nov - Dec Frequency 2-week Weekly 2-week Samples 6

28 4 Sum 38 CLONet will supply volunteers with water quality sampling kits Conductivity / temperature pen Colorimetric nutrient analysis kits Inorganic N Inorganic P Dissolved oxygen pH CO2 Turbidity (Secchi disk) Water quality kit??? What the heck do I do with this

thing? Monmouth faculty / students train community members how to use water quality kits Will do QA/QC sampling in parallel with Lake groups Monmouth University students / faculty will do supplemental sampling at each lake QA /QC of data Additional samples that require laboratory analyses ground truth samples Phytoplankton samples Microbial pollutant samples Total Cyanobacteria 80 Total Cyanobacteria (per mL) 70

May A handheld cyanobacteriameter f(x) = 0 x + 17.2 R = 0.38 50 40 30 20 10 0 July Microscope image of changing Deal Lake phytoplankton 60

0 2000 4000 6000 8000 10000 Phycocyanin fluorescence 12000 14000 16000 18000

What happens to all the data? Monmouth University CLONet website Web-based form for inputting data (can be done from your phone, in the field!) Monmouth University students / faculty do quality assurance of data Data will be publicly available And we have an email: [email protected] CLONet database NJ Dep data 2017

2018 Inorganic N (mg L-1) Algal abundance (mg Chl a L-1) Deal Lake NJ DEP data Inorganic P (mg L-1) Future outcomes: an example related to HABs Deal Lake CyanoHAB

2017 2018 Additions of inorganic P to lake water had no effect on HAB Additions of inorganic N to lake water stimulated HAB during this time Relative cyanobacteria abundance (PC:Chl) Nutrient bioassays show effects of nutrients on HABs rol t O3

n co +N O4 +P +NO3 +NH4 +NH4 +NH4 H4 +N +PO4 +NO3 +PO4 +NO3 +PO4 R e l a ti v e c y a n o b a c t e r i a a b u n d a n c e ( P C : C h l ) So what was happening in other lakes? We have limited data, but the data suggests some big differences worth following up on

2.5 2.0 Simple question: 1.5 Deal Lake 1.0 0.5 0.0 Coastal Lake Location (7/19/2018) Whats up with Sunset Lake? Lake Takanassee /

Whale Pond Brook CLONet outcomes Change approach to coastal lake work: Encourage increased communication between different Lake Groups Deal Lake Issues, ongoing work, solutions Sunset Lake Apply for further funding as a consortium of Lake advocates Wesley Lake rather than one lake at a time, with a solid regional dataset in Fletcher Lake hand Sylvan Lake Silver Lake Lake Como

Spring Lake Wreck Pond Lets move from a piecemeal to a regional, community-based approach Acknowledgements Thank you to the Jules L. Plangere, Jr. Family Foundation for a grant to the Monmouth University Urban Coast Institute supporting our CLONet project! Thanks to all of you for your enthusiasm, support and participation! Questions? Discussion?

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