Coaching for Math GAINS Professional Learning

Coaching for Math GAINS Professional Learning

Coaching for Math GAINS Professional Learning Home Reading: Are You Coaching Heavy or Light? Joellen Killion What aspect of the article did you agree

with? Was there something that gave you concern? Big Ideas What are big ideas about volume and surface area?

Volume-Surface Area Lesson (20 minutes+/-)

Develop a 20-minute lesson Pick a grade Plan in pairs (threes) Think about how you might coach the process: Questions you might ask

Resources you might use Probing Questions (for planning)

What is the big idea/goal/concept for in this lesson? How does this lesson ? What are some student misconceptions ? What action ? How will this action ? How will you know ?

What would be some questions? Peer Review of Lesson What coaching strategies would you use? How would you conduct the conversation?

Grade 8 Classroom Video Debrief Discuss observations from the video Role play how you, as the coach, would debrief with this teacher.

Grade 9 Classroom Video Role play Debrief Teaching Through Problem Solving: Starting Points for Instruction 3-Part lesson

Professional Learning Packages Teaching Through Problem Solving Processes Professional Learning Series DI 6-part Professional Learning Series DI 3-part Professional Learning Series Assessment Professional Learning Series Effective Use of Tools and Technology Functions Based Approach

Materials DI- Professional Learning Series Insert pic of session outline for day on Questioning

Insert video hyperlink to video clip on questioning

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